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Episode 96 …
The Episode starts with sarnas coming to TM and sees suhani they all wished her while Bebe hugged her so tightly …happy bday Mera baby …suhani was very much happy seeing everyone ..

K : now you all ladies chill out we will do arrangements of cutiepie bday as well as our champs naming ceremony ..
Ab : yeah …let’s go …

Abeer kunj yuvi and Kabir was busy doing the arrangements soon they the time passed it was evening …

Kunj and abeer brought clothes for the babies and both went to their rooms to get ready ..

Twinkle was looking pretty in saree as after so many days she wore it and was looking cute and admiring herself ..
Kunj sees her and smiled he kept the shopping bags aside and backhugged her ..

K : don’t admire my wife so much only I had the right of it ..
T : ohh really ??? Now you can’t call me panda 😛yipeeee

K : but I am missing the cute chubby you he pecked her forehead ..
T : awe really 😍😍 she smiled while his grip on her waist tighten ..she moved closer to him joining their lips ..they both smiled after sometime ..

K : see I brought this for him it’s so cute na ..he will look hell handsome after it ..
T : yes kunj indeed it is…you go and get ready after that I’ll make him ready ..
K : no no I will get ready in 5 min we both will make him ready plz ..

T : okay Mr Sarna she smiled while kunj soon got ready matching with twinkles saree both smiled and sat on bed …

Soon they changed his clothes together enjoying each n every second of their parenthood while he smiled looking at his parents but soon started crying …

K : now why he is crying ???
T : he is again hungry ..
K : ufff champ you are seriously bhukkad 😛😛kunj twinkle hits him slightly while they smiled and went downstairs ..

Abeer and meher too got ready spending time with their angel they too came down while Kabir Misha made the birthday girl ready too everyone wished her …they all came downstairs ..

Everyone were already waiting for them the guest sees the babies and blessed them ….While Rajat Sapna tej jhanvi has video called and congratulate them ..
Soon they all sat for the naming ceremony …

Priest : now the first baby boy so what you all have decided …
Kunj looks at Misha and nodded in yes while she gave suhani to Leela and took baby in her hands she whispered in his ears while he smiled ….

U : it’s seems like he loved his name…
Man : Haan Bhai now tell us what you have kept ..
K : our baby name is” KRISH KUNJ SARNA “..all clapped ..

Y : awww Krish 😘😘now come to Chachu he said and lifted Krish while all smiled …
Next was mehbeer turn and they sat while after sometime priest asked to say baby name in her ears ..

Ab : Twinklee ..
T : Haan Bhai coming she went towards their baby girl and told her name in her ears while she giggled and all smiled ..

L : now tell us the baby named ..
T : maa she is “ISHANI ABEER TANEJA”
All smiled and was happy with Krish and ishani they played with them mostly suhani …

When it was time for them to cut the cake all came towards him while still Krish was in his chachu arms sleeping peacefully and ishani was with mahi…

They all cutted the cake while suhani was too much happy they fed her somewhat and then feed each other …

While yuhi gave back the babies in their parents hands …all smiled sooon the guests left and the family members stayed their ..

They all gave many gifts to the babies and was playing with them ..
Y : now Bhai and Bhabhi you guys are gonna come home ryt ..

K : Haan Haan yuvi we are coming home ..
Ma : wow 😍😍😍

They all had their dinner and twinkle packed her luggage to go back to sm …
Mano : now we should leave ..
Rt : Haan yeah twinkle where are you…

I am here papa Twinkle coming with her luggage as from many days she was leaving there …she got tears eye on leaving her home once again …

Ab & kab : abey oye pagal ladki you are going to opposite house so don’t cry ..
T : huh Bhai 😭😭😭 I am going I’ll not meet you huh ..

Ab & kab : areyy they pulled in a tight hug take care of our Krish okay ..they both said while Twinklee nodded ..
T : you too take care of suhani and ishani she kissed them both …

Su : ba bye bye ..she waves her hands cutely while everyone was like awww seeing her …soon they all left back for sm …
Twinj was on door with Krish when usha stopped them ..

K : what happened maa ???
Y : arey Bhai Krish is entering home for the first time so uska bhi grahpravesh banta hai ..

Be : exactly ..
They did the Aarti of couple and let them in …the whole house decorated with all the toys and everything scattered around ..

They all played with Krish for sometime and soon twinj and yuhi left for twinj room …

They sees their room too decorated with all the twinj childhood pics and one side baby cradle was kept there with all the other toys ..
T : who did this ???

Ma : Krish papa and his chachu ..
K : even his chachi helped us…
T : wow so cute we will cherish our childhood once again with our babies ..

Y : yes 💖💖💖
All smiled and sat their teasing each other Krish was awake and was seeing his parents and cha-cha chachi with hiss cute cute eyes ..

T : what happened Krish why you are looking at Chachu and chachi like this. .
K : arey I’ll say he actually wanted to tell them when they are gonna give his siblings ..yuhi looks at each other the turned their gazes ..

Ma : I’ll come in a minute I think maa is calling me she went from there ..
Y : kya Bhai 😂😂😂 aap bhi na ..

T : ohoo Laxman seriously we want Krish siblings now ..
Y : okay sita Bhabhi ji they all laughed together ..I’ll go and see my lovely blushy wifey bye good night ..good night Krish junior Sarna he pecked him and left ..
While twinj closed the door and made him sleep soon they slept too ..
Days were passing by everyone was so happy with Krish since he went in charms on his father but his naughtiness came from his mother …all used to pamper him alott since he is the first grandchild of Sarna family …same was with ishani tanejas too used to pamper her alott
@ twinj room :::
Twinkle where is my file ???? Where is my watch a irritated kunj was shouting not finding any of his things and just finding his son’s toys ….while twinkle came smiling and sees him …

T : what happen sadu sarna why are you shouting so much ???
K : where are my things I have to go for meeting ..

T : wait wait she said and gave his things which was on dressing table infront of him only he smiled sheepishly while she arched her eye brow ..
K : ohh only I can do this perfectly he said holding his collar up ..

T : whatever ..sadu sarna
K : you siyappa queen where is my champ ?????
T : he is down mummy g is giving him oil massage before bath 😭

K : Acha let’s drop me till down ..
T : hmm yeah
They went downstairs to see usha and Bebe sitting on floor with Krish in their lap fully naked there were giving him oil massage while he was crying uncontrollably …

Twinkle held kunj hand not able to see her baby crying more her eyes got wet too listening to him ..
K : hahahaha 😂😂😂😂 twinkle it’s normal it’s good for his health why are you crying ????

T : see na how he is crying ask mummy g to stop na plz ..
K : no no I won’t ..
T : you sadu sarna..

K : arey don’t worry his bones will be strong after massage ..
They stand seeing them while twinkle clutched kunj hands while he smiled at his cute childish wife ..

K : no one will be able to say you are mother of one kid Twinklee if you do these things ..
T : kunjjjjj 😡😡😡😡

K : Acha Acha no let me go bye he said and pecked her right cheek ..
T : come soon
K : yeah ..

He went for office while Krish massage was done and twinkle stands looking at him …mahi too sees her and laughed while twinkle passed her death glare ..
U : twinkle puttar it’s good you are here now take him for bath …

T : Haan she took him and went to her room mahi and twinkle gave him bath after giving him bath he slept while mahi joined twinkle in household chores both of them having fun together ..

Ma : chal twinkle let’s go outside ?? For shopping ???
T : now ????
Ma : Haan chal na it will be fun ..

They went downstairs with Krish in twinkle arms he was sleeping still ..
Ma : mummy Ji ..
U : Haan mahi puttar
T : actually we thought to go for shopping …

Be : arey Acha you both go beta we will stay here …
U : and Twinkle give Krish to us we will handle him you both go and have fun ..
Twinkle gave him usha hands while he was still sleeping ..

Both mahi and twinkle looks at each other worlds best in-laws they Whispered together and smiled shamelessly ..

Soon they left for shopping and took Misha and meher with them too all of them chilling out after so many days suhani and ishani was with Leela and RT at home ..

They all shopped for many things but mostly for their kids things …they were very very happy today wandering around like singles after so many days …

They were walking when mahi who was walking in reverse in excitement to go for sale gets collided with someone and he held her in his arms which was none other than yuvi …

He was present there with kunj abeer and Kabir as they all came for meeting their ..
K : you all here ?????
T : we can ask this too you all to went for meeting right she again arched her eye brow

K : I said na I can do this better …
Kab : Haan twinki we came for meeting only
Mis : here in shopping mall ???
Ab : Haan Bhabhi ..

Meh : oh Acha ..
Y : now you all say why you are here ?
Ma : kyu we can’t be here ? Or our only work is to sit at home 😒😒

Y : areyy these woman’s got mad ..
T : you are mad 😏 not us okay..
K : see who is saying this siyappa queen
Mis : you shut up kunj ..

Kab : arey why we all are fighting he said and all burst out laughing seeing each other faces …
T : we came for shopping and to have some fun today that’s it ..

K : Acha where is Krish ????
Ab : ishani ???
Kab : suhani
Yuhi sidehugged each other thinking they have Thier privacy ..

T & meh & mis : they are at home with maa ..
Ohh they all said together and looks at yuhi …
K : don’t act so smart one day you will be like this too 😎

Ab : exactly ..
Kab : chalo if we all are together let’s have lunch together too after long time ..
T : good idea Bhai ..

They all went in food court and odered their favourite dishes and all the couple’s had it feeding each other taking selfies ..they came out of shopping mall
T : you all are coming home or going back ????

K : going back as some procedures are pending ..
Kab : okay then meet you all later ..

K : bye love will see you at home..
T : yeah bye she hugged him while they all left back to Thier home ..

After sometime meher Misha twinkle mahi reached sm and went inside to see usha Leela Bebe handling suhani ishani and Krish …
L : arey you all came how’s your day…

Mis : amazing maa even Kabir and others too came for a meeting there …
T : and we all had lunch together too ..
U : chalo it’s good after so many days you guys spend time alone ..

Be : Haan ..
Twinkle sees Krish and took him while they again got busy in their babies ..
After sometime Leela Misha meher left for TM while twinkle and mahi got busy preparing dinner …

Ma : twinkle can I ask you something
T : Haan mahi say na
Ma : how’s your experience as mother ..
T : you wanted to say this…

Ma : yess 😛😛
T : why ???
Ma : wo I feel so good seeing you with Krish Misha Di with suhani and meher Di with ishani …

T : even I used to feel like this since when Krish came arghh my misconception about nurturing kids is easy task changed he is too difficult to handle
Both of them laughed …
Ma : seriously ..

T : yeah he sleeps at 12 then wakes up in middle of night then we have to pacify Mr junior Sarna argh it’s too difficult but it was amazing too seeing him sleeping peacefully releases all my tension i love my baby so much he is really a blessing for me ..
Ma : awww 😘😘💖💖💖

T : so are you guys planning too ..
Ma : not yet but let’s see they both smiled and continued their works ..

Soon kunj Manohar and yuvi came back from office they got freshen up and came in hall ..
Manohar take Krish in his hands …and was talking to him …kunj and yuvi sees them…

Y : see papa he never ever gave us this time 😛😛😛 Krish is apple of papa eyes ..
K : indeed father – son bond is smaller in front of grandfather-grandson
bond ..even we were apple of dadu eyes ..

Y : yeah dadu 😭😭 I am jealous of Krish ..
K : hahah yuvi where is this siyappa queen ..
Y : they may be kitchen ..chale bade Bhaiya ..

K : Haan let’s go …they went and sees mahi and twinkle taking out the food ..
Y : need any help lovely ladies …
Ma : no you go and sit we are bringing dinnner ..
T : Haan go ..

K : arey give this to us he said taking the bowls and they all went outside ..
The four served the dinner and called ushar and Bebe …

Kunj took Krish in his hands and sat on his chair while Twinklee served kunj …
They all had dinner and went back to their rooms ..kunj sat with Krish on couch while Twinklee was changing the bed sheets …he was making noices ..

K : what he wants to say ????
T : he is saying papa is very bad he used to pamper mumma alott now even not bringing chocolates for her 😆😆

K : achawww he wants to say this or his mumma …
T : arey he only hai na Krish ???
Kr : wwwyeeewwww weeeeehhsggyy
K : see he is making fun of you …

T : shut up ..
She was done with changing the bed sheets and ask kunj to shift on bed he made Krish lay and laid beside him while twinkle sees her phn ringing …and picked up the call it was chiyan video call…yuhi to came to their room and they all connected in iPad …

Ar : hellooooooo guys how are you all ..
All : hello we are fine you both say…
C : arey we are fine too ..
T : huhuh I’ll not talk to you ..

Ar : arey twinkle kyu ???
K : you all promised to come India when Krish was born but didn’t came even in his naming ceremony ..

Y : Haan seriously we missed you guys ..
Ar : arey we actually wanted to come but them doctor permetted chinki for travelling 😛😛

K : arey Bhai kyu ???? ..
T : Haan 😛😛😛
Ar : wo actually …they looks at each other ..
Y : say na

Ar : chinki is expecting
All : whatttt ??? They were hell shocked and looks at each other congratulations guyssss 💖💖💖💖
Ar : thank you soo much ..

C : yeah thank you 😍
T : when did this happen ???
Ma : yess you guys informing us now ..

C : arey when we talked to you all last time after that we got to know them papa and mumma(Aryan parents) came to stay with us and we didn’t got time to inform you all sorry ..

K : no need but we are really very happy for you guys ..
C : where is Krish ????

T : here twinkle said showing him while he looks at them ..
C : awwe he is looking so cute day by day ..
T : Haan she pecked his cheek ..

While they all went on talking n talking soon they ended the call and yuhi left for their room while twinj lay on the bed with Krish in their middle ..

T : sleep now Krish it’s enough for today
Kr : eesswwwjhh bhsysjsksks
K : hahaha twinkle 😂😂 he is also saying you siyappa queen ..

T : huh twinkle was patting Krish on his back to make him sleep but he wasn’t even in mood to sleep ..

K : Krish baby sleep now we will play tomorrow now sleep ..he said covering krish eyes with his hands but he removed it with his tiny hands…and held kunj finger …he even took Twinklee finger and was holding it …

T : awww Mera baby ..
K : Mera bhi 😘 they both smiled seeing him soon after sometime Krish slept still.holding his parents fingers while they both admired him …
Screen freezes …
So how was the episode ???
Hope you all like it ..
Thanks to all for breaking your silence in last one I really need your support guys ..that what encourages me to write seeing your response ..
Thanks for the likes and comments ..
Bye 💖💖💖💖💖

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