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Nimki Mukhiya 3rd March 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki and Babbu go on a movie date

Nimki Mukhiya 3rd March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Babbu and Nimki are in movie theater, Babbu is sitting many seats away from Nimki, Nimki smiles at him and says hot. Suddenly movie stops. Babbu sees Mai and Diamond there. Babbu says you here? Mai glares at him, Babbu says is everything fine? Mai says what are you doing here? Nimki says I was getting bored, I dont want sit with Babbu. Diamond says we were waiting for you. Babbu says Abhi forcefully sent us here. Nimki says wont you tell Mai the truth? she says all people were in cinema but Babbu sent them all away, Babbu says its not what it looks like.Nimki says he wanted us alone in whole cinema to romance. Mai glares at Babbu.

Abhi and elena are playing. Aunt says you sent Babbu and Nimki to cinema? Abhi says yes they should enjoy, I want them to spend time together. Abhi says

Nimki will be good head. Aunt says I dont want to talk to you.

In cinema, Mai asks what did you do? Babbu says one boy was crying so I sent them all out. Nimki says I dont like empty cinema, I enjoy shouts and screams, I got angry on him and sat away from him. Mai says you have standard to sit with my Babbu? manager comes there and says food is coming, Mai slaps him and says come home with me, they all go.

Scene 2
Dumri says to Mauha that at first holi, daughter’s parents take clothes and gifts to daughter’s inlaws house. Ram thinks about it. Dumri says we have to think of gifts. Mauha says they will not wear clothes from us. Tunee says where will you get money from? Ram says I can do anything for Nimki. Mauha says yes we will go to palace on holi. Tunee recalls how nimki asked him to promise to not tell truth of marriage to her family. Tune says no one will go to palace, Mauha says you are not one to control us. Tunee says its your daughter’s inlaws house, you can meet Nimki at training centre. Ram says he is right, we shouldnt go there continuously.

Nimki is in her room and says Babbu didnt do right, he didnt even come to pacify me, all planned failed, we couldnt even do romance. She sees Babbu coming in her room, she says you? Babbu says I came to say sorry, I didnt do right. Nimki says I dont want to talk to you, you have broken my heart, I wanted to watch movie with my husband, share popcorns with him but you destroyed it, he smiles and says okay I will leave. Nimki holds his hand says no I am miffed, so romantically pacify me. He blushes and says how? Nimki says you are cute, you dont know how to pacify girls? you didnt have girls in your life? I got fresh husband. She pulls him closer and says remember movie scene? how hero heroine were coming closer? she pulls him closer and closes her eyes, she says hero kissed her so you kiss me too, I am your wife, nobody can stop you. Babbu leans in and is about to kiss her.. but she hears Tettar shouting and sees no Babbu in her room, she says it was my imagination.

In Mai’s room, Tettar says to Mai that you dont have trust on your son? Mai says he was watching movies with her. Babbu says Abhi gave us ticket and said manager have links with politcian mehtu, I wanted to do right for Tettar. Tettar says my son knows what is right. Sweety says Babbu was not even sitting with her. Babbu asks Mai ti leave it, I am hungry. Tettar says I dont want this drama, we will have holi celebrations and all are coming so I dont want any drama otherwise I will not spare you.

PRECAP- In training centre, Dayya says to Babbu that soon you will handle all duties of head of village and Nimki will stay at home, Babbu says Abhi doesnt know that Nimki is getting trained for nothing. One villager says to Nimki that you are head now so keep coming to village, he asks Babbu to come with her too. Dayya says only Babbu will coming there, all look on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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