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We are here Kunj announced. 

It was small area covered with trees that surrounded Kunj and Twinkle. Kunj opened the door of the car for Twinkle but Twinkle was occupied with the beautiful sight she was seeing. She was so lost in the beauty of the nature that Twinkle even didn’t noticed that Kunj had opened the door for her. 

Twinkle- Kunj said trying to get her attention. 

Twinkle- Hmm, Sorry. This place is so beautiful. 


Twinkle saw the surroundings. The trees and the place were surrounded with lanterns flowers and small lights making the place look adorable like heaven has landed on earth. And in between that there was a dinner table arranged for two. The square table surrounded by chair and the candle stands on it was looking really beautiful in that area and on top of the table were lanterns hanging. Twinkle was loving the arrangement done by Kunj.  

Twinkle- Are we having dinner here? 

Kunj- Yes, we are, but don’t worry the dinner has been cooked by the chef not me. He said with a smirk on his face. 

Twinkle- Kunj, can I tell you something frankly? 

Kunj- Anything Twinkle. You can tell me anything you want. 

Twinkle smiled and said- Kunj, I thought that you will take me to some fancy place, like lavish restaurant or something but this is really special for me anyone has done for me till date. 

Kunj- Why anyone else would have done for you? Only I have the right, being your husband. 

Both eyes were locked and both a gave a smile to each other.  They started walking making their way to the dining table to have their dinner.  

Kunj- I was not working all the time. I was doing this instead. Well truly speaking, all this I have not done by myself but I decided the details and was observing the work done is perfect. Kunj said nervously rubbing the back of his neck. 

Twinkle thought that Kunj had not done all this by himself but he had sent people to get the work done while he was in office and worker. She felt really happy when Kunj told her that he had taken the time to get all this work done in his busy schedule also just to make her happy. Kunj till then bought a bottle of champagne with two glasses. He poured the drink in both the glasses and handed one to Twinkle. 

Twinkle- I don’t drink. 

Kunj- Twinkle, It’s just a champagne. We need to toast. 

Twinkle asked innocently- Toast what? 

Kunj – Our first date! To us. He said raising his glass and said- For making it through these first few weeks of marriage with minimal arguments. 

Kunj and Twinkle toasted. Kunj gulped his drink whereas Twinkle just took a sip and kept the glass aside wrinkling her nose because of the taste. She waited for Kunj to serve the dinner, whereas Kunj understanding with her expression started serving the food on the plates. 

Kunj- Dinner is served. He said acting imitating like a waiter. 

Twinkle laughed but when she saw the plates she looked at Kunj with big eyes- Indian food? 

Kunj- Yeah. It’s not as good as yours. Don’t tell the chef that I told you that. Ok, so we have Chicken curry, mutton biryani, aloo Gobi, laccha paratha, aloo paratha in mains and in desserts we have kheer and mango lassi. One hundred percent Indian food. 

Twinkle- So much food…we can’t eat that much. We won’t be able to finish it. 

Kunj- Ok, but we can try. Let’s start! 

After sometime Twinkle said finishing the last spoon of kheer- That was really delicious. I never had such a delicious food in my life. 

Oh, really but you have hardly eaten anything- Kunj said stuffing a spoon of biryani in his mouth. 

Twinkle- Seriously! I had all of this. Gesturing to the food that was on the table. 

Kunj- Ok….Come. Kunj took one of Twinkle’s hand and started walking making Twinkle surprised again. 

Twinkle- Where are we going? And this? Pointing toward the table and the food. 

Kunj- Leave that food Twinkle, I will have someone to clear it. Right now, you come with me. 

They started walking back towards the car while Twinkle’s hand was still in Kunj’s hand. 

Twinkle- Kunj, please tell where we are going now. Twinkle asked Kunj while he made her sit in the car. 

Kunj- It’s a surprise. 

Twinkle- Another surprise…great. 

Kunj again settled himself on the driver seat and started the car while Twinkle was continuously asking him to tell her but Kunj was not. 

Twinkle- Please tell me where are we going? 

Kunj- If I will tell you then it won’t be a surprise anymore Twinkle. Kunj said looking at Twinkle and then he focused back at the road. The drive wasn’t that long. Only few minutes from where they were. Kunj stopped the car and now they were in some sort of open field near the place where they had their dinner. 

What is this? Twinkle asked seeing the field. A large screen was set up in the center with a mattress on the field and blankets kept on that with 2 pillows. 

Twinkle- A movie? 

Kunj just smiled looking at quickly took her and made her sit on the mattress.  

Kunj- Just sit and watch. Kunj whistled really loudly and gave sign of thumbs up. The movie started and which gave Twinkle a wide smile. 

Diwale Dulhania Le jayenge. I love this movie and I love Shahrukh Khan. How you know that this is one of my favorite film? – Twinkle asked as she saw the beginning of the movie. 

Kunj laughed slightly and said- This is almost everyone’s favorite movie and Shahrukh Khan is everyone ‘s favorite. 

Twinkle settled herself in the blankets and got comfortable and made herself busy in watching the movies. Kunj also sat beside her making himself comfortable. Twinkle was busy in watching movie but Kunj was watching Twinkle from the corner of his eyes throughout the movie. He was watching her expressions throughout the movie, how she enjoyed, her expressions on seeing Shahrukh Khan, when she was laughing on the comedy scenes. Kunj continued to watch Twinkle He watched her more rather than the movie. 

Finally, the scene came for which Kunj was waiting for so long. Tujhe dekha to ye jana sanam started to play and Kunj was really happy to see the scene as he had been thinking of something. As soon as the song started Kunj joined and started singing.  

Tujhe dekho to ye jana sanam, Pyaar hota hai deewana sanam- Kunj was singing. 

Twinkle turned and saw Kunj with an amused look on her face and also a surprise look. Kunj continued to sing and stood. He held Twinkle’s hand and made her stand. He gently kept Twinkle’s hand on his shoulders and his hand went on her waist. The started dancing slowly as per the beats. They were dancing when Kunj started twirling her gracefully around the field as the song concluded. 

Twinkle who looked at Kunj in disbelief- Did that really happen? 

Kunj- Yes, it did. Kunj said with a smile on his face. 

Twinkle- It’s the best date ever. 

Kunj- I am so happy that you liked it. 

The movie ended when Twinkle and Kunj realized that they were so late. Twinkle started worrying about Mahi being alone late at night. Both rushed back home. 

Mahi- Twinkle called as soon as she entered the mansion. 

Kunj- Twinkle, it’s too late. She might have slept. 

Twinkle- Might be, I will go and check her upstairs. Kunj nodded his head and followed Twinkle. 

Didi, you are back- Mahi exclaimed as soon as Twinkle reached on the floor.  Mahi saw Twinkle and dragged her to Kunj’s room. Kunj also was quite amused with this act and but he followed both the girls in his room. 

Mahi- Tell me each and every thing now. Mahi demanded Twinkle as she dropped herself on Kunj’s bed. 

Twinkle looked at Kunj and gave him an apologetic look. Kunj said nothing but smiled. 

Before Twinkle could reply Kunj said- I think twinkle enjoyed quite a lot. 

Mahi- Seriously? Di, did you really enjoy? What you both did, tell me please (emphasizing on the word Please as she was very excited to listen what they both did on their date) 

Kunj- Just a movie and dinner. 

Twinkle smiled at Kunj’s statement of night activities. Only dinner and movie couldn’t even begin to explain the magical evening Twinkle had with Kunj. 

Mahi- What only movie and dinner? That’s it? Boring? 

Mahi- Twinkle warned. 

Kunj- No no Twinkle, I think she’s right. I will just have to do better next time. Kunj said with a wink because of which Twinkle blushed. 

Mahi- Yes Jiju, you will have to do better. My di deserves it. 

Twinkle- mahi that’s enough. Go to sleep now. It’s late. 

Mahi- Ok Ok I am going. Mahi stoop up from the bed and started to leave when she paused at the door and turned and asked Twinkle- Di, you want me to sleep downstairs today? 

Twinkle and Kunj gave a confused look and Twinkle asked her- Why you are asking that? 

Mahi- Well Di, it seems like there might be a honeymoon part two in the making tonight. Mahi said quickly, running out of the room down the hall. 

Twinkle was shocked to listen this statement and she blushed badly. She was also embarrassed. Kunj who tried to stop his laugh. Even he blushed listening Mahi’s statement. Mahi actually thought that they had a romantic evening out and would like to continue the romance tonight. 

Kunj started to say something to dissolve the awkwardness- So? 

Twinkle said nothing. She turned away to hide her embarrassment. 

Kunj- Where should we go on our honeymoon? 


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