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Forgotten love (swasan ) os 2

This track from swaragini…….. were swara fall in river and forget her memory………

Aaahhh…..girl woke up with shout. She held her head due to pain. She looks herself were she found herself connected with drip then she got to know she was present in hospital.

Hearing shout one man come running towards her. He saw that she was got her consciousness. He goes towards her and sit beside her. She looks that men confusingly.

Girl : who are you and y I am here???

Men: i am Sahil Singh Gupta…….and you? ??

Girl(trying to remember ): i am swara Bose…….

Sahil: ohhh……so how you fell in river? ???

Swara : river? ??? What are saying about i don’t know ….. I don’t remember anything… saying this she start breathing heavily.

Sahil(worriedly ): clam down…. don’t try to remember ok….. Saying this he makes her drink water

After drinking water come to check up Swara . After checking swara

Doctor : so Mrs Swara how are you now ???

Swara (giving small  smile ): I am fine doctor..

Doctor : Now you have to take more care because now you are not alone…..

Swara  (confusingly): matlab……

Doctor : you are pregnant Mrs swara….

Listening this swara looks doctor with shocked. She don’t know how to react. She hardly spoke

Swara : i am not married than how this possible? ??

Doctor : but you are….

Swara try to remember but due to stress her head start paining. She held her held and start shouting due to pain.

Seeing this docter immidetly give injection to swara and make her sleep. After sometime Sahil goes in docter cabin and ask about Swara

Sahil : Doctor swara is ok na…..i mean..

Doctor : i think she forgot some years of her life……

Sahil : then how she will fine….????…

Doctor : lets see i can’t start her treatment now because this medicine affect her baby…. we can start her medicine after her delivery……

Sahil : thanks doctor

After 2 month

Now swara living with Sahil. She don’t want to go home so Sahil kept swara in his home as a friend. But now Sahil start falling for her innocent and beauty. He start teaching her music.

Sahil: swara at least you have to go your home for onece.

Swara : i don’t want to go home
Sahil????? If maa get to know I am pregnant  (touching her belly lovingly ) I don’t know how she will react? ??

Sahil : but your maa worried for you think about her and god knows you will find your answer who is father of your child? ??

Swara : but I am scared Sahil….. if I don’t find my answers??? If people got to know i am pregnant without marriage then they again taunt my maa and my child how they taunt me in my childhood……

Sahil : i am understand your fear but what about your maa…… think about her god know now how was she…….

Swara  (after thinking )  : you are right Sahil…. I should go there…….. saying this she goes from there

Sahil thinking himself, “thank God you agree for going to meet your maa , this will  help me to know you are married or not….. saying this he smirk.

Here one man standing near window taking chain in his hand thinking sometime deeply. His face looking very pale like he was not sleep many years. He was not like earlier where many girls die on his one look.
Where are you swara plz come back to me your saskar need you plz come back l can’t live without you….I know this police are lieing that you are die but my heart know you surely come back…….said saskar

His thought broken by phone ring he immediately took received phone hoping her swara called her but always get disappointment but still he never left hope. Now also he received phone his swara called her…..

Saskar : hello……

Op: come to Badi saskar……. you won saskar your turst won….  Swara come back saskar plz come to baadi…..
Saskar listening this he don’t know how to react he want to shout but wird not comming from his mouth…

Op: saskar Saskar are you listening….

Saskar : h…aa… ma..aa.. I

He about to run but his legs stop seeing own face in mirror. His beard grow to much looking like devdas. He think himself if swara look him like she will blame herself it happens because of her. He immediately run towards bathroom and wash his face and shave his beard. He wore his cloth and run towards car informing about swara.

He take flowers and hide his face behind flowers. He enter in badi all looks towards saskar they all got to know it was saskar but swara can’t see his face so he try to see him. Saskar come towards swara and forward flowers and said

Saskar(smiling +teary eyes ): this is for my beautiful wife…..

Listening this Sahil get shock and get angry Seeing saskar…… Swara widden her eyes tears start flowing through eyes she start  getting some flashes were saskar shot her with gun. She immediately run towards Shomi and shout

Swara(pointing towards saskar ) : khuni maa khuni you know he try to kill me maa plz call police…….

Listening this saskar frozen that place. He was happy sometime that he got her swara finally but his happiness vanish listing swara word. His life calling her khuni where he was ready to kill himself for her

Shomi : no swara Saskar never try to kill you he loves you beta plz underst….

Swara : maa you don’t believe na….. (she run towards sahil) plz sahil you are my friend na plz call police he will kill…… without completing her words he fell unconscious in Sahils arm…..

Saskar  (shout ) : swara…..

Sahil immediately pic her arm and place her on bed mean while saskar called doctor.

Sahil (shout ): y are you trying to kill swara? ???

Saskar : who are you to asking this question to me???

Sahil : i am her friends….so try to harm her…

Saskar : are you made…..y I harm her…. she was my wife i love her ao much……

Sahil : so y she calling you khuni….????

There conversation interrupted by doctor. Doctor come towords swara and start examineher. After examine

Doctor : i don’t know exactly she was pregnant or not but symptoms are like that she fall unconscious due to weakness. I will confirm after checking her in hospital…

Sahil : yaa doctor she was pregnant two and half months and she forgot some memory…….

Doctor prescribed some medicine toswara and goes from there.

Listening pregnant saskar get shock. Tears come out from his eyes due to happiness and pain were one side he was happy that he was going to be father but swara forgot him. She don’t even remember there. Marriage. Now he got to know y swara  calling her khuni.

Saskar goes towards swara and sat beside her holding her hand. He kiss her forehead and then kiss her belly.and said

Saskar (teary eyes ) : you know bachhas I am your papa but your mamma forget me but don’t worry your mamma soon remove your papa ok…..saying this he again kiss her belly.

Saskar tells sahi y she calling her khuni.

Sahil : i think you should go know from here … stress not good for swara and her baby

Saskar: but …ok

In  this 15 days he tried to talk to swara but swara don’t give chance to him talk to her , even she don’t Ready to listen family about  saskar. Sahil try to keep swara away from wiyhout knowing anyone.  Now Saskar enough for this now he decided to tell Swara how much he loves her.

Swara coming towards badi after buying vegetable but someone come behind and close her mouth then  tie her hand and put her in car and drove from there.

He park car infront of small farmhouse. He pic her arm and start walking towards farm were swara trying to freeherself from him. He went towards room and place her on bed then he remove her cloth from mouth and free her hand.

Swara (angrily ): you……. how dare you saskar to kidnap me i will call police…..

Saskar : so what….. this is not any crime to kidnapped own beautiful wife……

Swara : but without her wish it was crime……

Saskar : if you listen earlier I did not take this step…….

Swara : i will not live with you even one secand. ..i am going…….. she was about to go from there but saskar pulled towards him and pin her towards wall without hurting her belly…..

Saskar(looking straight in her eyes ) : you have to swara… You have to live with me….(softly ) I am not yours khuni swara how can I kill my life….. you are my heart swara…. without you my heart will stop beating…..plz Swara

She felt genuine in saskar talk but her mind not ready to listen

Swara : y..o..u are lieing….. I know you are lieing….. you just want my baby after my delivery you will kill me……..

Listening this saskar really feels bad without uttering words he wents from there.
Seeing saskar tear swara feels bad in her heart

Swara;  y me feeling bad seeing saskar’s tears? ?? No because I can’t see anyone sad that’s y I feeling bad Nothing more. …. saying this she fool herself

After coming from thinking she looks around were all room decorated with swara and saskar pic. She unkhowingly goes towards there marriage photos and start admiring them.

Time pass…now it was 9 pm but still no sign of saskar after thier conversation. Now swara start getting worried unknowingly

Swara (unkhowingly barbering ): were is this saskar now…… now I am getting worried i should call him…..she takes he mobile sahe about to dial……ohhh shit I don’t have his number…. she was placing here and there

While saskar enter in room taking food in plate and place her on table.  Swara angrily goes towards saskar and shout.

Swara : were  you gone saskar….. I am getting worried here and you roaming here and there happily….

Saskar : but y you care ???

Listening this swara get shatte . She don’t get answers to give.

Swara  (stammering ): wo..wo…I am fearing because no one this house….

Saskar( smile in her nervousness ):ok….now eat your food…

Swara : i don’t want to eat your food…

Saskar (make her sit her forcefully and pulled close to her ): i don’t want make my  baby hungry…..

Swara : but I don’t want….

Sanskaar: plz swara eat for our baby…..

Swara : only my baby……

Saskar : swara you can’t pregnant your self I also work hard …… so we both are equally does work so how can you say only your…… you know what I mean…….. saying this he wink at her…….

Listening this swara starting blushing but composed herself and start eating silently seeing this saskar smile. After finishing food swara lied down on bed saskar also come and lied beside her and hug her.

Swara (shout): what are you doing saskar plz live me i can’t sleep you…..just get out…..

Saskar : don’t shout Swara….. it will not affact me so don’t wast your energy  i will sleep with my wife and baby saying this saskar kiss her forehead and her tummy….. feeling his kiss she close her eyes.

After four months
Now swara enter in seven months. She was glowing more then before because of her baby bump. They are still living in Farmhouse because saskar want alone time with swara to help her gain memory. Saskar and swara comes in maheshwari mention to meet  all family members. Now swara started trust saskar but not fully but trust him. They always fight for baby who will come first girl or boy. She always getting flashes about her past but not clearly.   saskar and family hide were swara is from Sahil because they don’t want to interfere there matter.

As usual swara was present in farmhouse watching tv in hall were saskar goes out for work. Someone rang the bell so swara get up hold her baby bump and open the door….

Op: surprise…..

Swara: ohhh sahil… are you? ???

Sahil : i am fine…..and what about you? ??? You are looking more beautiful now…. seeing her up to down……

Seeing this swara felt weird but jerk her thought and said ,”thank you and I am fine”

After sometime saskar come home and see sahil talking.

Saskar : hii sahil how you come here? ??

Sahil : i come to meet swara…

Saskar : but who give this address? ??

Sahil : wo I called your house so one lady told me…..

Swara(angrily ): y are you asking this much questions to sahil saskar…..y he cant came here to meet me……

Saskar : nothing like that swara I am just asking……..

Swara : but seem like you don’t want to meet sahil to me…..

Saskar : y are you getting angry Swara. ….(holding his ear). .I am sorry baba  I will not ask your friend any questions ok….now  smile

Swara : ok…..

One monrh pass After that day swara start ignoring saskar. Saskar try to go close to her but she don’t allowed him. Sometimes she also keep away saskar for touching her baby bump. First Saskar thought she was doing because of moodswing but now something start disturbing him. Saskar ask her about this but she always says, “”nothing like that””.

One day saskar come early home so he will take swara to dinner. He saw sahil present in hall talking with swara. Saskar about to go towards them but stop listening Sahils talk……

Sahil : saskar don’t get drought on you na???

Swara : but I don’t know sahil I am feeling bad for saskar

Sahil: no……Swara you are affecting his fake love. ….

Swara : i think so….but when you will release from here………

Sahil : soon swara. ….. first I have to do something this security and also saskar i mean he always with you……..

Saskar(comming towards sahil) : I will always with her damit…… i also thinking y swara’s. Behaviour change suddenly. …. you trying to fool her…..

Sahil: no saskar i am just. …….

Saskar (looks towards swara angrily ): you go to room i will see this sahil first then I will talk to you…… saying this he panch Sahil. ….

Saskar(while beating ) : y are you trying to separate swara from me tell me damit  (punch) tell me…

Swara : saskar plz stop plz……

Now sahil lost his temper and push saskar then take out gun and point towards saskar

Sahil(shout ): because I love her…… if I have to kill someone i will kill that person….

Listening this swara and saskar with shock. .

Swara : how can you do this sahil……I am only seen you as a friend not more than that…..

Sahil : i don’t care(seeing towards saskar ) get ready to die saskar maheshwari…… saying this he press trigger……

Swara(shout ): saska………r saying this she fell unconscious with thud his baby bump hit with ground were her head hit with sofa…. blood comming Out from her head..

Saskar(shout ): swara…….saying this he runs towards swara and pic her head and place in lap

Saskar(cryingly ) : plz open your eyes swara……..

Laksh : bhai you take swara to hospital…..I will see this blo*dy Sahil………..

Yes Laksh save saskar throwing Sahils hand upwards. He come here for giving saskar important file .

Saskar immediately pic  swara goes towards hospital and admit her. Doctor immediately take swara in OT. After sometime doctor come out from OT.

Saskar runs toward doctor behind all family member runs towards doctor.

Docter : see Mr maheshwari your wife is very critical conditions beside she only in 8th month pregnancy so we  can only save one neither baby or swara and swara have only 1 percent to pregnant again in future

Listening this saskar felt like earth goes from his feet. If something happens to baby how he face swara.

Doctor : Mr maheshwari hurry tell me fast…. we don’t have time..

Saskar : swara plz save swara…… hardly word come in his mouth. Saying this he sat on ground breaking like glass sujata immediately come to his and hug her giving him strength.
After two hours doctor come out

Saskar : how eas swara Doctor? ????

Listening doctor word Saskar imidatly sit on banch while closeing her eyes. Tears start flowing from his eyes.

After one hour
Swara shifted in normal ward. Saskar sat beside her holding her hand. swara slowly open her eyes and see towards Sanskaar were he holding her hand. Suddenly she remember recent incident she immediately touch her tummy which was now flat like earlier. Fear star getting her in heart. She slowly look towards curdle which was empty lieing there. She immediately get up and start crying loudly and hug saskar.

Swara(cryingly ): saskar were is our child……tell me na were is your angel….plz saskar bring her back na i want to see her…

Saskar: swara listen to me plz swara calm down….

Swara(like mad)(cupping Saskar face): I know mom take her out na…plz saskar tell na mas to bring her back i want to saw him plz na…….. Saskar trying to calm her but she was not ready to listen. Saskar finally shout

Saskar  (shout while cupping her face ): swara nothing happened to our angle she was fine….but due to pre mature delivery doctor kept heron baby warmer beacause she need more care but she was fine….

Listening saskar word finally she stop speaking

Swara : sachhi…..

Saskar: sachi…..

Swara : i want to see our baby…….

Saskar : ya sure. …. first I will ask nurse then we will go…. Saskar goes from there and after sometime come back

Swara : what she said….??

Saskar : we can see but from outside because baby don’t get any type of infection….

Swara : ok I have no problem……..

Swara try to get up but saskar pic her in his arms and went towards baby room were baby kept.

Swara see baby from glass were baby kept on warmer wrapping her in while cloth,  only her face was see. Swara smile seeing her

Swara(happily ) : saskar…..she just like you….her noise…eyes just like you…

Saskar : because she was my angle

Swara :  I am sorry saskar because of me you and our baby suffer. …

Saskar : no swara don’t blame your self….. you forget your memory its not your fault….if don’t remember our movement we will make new beautiful movement with our baby…… while kissing her forehead

Swara : but I remember everything saskar……

Saskar : really????

Swara : yes…..

Saskar : I love you princess

Swara : i love you too my prince.

They stand there admiring there baby.

               The End

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