Thursday , January 28 2021


All three reach the garden. Manish: lets have a jog first and then we will walk slowly and discuss all the matters.

They start jogging. Kartik sees shubham and shubham sees kartik and they both start increasing their speed step by step to overcome each other. Manish was not able to sense that what was happening between two and tried to increase his speed as well. Shubham and kartik were just completely engrossed in competition and forgot that they had come along with their father. At times kartik came forward and at time shubham was in the lead but what about manish no one was bothered about him. Manish was lagging behind and as he tried to increase his speed his foot came on a stone and he lost his balance and stumbled when arms of love protected him and it was none other keerti along with naksh who came at the correct time and saved manish. Keerti:Papa yeh kyaa kar rhe the aap dhyaan kaha tha aapka. Kahi lagi toh nhi na aapko.

Naksh: papa ji!! Aap theek toh hai na.

Manish (breathing hevily) : Naksh ji Keerti aap log yahan.

Keerti: yes papa actually we both came for a morning walk and suddenly meri nazar aap pe padi and aappp…..

Manish: hmmm…pata nhi yeh patthar dikha hi nhi.

Naksh: but papa ji why were u running so fast aapko araam se jogging karni chahiye thi na dekhiye aap ki saans bhi phool gyi hai.

Manish recites the whole scene to naksh and keerti then.

Keerti gives water to manish. Papa aap chalne ki koshish kariye halki si.

Manish kept his foot forward and it hurted Ahhh!!

Naksh: Keerti lagta hai inhe moch aa gyi hai we should drop him home.

Manish: No need damad ji.. i will go by myself and i should wait for kartik and shubham too.

Keerti: No papa naksh is absolutely right we need to drop u and un dono ko toh mai theek karti hun. They take manish to goenka villa and makes him rest on bed. On the other hand keerti makes a conference call to kartik and shubham who are still not bothered about​ anything else. Phone rings…

Kartik: keerti..

Shubham: Keerti diii

They pick the call.

Keerti: Good morning bro wass upp!!

Kartik: all gud

Shubham: sab badiya

Keerti: great…kaha ho tum??

Shubham and kartik saath mei: papa ke saath jogging karne. They look at each other.

Keerti: Oh toh ek baar plss papa se baat karwana.

Shubham and Kartik: ek min abhi karwata hun. They look around papa toh yahan nhi hai. They both shout and look at each other “fir papa kahan hai??”

Keerti: Papa ghar pe hai….he has hurted his foot just because of u both. Return home as early as possible i m not going to leave u guys today….

Kartik ans Shubham enter Goenka villa and they see keeri standing with a jhadoo in her hand. Kartik and shubham start giggling in fear. They look at each other and say at the same time “YEH SAB ISKI WAJAH SE HUA HAI” .Keerti: just keep quiet….this is too much yaar guys now…i m fed up with ur fights and till when papa had to suffer between ur fights atleast think of him once. Kartik: Keerti yeh sab shubham ki wajah se hi hua hai yehi tez tez bhaag rha tha mai toh papa ka dhyaan rkh rha tha na.

Keerti: oh tabhi tumhare dhyaan ki wajah se unke pair mr moch aa gyi na ruko tumhe abhi batati hun. Keerti start running behind shubham and kartik with jhaadooo and shadoo hits on shubham’s bump😂 shubham: Keerti di ouch!! Sorry mai toh aapka chota sa nanha sa bhai hun.

Kartik start laughing. Keerti: ruk kartik tujhe abhi batati hun. Kartik: wait….wait keerti stop now its hurting in my stomach i just cant stop laughing. Accha ok tell where is papa unhe zyada lagi toh nhi na. Keerti: he is in his room and han unke pair me moch aa gyi hai woh bhi tum dono dhakkano ki wajah se dare u both trouble him again then u see. Shubham: sorry dii last chance now can we go and meet him. They all go in manish’s room. Naksh was going to apply volini on manish’s foot when suddenly manish stepped back and said: damad ji yeh aap kya kar rhe hai…aap iss ghar ke damad hai aap rehne dijiye koi servant laga dega. Naksh: kar di naa aapne arayo waali baat papa waisw toh u say that i m ur don and now see…..ab aap servant se hi lagwa lena aaapne apne bete ko naraz kar diya hai aur agar uss servant ne aapko utne hi pyaar se lagaya jitne pyaar se mai lagata fir bat karenge. Manish: sorry naksh jii…butt….

Naksh: koiii butt nhi..sirf yes or no bolo

Manish: yes..laga do ab damad ko naraz karo chalta hai par beta nhi naraz hona chahiye.

Naksh applies balm on manish’s foot. He takes a sigh of relief. Manish: Naitik ji is so lucky that he has got such a diamond like son. Jeete rho naksh beta zindagi mei khoob tarakki karo aur meri keerti ko humesha khish rho. Kartik and shubham were standing on the gate and seeing this scene they went out in anger just without meeting their father. Keerti followed. Naksh came out of the room too. Suwarna was there with manish. Kartik: ab bas issi ki kami reh gyi thi papa toh aise behave kar rhe ho jaise hum unhe hunter maarte hai. Shubham: actually nhi aise jaise humne unhe jaan ke dhakka maara ho aur hum tojlh unse pyaar hi nhi karte.  Keerti: kartikk..shubhamm.. this is just disgusting now mujhe tum dono se hi baat nhi karni.Naksh came. Kartik: Aa gye papa ke damad jii… Naksh: arre woh toh bas aise hi unhe meri zaroorat thi. Kartik: hmmm right aur batao jiju sab badiya….

Shubham: Hows krishna going..??

Naksh: actually krishna ke important kaam se hi jaana hai so catch u guys soon. Byeee

Keerti ji if u dont mind mai shaam ko pick karlunga i think u should take care of papa. Keerti: thanks naksh actually i feel the same he needs me as in dono pe toh bilkul bhi bharosa nhi hai mujhe.

Kartik and shubham make weird face and naksh leaves

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