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You Complete Me (Ishra, Rivanya, Abhigya) (Epi-10)

Ritik cut the cake , he fed the cake to mr and mrs.bhalla ,then pragya and raman , then to shivanya

He got teary eyed , suddenly remembering his real parents

Raman : hey ritik why are you crying

Mrs.bhalla : you should not cry on your  birthday , what happened  dear

Ritik : its my parents death anniversary today , you guys were trying to divert me from thinking about my parents from the  morning

you are the best family in the world , wish ma and pa were here too

Mrs.bhalla : your ma told me to take care of you when she was in her death bad , i promised yamini i would take care of you well , she died peacefully after handing over your responsibility  to me , what will she think of me if she sees you crying

Shivanya could not control her tears seeing ritik cry

pragya and raman hugged ritik

Mr.bhalla : shall we have dinner please

Mrs bhalla : where did shivanya go

Shivanya came there : i am here , she saw ritik smile and slowly she smiled seeing him smiling

Pragya sat , she looked at abhi , shivanya who was about to sit near pragya moved and sat near ritik , abhi sat near pragya

Pragya smiled

, shivanya cleared her throat and smiled at them

The whole family finished their dinner and sat together to talk

Pragya left the place and went to her room , abhi followed her

Abhi :so this is your room , its really beautiful

Pragya : thank you

Abhi : i never thought i would have a arranged marriage

Pragya : so ever fallen in love before?

Abhi : no , i did have a crush and one sided liking towards some people , that was never love

Pragya : i knew who you were , i saw you doing some good things , but why did you say ok to marry me ?

Suddenly a cute puppy entered the room

Abhi : because of him , whats his name ?

Pragya : happy is his name and how because of him

Abhi : hmmm.. the day when you saved happy , was the day i saw you for the first time , i totally was impressed by your selfless and good heart , and you are beautiful and have beautiful eyes too , who would say no to such a beautiful girl

Pragya blushed : you know pretty well to impress girls , is it not

Abhi smiled : oh thank you for the compliment

mrs.bhalla : ishita , go and see around the house

ishita went around the house , suddenly she saw a picture of a beautiful girl ,it was shagun’s photo

, she at once recognized her

to be continued…



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