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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 3rd March 2018 Written Episode Update: Thakur gives clue to Lakhan

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 3rd March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Namrata saying I will go along with Gauri. Pujari says thanks, I was worried for her. Namrata thinks I need Gauri to get Shivling, and then I will kill Gauri, she won’t come between me and Rahul ever. Pujari and Lakhan see them leaving. A ward boy comes with an injection and doesn’t find Thakur. He looks for Thakur and calls Namrata. Gauri asks Namrata whose phone is ringing. Namrata says no, its an alarm clock in my bag. They reach dhaba. Namrata says we will go washroom first. She sends Gauri and talks to that goon.

Yashpal asks by whose permission, did you talk to reporters, we have to keep everything hidden about shivling. He scolds constables. He says not just Thakur, many people are after Shivling. He sends to work. Inspector says I have checked CCTV footage,

but maybe nurse has shut the CCTV for some time, we didn’t find anything. Yashpal says maybe that’s master ji, we have to catch that woman. He sees the truck accident footage and gets shocked. He says how did this happen, how did lorry disappear after hitting the car, maybe its some technical error. He says I have seen this trunk somewhere, but where…. He recalls an old woman taking the trunk. He says I have seen a woman taking this trunk and going, this trunk has other shivling. He sees remaining footage. He says this is that woman, find her, maybe she stays around, we have to find that shivling.

Gauri goes to washroom. Namrata also comes there. She wears modulator and calls the ward boy. Yashpal scolds the constables. Ward boy says Thakur has run away. Namrata asks what, ran away, its impossible, he can’t even stand on his feet. Gauri hears the manly voice. Namrata says giving him injection every day is necessary, else he will stand on his feet, how did you let him go. Gauri says how is a man’s voice coming in female washroom. She asks Namrata where is she. Namrata worries. She asks ward boy to find Thakur, if he starts talking, my game will be spoiled. Gauri asks Namrata where is she. Namrata comes out. Gauri says how was a man’s voice coming here. Namrata says yes, maybe he was talking outside. Gauri says I felt someone entered the female washroom, I was scared. Namrata says we have to reach police station, come.

Narendra checks Minty and says we have to shift them to city hospital, its an epidemic spread in the village. Pujari asks is there any other solution. Narendra says we don’t know about this illness. He checks the reports and says how is this possible. Pujari asks what. Narendra says I have checked the soil samples in lab, that soil has poisonous chemical, that’s why everyone is falling sick. Pujari says but this didn’t happen before. Narendra says everyone should vacate the village, there is no other option, Rahul shift them to big hospital. Pujari asks where will we go. Narendra says we have no other way, we will fall sick, we have to vacate this village. Pujari agrees.

Shakti asks Thakur where is the letter written by his dad, fulfill promise now, where are the temple jewelry. She asks him to answer. Lakhan comes and asks what are you saying, Thakur can’t talk, people are ill, there is an epidemic in village, you should go out. Shakti asks Thakur to tell about the letter. Lakhan says I know it. Shakti asks what. Lakhan says I wanted to tell you, Aditya died that time and then all this happened. She says then tell me fast. He says its all inside a trunk inside the temple. He gives her the address. She gets glad. She asks Lakhan to stay with Thakur. She goes. Lakhan asks Thakur did he do right. Thakur gets up. Lakhan holds him. Thakur signs him towards calender. Lakhan asks what do you want to say. Thakur shows him alphabets….. to spell Namrata.

Shakti plans to kill Thakur. Lakhan hears this. Gauri and Namrata see the shivling in police station.

Update Credit to: Amena

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