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Just Come For a Coffee (OS)

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OS : Just Come For a Coffee

Hi Guyz..This is your Riya with a new OS. This update is not related to any fiction..

Okay let’s get into the story

No Anu..
This won’t work..
Final exam ke saath saath tu bhi finish hone wala hai aaj

I cursed myself for getting that from him.

Yeah i was about to cheat..

This was his idea to cheat in the exam

Dat idiot Rohit’s idea

Few hours back
I was revising for my exam having book in my hands..and that tym Rohit came

R: hey anu

A: Rohit get out from here..i am not in the mood of chatting..

I yelled at him

R: yaar…this is just a exam..why are you so serious

He teased me

A: rohit pls leave..i barely remember all the questions..now pls you don’t make me to forget..So just go

I shouted again

R: yaar why are you shouting?

A: fine…leave pls

I said with a lowered voice

R: yeh rako

He gave me some little piece of papers

Which will help us to write exam..

Yes i mean he gave me some bit papers with answers

R: just use this..u won’t get fail in this exam

A: no i don’t want

R: yaar i really care for you

He said with a teasing smile and went
Back to reality

Yes today is my final exam

And we all know

Before going to exam we feel like that forget everything we read.

And now i am in that stage..i am trying to memorise everything..

But all went in vain.

I saw those papers and i tried to hide with me wherever i can..

But wait

Anu, you won’t cheat

My inner me reminded me


I took the paper out and threw it in the dustbin.

God please save me today

I really don’t know wat i am going to write

I finally decided to give a glance at every question.

Okay fine anu..just close it…only few more minutes is there..

I calmed myself

While i am having a mini war with me and my exam , i could feel a pair of eyes is watching me..

I turned towards the eyes..
Yes someone is still watching me and gave a smile.

I didn’t smile back instead i raised my eyebrows by asking wat

He again smiled..

Who is that handsome? I asked myself

Wow he is absolutely dashing…my inner me screamed

Though i fell for his smile i didn’t show that in my face.

Bell rang

I should go to my exam hall now.

I looked at him

He waved his hand

why it just happen now, why would i see him just before my exams..

I smiled sarcastically

Few hours later

Uffff…dat was not bad..questions were quite good

I said to my friend zoya

Z: I knew dear..you will always do your best

Aww dats my girl…my all-time favourite…i said amd wrapped my hands around her shoulder

R: hey anu..hw was ur exams..my papers helped u ryt?

A: oh stop it..i didn’t use any of that

Z: wat papers??

She asks with puzzled face

I explained everything

Zoya gives little punch in his arm.

Rohit screams

Though we are in the grade 12 they behaved like kids

Ufff…guys…come let’s go for a lunch..

While i was watching their fight and again i could feel the pair of eyes watching me.

Yes I saw him again the one who stared at me in the morning.

I went towards to him

And i think he too guess that i am coming towards him so he too came little forward

He said hi and showed his hand towards me

I rolled my eyes and asked why did you stared at me in the morning

Your name?? he asked

So you don’t know my name? I asked immediately

He said no by shrugging his shoulder

I was like What the hell?

But i didn’t say that, Instead i asked him as

You don’t know me then why did you stared at me and also you gave me a smile

I asked him

He thought for a while and said

Uhhmmmm….just like that

What? I asked

You looked cute in the morning…especially when u are worrying about the exam…he said

So u saw me…just bcoz i looked cute….i asked

He nodded his head as yes

I rolled my eyes and i don’t know wat to say…so i turned back and was about to go

He stopped me by holding my wrist

What? I asked

Can we have a coffee now? He asked

For what?? I askef

Are you even real yaar?? Kya tume what ke sivaay koi nahi jaanthi? He asked

I stared at him

Okay fine…as i said already, u are cute..i just want to have date with you..

Hello Mr. You don’t even know my name…..i said

Fine my name is Arjun and what is yours??? He asked

Why should i even tell you my name?

Just bcoz i couldn’t call you as Ms. always ryt?

I sighed and said

I am Anu

Hmm okay anu..i will be waiting in Le Cafe for you at 5 pm.…he said

Excuse me??

Okay fine don’t take it as a date…just take it as my treat for finishing the exams

I thought for a while

Why should i come with you?? I asked

Don’t take it so serious…its just a coffeee…arjun said in a low tone

And again i fell for him….his husky voice made something inside me

Okay i will come but as a friend …..i said

Hmm okay…u think whatever you want…but i will take this as a date…he said with his smirk and ran away


I screamed his name…
Everyone heard except him..

Really Anu?
Are you going for a date?

Zoya asked me

I think she heard all the conversation between us

Uhmm….Not at all …i am going just as a friend

Rohit came by laughing

R: Every relationship would start in the name of Friendship

I kicked him hardly in his stomach


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