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Kriyyam OS ‘Happy Holi’ ( Holi Special)

Hello frnds…I’m back here with another Kriyyam OS as I mentioned before. So this one is very special as here we, along with our fav couple Kriyyam, celebrating the most colorful occasion of Holi, the celebration of color, joy and lots of fun.


Wish you all a very Happy Holi. May all the bright colors spreads up in your life and brightens up the future days of your life.


And also…I posted a Valentine’s day and Mahashivratri special OS…but may be u guys missed it as I didn’t get comments…so here I’m giving u the link of that OS…Hope u guys will give a look to it.

Kriyyam OS ‘Tere Ishq Mein’ (Valentine’s Day and Mahashivratri Special)



***So let’s start***


The story starts in the time, when Yuvaan was disturbing Krishna with his ill intensions.


Krishna is in her room, dusting. Yuvaan comes there.


Yuvaan: Krishna…


Krishna turns to hear her name and was shocked to see Yuvaan there.


Krishna: Tum?…Tum yahan kyun aaye ho?


Yuvaan comes inside. Krishna becomes irritated.


Yuvaan: I want to say something…


Krishna: But I don’t want to hear anything…plz u go.


She again gets herself busy in dusting. Yuvaan comes in front of her.


Yuvaan: Krishna…listen…plz believe me…whatever I told u yesterday is true…I really…


Krishna cuts him off in the middle.


Krishna: Shut up Yuvaan…just shut up…don’t u even dare say that again.


Yuvaan: But Krishna…plz..


Krishna: Yuvaan I said shut up and u just leave from here…


Yuvaan didn’t leave.


Yuvaan: Krishna I know u r angry with me…since I left u in the mandap and married Baby…but Krishna believe me…that was biggest mistake of my life to choose Baby over u…and I want…


Krishna again cuts him off.


Krishna: Listen Yuvaan…I don’t even want to remember those…I’m happy in my life…I’m happy with Sayyam…and so should be u.


Yuvaan: But Krishna…how can u be happy?…With that…that cheap Sayyam?


Krishna: Yuvaan!!…How dare u use that word for Sayyam?…He is my husband.


Yuvaan: U can say anything…but I know…u didn’t accept this marriage from heart and u’ll never…u hate Sayyam and still…


Krishna: Bas karo Yuvaan…bohut ho gaya…now I don’t want to hear anything.


Krishna looks at Yuvaan with disgust in her eyes.


Krishna: And about Sayyam…he is not cheap Yuvaan…he at least doesn’t run behind a married girl even after being married…and in my eyes…he is a better person than u.


Yuvaan looks at Krishna, angrily.


Krishna: Now plz stop ur nonsense and leave.


Yuvaan: Ok…I’ll go…but let me clear one thing…Tomorrow is Holi…and they say…if u first apply color to the person u love…u’ll be together forever…so I’ve to do this…And I promise u Krishna…tomorrow I’ll be the first one to color u…cz I hv to prove my love to u…and I’ll do that…at any cost.


Krishna gets shocked.


Krishna: Yuvaan!!!


Yuvaan: Yes Krishna….u heard right…I’ll prove my love for u tomorrow in front of everyone.


Yuvaan left from there saying that. Krishna was hell shocked and afraid. She thumped on the bed, tensed.


And there happened another scenario in the outside of Krishna’s room. Someone heard their convo and soon left from there.


Krishna passed the whole day, tensed and afraid, thinking of what is going to happen next day.



Next morning


The colorful day of Holi. Krishna couldn’t sleep at night and got up early in the morning, more tensed. She freshened up. Suhani called her from outside and asked her to get ready.


Krishna came back in the room and saw Sayyam still sleeping.


A tear drop slipped across her cheek as she again remembers the words Yuvaan said. She couldn’t think what will happen if Yuvaan really does what he said.


Will she lose Sayyam forever for Yuvaan’s misdeeds? Will she be able to clarify to Sayyam that she is not wrong…she doesn’t think as Yuvaan thinks? Won’t he believe her?


Will she be able to say to Sayyam what she feels for him?…What she wants from this relationship, from him?


She couldn’t think anymore and went to get ready.


Sayyam wake up after sometime but didn’t get up off the bed. He was scrolling down on his phone when heard the washroom door opened. He looked at the direction and was amazed at the very moment.


Krishna came out from there wearing a White Chiffon Saree, with slick borders of golden and red, adorning its simplicity, with the combo of a golden full sleeve blouse. Her hairs tied up in a top knot braid that she kept on her right shoulder.


And that was it. Sayyam was in a state of totally lost in her beauty. She was looking stunning gorgeous. He couldn’t help but stare at her. But Krishna was lost somewhere else. She didn’t find him woke up and staring at her.


Krishna was trying to put the earring but it slipped out of her hand due to her being lost. And bring both Kriyyam back to their senses. Sayyam got up off the bed and went towards the washroom. Krishna too saw him and once again felt a deep pain in her heart. She handed him his cloths.


Sayyam freshened up and came out being ready in a white kurta with its sleeves folded up to elbow and dark blue denim.


Krishna again heard Suhani calling her to come out soon and again her heart started pounding. She unknowingly looked at Sayyam, her eyes clearly showing her fear. Sayyam too looked at her.


Krishna forwarded her trembling feet to the way out but was stopped on her track, feeling the tug in her wrist. She looked back at Sayyam, who was holding her wrist.


Sayyam: Tumhe darne ki zaroorat nahi hai…Main hoon tumhare saath.


Krishna was simply shocked. She looks at him, unbelievably. Sayyam gets her state of mind. He gets the hold of the both of her hands.


Sayyam: Mujhe sab pata hai…Kal Yuvaan ne…jo kuch bhi kaha…maine wo sun liya tha.


Now Krishna gets more afraid, not knowing what will Sayyam say next. She starts to say what she wanted to.


Krishna: Believe me Sayyam…I don’t know why he said that…I really don’t know…I don’t even think such things for him…I told him that I’m happy in my life…and he should also do the same…but he didn’t listen to me…he said he’ll tell everyone…I forbid him…but he…


Krishna was being frantic due to her suppressed fear and tension. Sayyam feels so bad for her. He, being unable to find any other way to stop her, hurriedly pulls her into his arms and embraced her tightly. Krishna was stopped in no time. She embraced him too and cried out her heart, letting her fear away with tears, in his arms.


Sayyam: I know Krishna…I know everything.


Krishna continued to sob in his arms. Sayyam caresses her head to calm her down. Krishna felt so relaxed after a while as she feels Sayyam gently kissed her head. She looked up at him. Sayyam wipes off her tears.


Krishna: Sayyam main sach keh rahi hoon…maine Yuvaan ko…


Sayyam placed a finger upon her lips to make her quiet.


Sayyam: Maine kaha na…main sab janta hoon…u don’t need to say all these…and why r u crying?


He again wiped off a long trail of tear from her cheek. Krishna was now being amazed from inside. They look at eachother. Suhani again calls Krishna.


Sayyam: Chalo…


Krishna hesitates to go. But Sayyam makes her go with him and they start leaving. Suddenly Krishna thinks something.


Krishna: Sayyam…ek minute ruko…


Sayyam stopped and Krishna brought a plate full of red holi color. Sayyam looked at her. Krishna took a pinch of color and applied to Sayyam’s trimmed bearded cheeks.


Krishna: Happy Holi…


She smiled. Sayyam was amazed. This was the first time in his life when someone applied holi color to him, happily.


Krishna forwarded the plate to him. Sayyam first hesitated but then took a pinch of holi color and colored Krishna’s cheeks.


And now it was being difficult to differentiate between the patches of redness on Krishna’s cheek, which one of holi color and which one due to hard blushing.


Sayyam: Happy Holi.


Krishna smiled. She kept the plate aside and they both went out, together.



In the lawn


All were there, playing holi, with few guests. Kriyyam came there and were welcomed colorfully by Yuvaani. Krishna was so happy now, without any tension or fear. She occasionally looks at Sayyam and smiles.


Yuvaan came there. Krishna saw him and was turned pale soon. Sayyam saw that and holds her hand. Krishna looks at him. His calm gaze was enough for her to be assured.


Yuvaan felt himself burning in anger to see the scenario.


Soon all started playing holi in full swing by throwing colors to each other. Krishna was a bit tensed.


Someone called Sayyam. He went afar to receive the call. Krishna was with Yuvaani. Then she noticed Sayyam was not there. She got nervous. She looked around the lawn but he is nowhere.


Krishna came afar from the crowd, searching for Sayyam here and there and more to her tension, Yuvaan came in front of her, with a handful of color. Krishna tries to ignore him and leave from there, but he blocks her way.


Krishna: Yuvaan…what r u doing? Let me go.


Yuvaan: Did u forget Krishna…I told u right…what will I do today?


Krishna desperately looks around for Sayyam.


Krishna: Listen Yuvaan…don’t u dare do such thing…or else…else…


Yuvaan: Else what Krishna?…Krishna plz…why don’t u get it…I really love u…I want to get u back…


And with this, Krishna’s nervousness and fear was gone, she got enraged to hear such things from Yuvaan.


Krishna: Yuvaan…I told u not to say this again…but still u did…so now listen to me carefully…from this moment…I regret that once u were my friend…and I wanted to spend my life with u…but thank god it never happened…or else my life would get spoiled.


Yuvaan: Really Krishna?…Then what is ur life now?…Isn’t it ruined for that Sayyam?


Krishna: No…never…rather now I’m happy in my life…and I wonder if I could ever get this happiness with u…


Yuvaan: How can u say that Krishna?…


Krishna: Why can’t I?…today u r talking about love…do u even know what love actually is?…aur kaisa hai tumhara pyaar…jo kabhi iss ladki se toh kabhi uss ladki se ho jata hai?…and even after being married to someone else…how can u think to get in another relationship?


Yuvaan: But Krishna…I told u na…that was my mistake to marry Baby…and I…


Krishna: Dekho Yuvaan…mujhe ab aur kuch nahi sun na…plz leave me alone.


Yuvaan: No Krishna…I can’t let u go so easily…I’ll color u today…


He forwards his hand towards Krishna, trying to apply color on her face. Krishna tries to stop him but she gets really scared. She closes her eyes being afraid, but then feels something. She feels a hand applying color on her head, like filling her hairline with color. She opens her eyes in no time and was relived at the very moment to see Sayyam did that.


She immediately grabs his arm and hides behind him.


Krishna: Sayyam…


Sayyam glances at her, calmly and then turns to Yuvaan.


Sayyam: Patni hai wo meri…aur agar usse pasand nahi…toh tu uske piche kyun pada hai?


Yuvaan gets angry to see him.


Yuvaan: Ye meri aur Krishna ki beech ki baat hai…why r u interfaring?


Sayyam: Bhulne ki bimari hai kya tujhe?…Wo meri patni hai….aur aage se usse disturb karne ki koshis bhi mat karna…or else no one will be worse than me.


Saying that, he wants to go from there, taking Krishna away with himself. But Krishna stops him.


Krishna: Ek minute Sayyam…


She holds his hand and looks at Yuvaan.


Krishna: Yuvaan…kal tumne kaha tha na…ki agar do pyaar karnewale ek doosre ko sabse pehle rang lagaye…toh unka rishta kabhi nahi tootta…toh main tumhe bata doon…ki aaj mujhe sabse pehle rang Sayyam ne lagaya hai…aur maine usse…toh iska matlab toh tum samajh hi gaye hoge…hai na?…So as Sayyam said…better u stay away from me.


Now Krishna pulled Sayyam with her and Yuvaan stood there, alone, burning in useless anger.



Krishna went towards the crowd again, with Sayyam. But Sayyam was thinking in mind about the words Krishna told Yuvaan, what she meant to say. He thinks to ask her. He was about to ask her but before that she said.


Krishna: Kahan chale gaye the tum?…Main kabse tumhe dhoondh rahi thi.


Sayyam was abruptly interrupted by her question.


Sayyam: Ek important call aaya tha…isliye…


Krishna: Every small thing is important to everyone…except me.


Krishna was upset with the incident happened few minutes back. Sayyam gets that. He decides not to ask her now what was going on his mind.


Sayyam: I’m…I’m sorry…


Krishna looks at him.


Krishna: U don’t need to say sorry…actually u know what…I’ve such a bad luck that I can’t even receive a single moment of happiness ever…someone is always there to ruin it.


Sayyam feels bad to hear that. Krishna goes from there and sits alone on the bench. Sayyam follows her. Yuvaani too comes there.


Yuvaani: Arre…tum dono yahan kya kar rahe ho?…Aur Krishna…tujhe kya hua?


Krishna doesn’t say anything and goes inside the house. Yuvaani gets confused and looks at Sayyam.


Yuvaani: Kya ho gaya isse?…Aise kyun chali gayi?…Wait…I’ll call her.


She was going behind her but Sayyam stops her.


Sayyam: Nahi ruko…let her be alone for sometime.


Yuvaani: Kyun?…Arre batao toh Krishna ko kya hua?


And finally Sayyam had to tell her everything that happened, being repeatedly asked by her. Yuvaani was more angry than shocked.


Yuvaani: What r u saying Sayyam?…Yuvaan…how can he do that with Krishna?…He crossed his limits…I’ve to talk to him.


Sayyam: No…wait…I’ve warned him well…I think he won’t do anything now…and Krishna has also told him to stay away from her.


Yuvaan: I’m really disappointed with Yuvaan…I didn’t know he’ll ever do such thing…now we’ve to keep an eye on him…but for now…we’ve to take care of Krishna…u go to her.


Sayyam: I’ll go later…she needs to be alone for sometime.


Yuvaani: No Sayyam…she needs u…what do u think…why did she say all those to Yuvaan?…What she wanted to mean?…Didn’t u get that yet?


Sayyam looks at her, knowing he is already near to the answer which she wanted to know from Krishna. And then Yuvaani finally said that.


Yuvaani: She loves u Sayyam…she needs u.


Sayyam was not shocked or surprised as he could understand Krishna’s words only meant that. And he remembers when Krishna said to Yuvaan last day that she is happy in her life with Sayyam. And maybe its true cz he has noticed now she smiles and laughs in every small things happens with her and how much different she acts when she is near him. And how she blushed this morning when he applied color on her cheeks? Aren’t these enough to clear what she meant?


He looks at Yuvaani. She smiles.


Yuvaani: Now go…


She pushes him towards the door. Sayyam inhales a deep breath and went inside.



In the room


Krishna was standing near the window, back facing the door, looking outside at the people playing holi in the lawn.


Sayyam came quietly and saw her. He can see the reflection of her teary eyes on the window glass. But he knew well what he has to do.


He went to her and gently rubbed his left hand, full of color, on the uncovered portion of her fair belly and grabbed her firmly by his right hand.


Krishna’s eyes opened more widely. She was more than surprised as she recognized the person by the touch. And more to her surprise, by then, Sayyam has gently pecked her earlobe, smelling her sweet perfume.


Sayyam smiles as they look at eachother in the window-pane. Krishna turns around to face him. Sayyam pulled her near and again colored her cheek by rubbing his hand. Krishna closed her eyes and another tear droplet crossed her cheek. Sayyam wiped it off, again. Krishna opened her eyes.


Krishna: Sayyam…I…


Sayyam gestured her to stop and said


Sayyam: U don’t need to say anymore…I got everything u want to say…and…I also want to say the same to u Krishna.


Everything was clear to Krishna. She bloomed a sweet smile and continued to stare at him. Sayyam kissed her on forehead and Krishna placed her head on his shoulder.


Sayyam: Krishna…tumhe pata hai…maine pehle bhi do din tumhe aur Yuvaan ko baat karte hue dekha tha…


Krishna looked at him, worried.


Sayyam: But then I thought u guys just talking…so I didn’t mind…but I didn’t know Yuvaan had his ill thoughts…and honestly…I was afraid…as I thought I’m gonna lose u…forever.


Krishna: I can understand ur fear… as I’ve also coming across it from yesterday till Yuvaan said those to me…I couldn’t think what will I do if u don’t believe me…I was afraid that I’ll lose u forever for his ill intentions.


She hugged him tightly, not to let him go, ever. Sayyam too, did the same.


Krishna: Don’t ever leave me Sayyam…I can’t live without u.


Sayyam: I won’t Krishna…cz I can’t also live without u.


They passed a long time in silence, in the same position. Then Sayyam breaks the hug.


Sayyam: Now Let’s go out…Yuvaani is waiting.


Krishna nods and they go out.



In the lawn


Kriyyam went together. Yuvaani got happy to see Krishna smiling, with Sayyam. She smiles and offered them drinks, in which she has mischievously mixed bhaang. Kriyyam didn’t know that and drink it and soon they were affected. Krishna was more affected then Sayyam as she finished the glass in one go but Sayyam just sipped two or three times. And when he saw Krishna’s state, he put the glass aside, knowing what’s wrong. He soon take Krishna away with himself, inside the house as she started acting really weird.


Sayyam took Krishna to their room and make her sit on the bed.


Sayyam: Krishna…sit here…u take rest…ok…and I’ll bring water for u…ok.


He stood up to go but before he could go out Krishna stopped him by holding his hand and suddenly pulled him upon her. Sayyam loses his balance and they both fall on the bed. Krishna holds him tightly. Sayyam was shocked.


Sayyam: Krishna…what r u doing?…Leave me.


He tries to get rid of her hold but she holds him more tightly.


Krishna: No…I won’t leave u…why will leave u?…U r my husband…and I love u…I love u so much.


She said in a drunk tone. Sayyam smiled to hear her.


Sayyam: Yea…I know that…but plz…now let me go…I’ll bring water for u…and u’ll feel better if u drink water.


Krishna: No…I don’t need water…I need u…only u.


Saying that, she placed a kiss on his cheek. Sayyam was now surprised and happy too. He smiled. Krishna looked at him. They were lost in eachother’s eyes. And with few passing minutes, Krishna’s overloaded cuteness and also bhaang’s effect make Sayyam lose all his control over himself. He slowly inches closer to her pink glossy lips and soon was drowned in her lovely love.



After four hours


It was evening. Kriyyam were sound asleep.


Krishna woke up first and found herself in Sayyam’s warm and loving embrace. First she was confused but then she slowly remembers all the happenings and smiles. She looks at the time and was shocked.


Krishna: Oh god…shaam ho gayi?


She hurriedly gets up and calls Sayyam too.


Krishna: Sayyam…get up…Sayyam…it’s already evening.


Sayyam wakes up too and he too takes some time to understand his position. And when he got it, his reaction was same as Krishna. He stares at her, lovingly as she blushes. He pulls her upon him. Krishna feels shy and tries to get rid of his hold.


Sayyam: I also tried to get rid of ur hold…but u didn’t leave me…so now I’ll take revenge.


Krishna had no words left. She blushed furiously. Sayyam smiled.


Sayyam: U look best when u smile.


Krishna smiles at this and looks at him lovingly.


Krishna: Ab utho…bohut der ho gayi hai…pata nahi sab kya soch rahe honge?


She goes to washroom and comes after changing. Sayyam too gets freshens up and they go out.


All were sitting outside. Kriyyam joined them. Yuvaan too came there and saw them together, smiling. Krishna was no more afraid of him.



At night


Kriyyam were back to their room. Sayyam’s romantic mood was already turned on and soon they started their journey to the colorful world of Love, being drowned in eacother’s eyes.



The colorful day of Holi, made their lives brighten up with happiness and Love.



So Guys…that’s it. Hope u all like it.


Will be awaiting ur sweet comments.


And sorry if u find it too dramatic…I just can’t control myself while writing about Kriyyam😇😇…and also it became too long.


I’ll be back soon…till then bye.


Love u all❤.


Yours Muniya😊



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