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Elite Series : Shivika : Tempting Mr Oberoi – Chapter 11

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Annika and Akshat talk
Few days later, Annika stood in front of Oberoi Mansion, waiting for Swara so that they could go shopping.
If there was one thing that Annika hated, it was shopping. So, she had brought Gauri, who absolutely loved it. Not to mention, Gauri was very excited to meet Swara.
Gauri : Is she really half Italian? Does she talk in Italian? Does she know hindi? In what language do I talk? Oh My God, I can’t believe I’m actually going to meet Swara Singh Oberoi.
Annika : You’re not. You’re going to meet Swara Alessandra Bose.
Gauri : Oh yes. I keep forgetting that she’s not an Oberoi. Speaking of which, I’ve never come here before. Is the inside better than our house? He is Elite Number 6 after all.
Annika (exasperated) : Gauri Mehra! One would think you’re in first standard and not someone’s betrothed. Why are you so excited?
Before Gauri could answer, the gates opened and a breathless Swara came and stood in front of them.
Annika (surprised) : Did you come running here?
Swara nodded, trying to catch her breath.
Swara : I didn’t want to be late. I knew your sister was coming. So, when I realised you were already here, I came running.
Annika (smiling) : Well, Here she is, then. Swara, My sister Gauri. Gauri, This is Swara.
Swara looked at Gauri slightly nervously and murmured a small hi. But Gauri stepped forward and hugged her tightly.
Gauri : Annika never stops talking about you. I feel like I’ve known you forever.
Annika saw Swara’s face relax and she smiled. Regardless of Swara’s brave face, Annika knew that she feared rejection. Her heart went out to the young girl and she smiled, proud of her sister.
Annika : Well! Are you both going to keep talking or shall we get going to the shops? We have to buy salwars, sarees with proper blouses, petticoats for the sarees, also few lehengas and some more kurtis. You have very less.
Swara (her eyes wide) : But I’m not going to stay here for a long time. What will I do with that many Indian clothes? It’ll feel very weird to wear them in Italy.
Annika shared a look with Gauri, then turned towards Swara and shrugged.
Annika : Maybe. But when your brother is buying all these for you, Why do you want to refuse his gifts?
Gauri (cheekily) : Don’t forget, Your brothers have twenty years of gifts due you.
Swara : But…
Gauri : Not to mention, You have no idea just how many partied and functions the Elite attend. I’m sure you’ll wear everything we buy at least once before you actually leave.
Annika (putting her arm around Swara) : Don’t feel bad and don’t worry. Just enjoy today.
Gauri : Anyways, It wouldn’t hurt if you created a dent in the Oberoi finances.
Annika (shocked) : Gauri!
Gauri (wide-eyed) : It’s true. Shivaay and Mahi Singh Oberoi are as rich as King Midas was.
Annika : It’s rude to talk about others’ finances.
Gauri : Pish-Posh. Let Annika be, Swara. We’ll have fun today.
Annika rolled her eyes and chuckled as the other two laughed.
Annika : Now can we get going?
Annika looked at the shopping bags pleased. They had already been to the salwar shop, the jewellery shop and other essentials that Swara might need. Now, they had come to the saree shop, A famous one that the Elite frequented.
Here, the saree material was chosen and then the seamstress stitched it for the customer. They would also give the salwars for stitching here. Gauri and Swara entered the shop but Annika lagged behind, trying to think of items that she had missed.
Daksh : Miss Mehra! How lovely to see you.
Annika turned in surprise to look at Daksh Khanna beaming at her once more. She let go of the shop door and wondered why the man was here.
Annika : Mr Khanna. How… I didn’t expect to see you here.
Daksh : I am so lucky to meet you here itself. I was actually thinking of visiting your house and inviting you for a cup of coffee or something else.
Annika (thinking) : Come to my house? Why on Earth is he after me?
Daksh : But now that you’re here, Perhaps you would come with me for an ice cream instead of going to the shops?
Annika debated on how to tell him that she wasn’t interested. But before she could do that, Gauri came outside, like a guardian angel.
Gauri : Annika! Where have you been? Oh Hello, Mr Khanna. I’m so sorry but I need to take Annika inside now. We have a situation.
Daksh beamed again making the sisters wince inwardly. The man clearly had too many teeth.
Daksh : Ofcourse, Ofcourse. I’ll just come and visit you some other day, Miss Mehra.
Annika gave an unwilling smile, unable to be impolite. She strode inside the shop, her sister following her.
Gauri : What an ass. Why is he after you?
Annika (shrugging) : God only knows. It doesn’t matter. I’ve not done anything to increase his interest. Soon, he’ll grow bored. Now, Come on. Let’s go talk to KP.
KP was the shop’s owner and main seamstress.
Annika (smiling) : Good morning KP! How are you?
KP : Miss Mehra. The younger Miss Mehra too, I see. Welcome back. I’m perfectly fine, Thank you. Congratulations on your engagement, Miss Gauri.
Gauri : Thank you KP.
KP noticed Swara and looked towards the Mehras curiously.
Annika : KP! This is Swara Alessandra Bose, Sister to Elite number 6, Shivaay Singh Oberoi.
KP’s eyes widened as she understood that she could make good money today. Annika handed over the shopping bags to her.
Annika : These are the salwar materials that we have already got. Please take her measurements and stitch them. We would also like to buy at least six to seven sarees and the petticoats for each of them.
Swara : So many?
Gauri : Yes. You’ll need them. Besides these, I think Swara already has lots of dresses but we will go to Zara and Vero Moda to buy more. Also, Show us your lehengas, KP. We’ll choose them as well.
KP looked at her assistants and they dispersed and returned soon with different colours and materials for sarees, few half stitched lehengas while KP took Swara’s measurements.
The trio examined the materials– A beautiful red kancheevaram, a green kota saree, a turquoise tussar, a blue and gold velvet and many more.
KP : So have you decided ladies?
Gauri : I love the red kancheevaram one. She can wear it for some puja or even visits to the temple. Annika?
Annika : If Swara doesn’t pick the turquoise saree, I might just cry.
Swara (chuckling) : Well then, I’ll take those two. I’m also attracted towards the plain silver saree. Perhaps, the multicoloured crepe one?
Annika : Take the green Kota saree too. KP, Stitch the blouses carefully. She should look elegant and modern at the same time.
KP nodded and began to ask Swara some more questions about her preferences. Gauri was talking on the phone and Annika’s eyes wandered round the shop.
Suddenly, Her eyes fell upon an ethereal sky blue satin material. She walked towards it, and touched it softly. It was like melted silk. Annika hadn’t bought a saree in a long time but now…
KP : You are drawn towards it, Aren’t you?
Annika looked at KP sheepishly and nodded.
Gauri : Annika! That looks gorgeous. Buy it. You can get a saree or lehenga stitched.
Annika : But it’s not really necessary. I…
Swara : But it looks wonderful, Annika! It will look really good on you. Please buy it.
KP : I’ll make you like a fairy princess in that material. Just say yes, Miss Annika.
Annika gave up her half protests and agreed, chuckling. Swara and Gauri clapped excitedly.
Annika : So KP, Have you understood everything? Six sarees for Swara, eight salwar suits, three lehengas and the needed inner wear? Plus this saree or lehenga for me?
Gauri : Yes. Also, KP, We would like at least one saree and salwar by tomorrow. We have a concert to attend.
KP (her eyes wide) : I can do it by tomorrow. But….
Annika : As I said, Her brother is Shivaay Singh Oberoi. Money is not an issue. Please finish it by tomorrow.
Murmuring their good byes, The trio stepped out and looked outside the busy shopping street.
Swara : Oh look! A bookshop. I think I’ll go there and buy books that I can give as a gift to Shivaay and Mahi.
Gauri : That’s a wonderful idea. You go. I’ll just be back in a moment.
While Swara went in the direction of the shops and Gauri stepped aside to answer a phone call, Annika’s eyes again wandered towards the shops. Her eyes suddenly noticed the form of Shivaay Singh Oberoi entering the jewellery shop.
Annika (puzzled) : What is he doing here?
The image of Shivaay kissing that female in her gardens all those years ago sprang to her mind and her heart missed a beat. Surely he wasn’t here to buy something fora secret girlfriend? Didn’t he tell he wouldn’t go around doing this?
All sorts of thoughts went through her mind and she didn’t know what to do. Why was Shivaay in the shop?
Annika (whispering) : Who are you buying jewels for, Shivaay?
She decided to go and confront him at that very moment but Gauri returned and pulled her towards the bookshop where Swara was waiting.
Swara : Who is that?
Annika reluctantly turned away from the jewellery shop and faced Swara who pointed discreetly at a tall man, who stood at the corner of the shop going through few investment magazines.
Gauri and Annika both grimaced.
Swara (surprised) : What happened to the two of you?
Gauri : That’s Sanskaar Maheshwari, Elite number 3.
Swara : Seriously?
Annika (nodding) : He’s not an amiable man, To tell the truth.
Gauri : Amiable? Try derisive and awful. He talks only to Elite numbers 1 to 10. He doesn’t bother with anything else. Other than his employees and business partners, he has no social life. He’s insufferable.
Annika : Gauri! Must you tell that in public?
Gauri : Come on Annika! You do agree with me, Don’t you?
Annika : Yes, I do. But that doesn’t mean you can berate him just anywhere.
Swara remained silent. She thought of the conversation she had shared with Sanskaar Maheshwari. Then she thought of the things that Annika and Gauri had told about him and her lips thinned. If he ever found out that she was christian and half Italian by birth….
Gauri : Swara!
Swara turned, startled.
Swara : Yes?
Annika : Shall we leave now? We still have a ton of things to buy.
Swara groaned.
Swara : What else is left?
Gauri : Shoes, slippers, dresses and other accessories, of course.
Swara (wryly) : Ofcourse.
Her tone made the other sisters laugh. The three of them were still chortling as they walked outside to the car. Annika turned towards the jewellery shop by instinct.
She saw Shivaay get into his car and drive off in the opposite direction. He had had two bags with him. Annika turned cold. Was he actually with someone else? Did their kisses mean nothing?
Annika (whispering) : Have I lost you forever, Shivaay?
PRECAP : Concert
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