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You Complete Me (Ishra, Rivanya, Abhigya) (Epi

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Ishita knocked the bhalla house door , mrs.bhalla opened the door

Mrs.bhalla: you are ishita right ? and this is abhishek mehra

Abhi smiled

Mrs.bhalla : come in come in , i am so happy to have you guys here , its good that my son invited you guys , we will get to know each other more , your dadi did not come?

Abhi: no aunty , she got a sprain in her leg , so she could not come

Ishita : where are everyone?

Mrs.bhalla : woh , you know the girl who sang teri galiyon main

Ishita looked at abhi

Ishita : shivanya ?

Mrs.bhalla : she is here , come up , she came here on ritik’s invitation

Ishita : oh , finally we came to the same place only abhi

Abhishek smiled

They went upstairs , shivanya was busy playing the piano , all were mesmerised in her voice and the beautiful music she played , ritik a little more

Mrs.bhalla : bacchon , ishita and abhi are here , so shall we cut the cake and have dinner

Ishita and abhi entered , shivanya was surprised

Shivanya : you both here?

Ishita : and how are you here ?

Shivanya : i am here for ritik’s birthday , he invited me , but you were supposed to go to bhabi’s house right

Shivanya realised what was actually happening , she jumped in happiness and hugged  pragya

Pragya was surprised .

Ishita : you know pragya too

Shivanya : oh di , you dont remember , pragya , i know you were too busy and focused in your studies that you did not even know who my friends were  , but i used to tell na  , my bestie shifted to delhi and i lost her contact

Ishita : oh your best friend is pragya , thats amazing

Pragya : wow , abhi is your brother

Shivanya : wow , i knew everybody and did not know we were related

Mra.bhalla : lets cut the cake and have dinner

to be continued..

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