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Mahakaali 3rd March 2018 Written Episode Update: Parvati kills Jhalandar’s army, Shiv kills Jhalandar

Mahakaali 3rd March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Parvati says if Jhalandar does anything to Vinayak I will go to the battle myself.
Jhalandar says you thought that no one can fight you. I broke your pride. Now i will kill Mahadev and become ruler of Kelash. Ganesh says be careful. Jhalandar says now a kid will warn me? Your father killed you first. Don’t mess with me if you don’t wanna die twice. Ganesh hits him, he falls down. He says you can’t disrespect Kelash and my parents. Jhalandar says I don’t fight with kids but people like you don’t deserve it. He hits Ganesh. parvati says I am going. Shiv says you have to stop. There is one fighter left who will fight him first. She says whi? He says me. his counter part goes to fight Jhalandar. Vishnu says I doubt if he gets angry to see this face of yours.

Parvati says if he still doesn’t stop I will go to fight him.

Jhalandar says these were your fighters Shiv? Shiv’s counter part comes and fights with Jhalanar. Vishnu says we have to do something. Paravti world won’t pay for Jhalandar’s sin. i will go and stop him. This is my promise.
Shiv’s counter part hits Jhalandar. Jhalandar fights with him. Jhalandar hits Shiv’s counter part and he falls down. Indra says impossible. No one was able to fight him but Jhalandar..
Parvati looks at shiv. Parvati comes to Jhalandar. She turns into Mahakali. Kali says get ready Jhalandar. Why is there fear in your eyes? He says this is the revenge i am here for you. I know you would come here. She says you would know fear soon. he says you can’t kill me. She says I know everything. I know my promise to Vinda. I also the promise bharamdev gave you. I will keep those promises even though i know you don’t deserve any of it. She kills all his army. Parvati says these people who dare fighting my people and family i will kill them all. She kills asurs. Jhalandar is dazed. Parvati says you could give up but you decided not to. Parvati says think once again. She kills more of his army. Jhalandar is scared.
All the asurs are dead. Samundar dev and Achariya give up.
Parvati says to Jhaladnar where is your army now? He says so now you will fight me? She says no, now you will meet your fate. Shiv comes there. Parvati says Mahadev we faced all the problems together. But this time i couldn’t calm my anger seeing my kids in trouble. I thank you for letting me come here but I shall go now. You will take this sinner to his fate. She leaves. Jhalandar says your trishul is useless. You can’t fight me with it. you can’t fight me. Shiv says you started with me so you will die with my hands too. Vishnu and Lakshmi come there as well. Vishnu says this battle is at a place where there is just one way and that’s Jhalandar’s end for that shiv will have to tell his third secret. We all have to be ready for it.

Shiv and Jhalandar run towards each other. They both fight each other. Jhalanar throws his trishul and shiv throws his. Jhalandar’s trishul falls down. Jhalandar runs Parvati stops him and says where are you going? You have to face your fate. He says dont be part of this battle. She says he will kill you but I can stop you. You have to fight till end. Jhalandar hits her Parvati stops his hand and he falls. Parvati takes her sword she makes a line of fire around him. Shiv stands in front of him. Jhalandr says why have you stopped now? You devi and devs misuse your powers. Kill me. I am a man with no weapons kill me and tell the world how just you are. Shiv says you have to face the truth first. For that you have to accept your sin and repent. You have a chance once again. We will fight without weapons. Shiv throws away his trishul. Jhaladnar starts fighting him. Shiv beats him. Jhalandar falls down. He laughs and gets up. He says very nice. I am inspired by your powers. Bharamdev promised me that Mahadev even can’t kill me with his trishul. What happened? When your trishul can’t even kill me, how will you kill me without it? Shiv says Shiv and Shakti are one. Parvati says I will tell you how will you die. Parvati says Mahadev your third secret will end this man. That time your anger created him. This time again he will die the same way. I am ready. Shiv’s anger in shape of a fire ball goes in Parvati’s stomach. she makes a fire circle and throws it towarsds Jhalandar.
Parvati says Mahdev you have me this fire chakar. It will end all the wrong in the world. She says you gave me this to begin with. You said Shiv and Shakti are always together. Its Jhalandar’s time to end. Parvati says see Jhalandar this is the answer. It will be your end. Shiv kills Jhalandar with it.

Precap-Mahakal and Mahakali kill Jhalandar.
On Kelash everyone celebrates Holi. Shiv sees Arunasur coming. He will affect Parvati and Kartika.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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