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Do you love me as I do? – Swaragini FF Part 1

hi guyzs i am backwith my next ff on swaragini i hope you guyzs will like it so here w go

small town in a house a 11 years old daughter conversing with hermotherg

girl_ mom you know nai cant live without you mom_but its my job na i cant deny my transfer my angle.                                                                  girl( teary eyed) _kk i will go to papa,s house( they both are seperated)

mom_ good swara there u will find your baba  yor dadi and your  sister  and ragini i also na

swara_what about u mom i will mis u

mom_ ( hugging her) srry beta but i have i applied for ur admission i ur old school

swara _ thank god kuch to aacha hua

mom i_ i have informed your father he will pick u up tommorow now go and sleep and ya day after tommorow is your first day i. new school

swara _mom old schl

shomi _ good night{ kissed on her foehead)

swara_good night mom

precap _ swara with her dad and her new but old schl

hope u all like it tell me through your comments

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