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We never know {TS} (raglak) last shot

Hello ppl there here comes the last shot of ts

And may be I won’t upload my stories here on TU iIdon’t know if I have readers or not and I get dam poor response and it’s disappointing

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It was evening laksh had returned and was waiting for ragini but she was no where to be seen

“where are you ragini” he said looking at watch

He thought may be she was home and would have got busy in kitchen he decided to check

“ma where is ragini” he asked when he didn’t find her

“wo she at her friend sasha’s place suddenly sasha fell ill and no one was there to take care of her and would return by tommorow”


‘she didn’t call me’

He tried to call her numerous times but she didn’t pick his phone

He was worried but he didn’t know sasha’s address

Ragini wanted peace for now

She didn’t want to speak to him

She walked down and saw Rudra in study

“I wanna go from here” she said and he looked at her confused


Laksh waited for ragini’s call or msg but he was disappointed when she didn’t

He got ready for office and left today he had to attend a board meeting

By evening ragini had returned and she looked quite she didn’t speak much

Ap was worried

At night all men returned home

And laksh was happy knowing ragini had returned he ran to his room

And all laughed looking at his hurry

“ragini” he entered the room and found her standing near cupboard

“why didn’t you inform me that you are going to Sasha’s place you didn’t even pick my call nor msged me I was so worried and where is Rudra can’t he take care of his sister” he spoke continuously but there was no response

“ragini” he placed his hand on her shoulders worried

“laksh I think we should tell family its right time” he looked confused


“our divorcee” she said

The world seemed to tharsh for him what was she speaking was she insane couldn’t she feel that he loves her couldn’t she understand that there relation have changed then why she wants divorcee do she still feels he doesn’t love her

Ok may be he’s at fault he should have confessed his feelings

“there Is no need of that” he finally spoke taking deep breath

But before he could say anything there was knock on door

Ragini left room

That night raglak couldn’t speak to each other as swara made a weird demand that she wanted to spend some time with her sister

And ragini didn’t want to stay in same room as laksh so she agreed

Next morning went busy

And laksh was determined to speak to her that evening

By the time he returned he was shocked to know that ragini had left with luggage

All looked at him in questioning way

When swara handed him a envelop it had there divorcee paper

She had signed

He was beyond broken she didn’t wait for his response she didn’t wait to know his feelings

He just ran to his room


Flash back

She was in her room when she saw a envelop when she opened that she found her and laksh’s divorcee papers and laksh sign on it she was broken but acted brave

She signed on those papers

And decided to just leave she couldn’t take that more

Swara smirked when ragini walked out laksh’s sign was duplicate and the papers were also duplicate

Ragini didn’t notice that there were actually two papers one signed and other unsigned

She signed on both and once she left swara removed those duplicate papers and handed the original ones with ragini’s signature to laksh

Fb ends

Laksh broke many things in his room

He was raged

‘how could she’

His hand was still having plaster and now it started bleeding

But he finally clamed himself

He needed his answer

Flash back

Laksh had placed a letter in there room

He asked her to be ready in a dress placed in his cupboard

He had many things to reveal

But swara had changed that envelop

Fb ends

He reached badi and knocked the door

But he found that she was not there

He got sasha’s address from them and reached her place

“ragini” he yelled her name once he entered the house


“what the hell” Rudra came down

“where is ragini”

“does that matter” he asked giving a disappointed nod to him

“look I am in no mood to speak to you so just tell me where is my wife”

“wife finally you remembered that she is your wife ha”

“I had enough of you tell me where is ragini” but there was no response

“ragini” he screamed and was madly searching her in whole house

He held Rdura’s collar

“tell me where is ragini” Rudra glared him with same intensity

“why why you wanna know ha be happy na that she left you always wanted this na now you are marry swara or whomever you want she’ll never return to you” laksh lost his grip and was shocked listening to him

“I wanna meet her” he said emotionless

“you can’t she is not here”

“then where is she” he asked trying to regain control over himself

“why can’t you just let her be in peace you have your happiness then why can’t you let her free why you want her to suffer” Rudra asked in anger filled voice

Laksh fisted his palm ready to punch

“where is ragini”he repeated his question again

And Rudra had his enough from the time he came he’s asking same thing why it bothers him now he have already made her suffer so much then why now

In anger he punched laksh hard

” why you wanna know now what happened to that day when you guys just threw her out not caring to understand her perspective” Rudra continued hitting him

Laksh nose started to bleed

“please tell me where is my ragini” he asked in painful voice

Rudra just pushed him seeing his concern

“why this care now ha why you her now when everything is over” Rudra yelled

“because I love her” it was painful wishper of laksh who was trying to stand

And Rudra was shocked hearing him

But his mind was not ready to believe that whatvere he was saying was true

He laughed

“wow finally the great lakshya Maheswari realized that he loves his wife” he clapped

And the person who entered was beyond shocked

Sasha couldn’t believe what he heard

“I am begging you please say where is ragini” laksh kneeled down

Rudra was about to say anything but stopped seeing sasha there


Laksh looked at her he walked to her

“where is ragini please say” he asked

But sasha looked towards Rudra who nodded in no

“she has left this place and will never return to you” Rudra spoke

Laksh didn’t know what to do what was happening just few moments back he was so happy that finally everything will be fine

He and ragini but now

The happenings did leave a question in his mind

‘she doesn’t love him anymore’

He silently walked out of house not caring where he was moving or what he was doing

Sanskar and Adarsh were madly searching for him and they found him walking lifeless on road

“laksh” they screamed when they saw a truck approaching him

“ahh” ragini panicked in sleep

Her forehead was sweating

“laksh” she wishpred something was wrong and she could feel that

She clutched her mangalstura

And was trying to calm herself

‘he’s fine’ her heart said and mind repeated he doesn’t love you

A lone tear dropped down her eyes

She pushed her head on sitting chair and tried to sleep

She was in flight heading to new start of her life

“are you insane what if something would have happened” sanskar yelled at laksh for his carelessness if on right time adrash didn’t pull him aside he would have met an terrible accident

“she left me bhai she left me” he spoke both brothers felt sorry for his state

“bhai” sasha was trying to make Rudra understand that they may be there is some hidden misunderstanding and laksh may truly loving ragini and they are doing wrong from hiding ragini’s location with laksh and to ragini by not telling her what recently happened

“no more decision on this sasha laksh is a immature guy he can never change if he is truly loving ragini also he can never keep her happy he would always hurt her its better they never meet again”

“We can’t take decision of there life bhai”

“we are not I am just doing what is good for ragu she had enough of sufferings in her life I have known her way better than you sasha I have seen her broken state and now I don’t want her to suffer” Rudra said wiping his tears

Sasha looked helpless he was right but ragini deserved happiness and her happiness were with laksh


The night passed terrible

Sleep was far for laksh

He looked around room and everything reminded him of her

He laughed thinking he deserved this once he broke her heart not caring to understand how painful it can be for her and today he is suffering the same

‘karma hits you back’

He felt himself most unlucky

When she loved him he didn’t value her love she had crossed all limits for her love and what he did he never understood her

And now when he had started loving her she was far from him

He walked towards the cupboard where he had placed a dress for her it was untouched

He opened her side cupboard and found all her things there only

He jewelry her sarees

He picked up a white mix pink saree

He smiled recalling the day


Laksh was perfectly fine now other than his hand which still had plaster

He was sitting in his room

All the family members had been to some function but he couldn’t go and ragini was stayed back for him

It was night and the family would return by next day noon

He was waiting for ragini to come but she didn’t

‘god where is this girl’ he thought and walked out of room in her search and then found her checking the doors

“laksh” she found him on stairs

“do you need anything” she asked towards him

“you” he said in low tone but she did hear but was beyond


And laksh realized what he said

“nothing wo just was getting bored and you are busy” he said shrugging his shoulder

“wo no one is there so was just finishing all works”

“now finished na”

“yeah” she smiled at him

“ok ummm”


“can we move to terrace”he asked


“We’ll watch vampires romancing”

“it was not at all funny” she said walking past him and he followed her

“I wanted to watch a movie with you”

“We can watch in room also na”

“are you coming or not”


“hey bhagavan kaya zamana aa gaya hai ek patni apne pati ki baat ka parwha nahi karti kaya hoga iss sansar ka he bhagavan is bechare balak par kitna attyachar bechare ka haat tootha hua hai yeh nari use samjne ki wajya uss par attyachar kar rahi hai hey bhagavan”

“enough” ragini said when she couldn’t take his melo drama

“fine I am coming” laksh smiled showing his perfect theets

“you move I’ll come”

“come with me only na”

“I’ll change and come you arrange for movie till then” she said and he nodded

He was at terrace and was arranging the projector towards the wall

There were two small room at terrace one was used as store room and other could be used a emergency guest house in case more guest arrives

And there was shed and a swing was also placed at one corner of terrace

Laksh was waiting for ragini when she came

He was just memeszieered seeing her

“not bad you arranged everything” she nodded her head in apprepreciation

But he was lost to listen to her words

He came to sense hearing the worker’s voice

One of the worker was arranging seatings and once he was done he left and one entered the terrace and placed a bowl of popcorn and left

“come” laksh said and ragini moved next to him

They were watching some horror movie

3 hours passed with there screaming and laugh

After the movie was done both looked towards each other and laughed recalling how they screamed when the doll killed a man

“ok now come we’ll go down its late” ragini said standing up

But laksh stopped her

“lets be here some time” he said walking out of shed and looking at the sky

She walked standing next to him

He forwarded his hand

“can I dance with you beautiful lady” he asked but she hestitated

“your other hand may pain” she said and he moved towards shed

She thought may be he was angry when she said no

He walked back with a remote in his hand

“nothing would happen” he said playing the music she looked at him and was so lost in his eyes that she didn’t realize when he pulled her close by holding her waist

She felt butterflies in her stomach when he held her waist tight she didn’t want to moan but the sound did escape her lips

Her hands were across his shoulder

The music was playing but they were moving in there own rhythm

Laksh nuzzled her cheeks with his nose and trailed few kisses on her face and neck

But then there moment broke with banging sound of door they came out of there dream land and embrassed for whatever happened

“wo”ragini couldn’t finish her sentence

“we should sleep now its late” laksh completed and she nodded in understanding and both moved down

FB ends

‘why ragini why did you leave me without giving me a chance to explain’ he wiped his tears and threw the saree on bed

But then a diary flipped down from between her clothes he picked it up

And read few pages

‘I am so happy ma finally I feel may be laksh is loving me I don’t know if this is true or not and nor I want my heart to break but don’t know why I can feel that love in his eyes’

‘I can never get over him and I realized this when Rudra informed me about the divorcee hearing  I don’t know how I am going to say this to him

I am hurt ma realizing that this was all what I said but now its becoming difficult for me to stand by my words’

‘laksh found about the divorcee hearing I am not sure but I saw hurt in his eyes was he not happy like me but then why didn’t he say anything’

‘when sanskar informed about laksh accident my world felt like collapsing I don’t know how I managed myself then but when I saw him unconscious I couldn’t control my tears

I couldn’t see my laksh in pain’

Reading it continuous tears rolled down his eyes

She loved him she loves him only him

He just wanted one chance one chance to mend all things and he was determined to get that chance at any cost


The next day

All were at dinning waiting for laksh but they were not sure if he would come down

Swara had nicely brainwashed all that ragini was a selfish girl and for her revenge she entered laksh’s life and when he started loving her she left him in pain whatever she did till now was all intentional

She was smart enough to get these things in there mind without actually being caught

And all did fall for her trap

Sanskar was angry that how can ragini do so how can she leave laksh in pain his heart was not ready to believe but his mind said may be that was true or may be there was something hidden

Adrash had least emotion left but he was worried for laksh

Uttra was crusing ragini that from the time she entered laksh’s life everything is going up and down

And Sujatha agreed to her point

May be ragini was never for laksh

But they were shocked finding laksh who walked towards dinning

“good morning everyone” he said taking his seat

“ma serve me first I have an importanat work today” he said Ap looked confused

And all felt bad for him

Swara looked at him and smirked within seeing his state

“laksh me and Adarsh bhai will handle work you take rest” sanskar said

“no need bhai I’ll manage” he spoke

And all decided that he needed time and work was best way to distract his mind


There was a knock on door

And Rudra looked at the person his nose flared in anger

“why are you here” he asked in cold tone

Laksh moved towards him forwarding him sweets

“and for what is this”

“in happiness that I know ragini loves me just me” he said smirking at irritated face of Rudra

Rudra laughed

“she’ll never return to you”

“but I am determined to find her” laksh said eating the same sweets

“if you want or not I don’t care actually no one cares I know I had hurt ragini in past but now when I love her I won’t let her be far from me”


Its been month a month since ragini had left

Laksh was unable to trace her as Rudra made sure that laksh never reached her

But seeing his hardwork and pain Rudra did feel may be he was doing wrong

Each day he would come to him asking the same question till when

Sasha was in constant contact with ragini but Rudra had warned her not to her anything and sasha did agree seeing ragini move on

She had started a job and was doing better at it

And sasha thought it was better because ragini never made a mention of laksh or anyone so did make her think that ragini had moved on

But nah ragini still had laksh in her heart he was there in her every breath, her every prayer was for him

True love is like some cage once you enter you yourself never feel to get out of it

Laksh did feel frustrated and that was clear from his professional life he had turned arrogant

During this swara did try getting close to laksh but he had built a wall around himself and other than ragini no one could break enter it

Dida scolded swara that its been month and still she was unable to get laksh nor could mend her relations with sanskar

If that continued some day she would be thrown out of Maheswari house

Dida advised her to move on with sanskar and in all ways he was better than laksh and as ragini is never gone return to his life she can some day get a girl who is more dumb married to laksh and she can rule the house

As pari had some complications in her pregnancy

Laksh knew well that Rudra was trying his every possible way to stop laksh to reach ragini but laksh had only one lakshya (goal) to get back his wife his love at any cost

May be will to listen to prayers fast


“sanskar” swara yelled when he slapped her hard across her face

“how could you swara” he asked pulling her from shoulders

“I thought you were best good hearted of all and what you did in your agony you separated ragini and laksh” he yelled at her

Finally he had known the reason behind ragini’s disappearance and he couldn’t believe that his swara had stopped so low

He had started loving her but what she did

Today he came to badi to give a surprise to his wife

But listening to her and dida’s talk he was broken

He was happy that finally swara was giving time to him they had moved on in there relation

But now

He held her hand tight and dragged her towards his car

“sanskar please forgive me I really love you please try to understand I didn’t do anything sanskar please give me a chance please” she cried

Sanskar took a deep breath

“ok I’ll forgive you but you should except your crimes in front of all family”

Swara was shocked

“no I mean they’ll hate me I can’t please I am sorry” she kept on pleading

“choice is yours swara” he said stopping his car

He came out and dialed laksh’s number

“laksh” he didn’t know how will he inform him but he had to

“ha bhai” laksh could feel something was wrong

Sanskar took a deep breath

“I finally know the reason for ragini’s sudden disappearance”

Laksh was shocked he didn’t know how to react


Laksh reached the farm house the same farm house which they once used to expose ragini

Swara and sanskar were in

And laksh had called Rudra

Laksh was not understanding anything

Rudra to came there with sasha

“bhai what happened” laksh asked

“she’s the reason for everything laksh” sanskar closed his eyes painfully

swara was crying continuously

“speak truth swara only truth” laksh warned

They were shocked listening to her

And Rudra did feel guilty thinking that he was wrong

Sasha smiled at her brother giving him I had said you look

Laksh looked at them

“now” he asked

Rudra nodded


I was travelling to London

I didn’t know how to react whatever swara did was wrong but I didn’t had time to say her anything I wanted my ragini I wanted to ask her so many questions and she has to answer them all

Ragini walked out of office building along with her other collegeaus and seeing the person infront of her she was shocked

‘no ragini no you have to stay strong’ she kept on repeating in mind

Seeing her laksh just wanted to hug her tight but he waited for her reaction but when she didn’t move he walked towards her

“how are you ragini” he asked

She took a deep breath trying to act normal when she was failing

“good” she asked

“aren’t you surprised seeing me here” he asked painfully

“no but I am” she said trying to smile

“can we move to restaurant” he asked

And she nodded hestitaingly

He held her hand and walked past

Ragini didn’t know how to react first his coming here and now this act of his

She was confused

she didn’t want to break

next few minutes both were silent

they were sitting in one of the corner table

and ragini was fidging her fingers

‘some habits are hard to change’ he thought looking at her act

He wanted her to speak but she didn’t want

“how are all at home” she asked thinking that she had to get out from as soon as possible

“all are happy” he said

And she felt a pang

May be no one ever cared for her presence

“how is swara”

“ohh she is awesome she keeps on saying she misses her soul sister” he said in sarcastic tone

He couldn’t forgive swara but nor did he have any grudge

‘may be they got married’ ragini thought

They was again silence and it was irritating him

The waiter came and placed the coffee mugs there

Laksh took his mug and sipped the coffee

“the coffee is really good but not as delicious my wife makes” he said

Hinting towards her

But she thought may be he was speaking about swara

‘he never complimented my coffee’ she frowned thinking of it

But does that matter any more no then why is she failing to control her emotions

He wanted her to bust tell him how much she loves him because this time she has to

He won’t leave any coin unturned

“so you and swara are married” she asked hoping for a negative answer

“na actually our divorcee took time and then her and sanskar bhai’s divorcee to last week we got engaged and will marry after 2 weeks but my fiancé made a weird demand that she wants her soul sister in her marriage so I am here all way searching you and finally found you”

He was amazing liar and once if she had looked into his eyes may be she could have seen his pain his love

But she never looked up during whole conversation

She feared may be he would read her eyes he could see her love she never died

“hmm but may be I won’t be able to come” she said

She hated that why didn’t Rudra or sasha tried to stop him why didn’t they inform her about anything

She could have mentally prepared herself

But finding him all sudden she didn’t understand how to react

A whole one month its been a month that she saw him and it felt like years

“ohh but it would be great if you meet your dear sister before” he said

“no I don’t think so and right now I have a meeting to attend” she said standing up

She turned and started moving

“you just run away from problems ragini like always just run away” he said but she didn’t stop she kept on moving

He followed her

When she entered lift he blocked the door by placing his hand

“laksh” she was worried that he may get hurt

He moved in and pressed the top floor’s button

“laksh what are you doing”

“you didn’t answer me” he asked moving close to her

“I don’t think I owe one” she said trying to move away but he pulled her back and pushed her towards wall

“you do and tell na that you still love me and can’t see me moving on , my presence still affects you, you can’t see me marrying your sister”

She pushed him

“I don’t love you anymore and you don’t affect me understand that and I have moved on in my life so stop bothering me”

He laughed at her statement

“such a lair”

“I am not”

“you are”

“why can’t you just let me go when you yourself wanted that then what’s the problem now”

The lift door opened but laksh pressed the ground floor button before she could move out she frowned

“you know me so well” he asked

“laksh please you be happy in your life and let me be happy in my”

“you still love me ragini and that’s true”

“I am repeating again I don’t”

“then prove”

“why should I”

“ok if you don’t then I’ll kiss you hard in front of all your colleagues and will make sure that picture of us reaches your sister and she feels ditched from you” ragini’s breath caught in throat

“are you insane what is your problem” she yelled at him frustrated just then the lift stopped and she walked out angrily what does he thinks of himself

He laughed seeing her state and he followed her

“ohh baby I was just joking” she glared him

“get lost laksh” she said


The whole day she was unable to concentrate on her work

Laksh’s words kept on ringing in her mind

“I hate him” she said

And dialed sasha’s number

“why didn’t you inform me that swara and laksh are getting married and he is here in London”

“ohh you found that ha”

“sasha you should have said me”

“does that matter to you”

“you are changing topic”

“no I am not see you have moved on and even they are moving on so his presence should not affect you or is it that you still love him”

“shut up sasha I am clear that I don’t love him but you should have informed me he came in front of me all of sudden and is speaking all nonsense”

“what he said”

“he said he would” she stopped relaising what she was about to say

“it doesn’t matter but I am angry on you for this matter”

“now you yourself said you don’t love him anymore then why should I have informed you about his life”

Ragini was frustrated and in anger she cut the call

‘whats happening’ she kept her head between her palms and massaged her temples her head was aching badly

She decided to take leave today and have rest

She walked out of office building and saw laksh speaking on phone

‘what the hell is he doing here’ she decided to go from other side but it was blocked so she moved from same way but he was no more there

‘he was here then ,was i imaging’ ‘no but I saw him what’s happening ragini’

She entered her apartment lift but found him

She thought to ignore may be it was her dream

He was standing there with head on wall hands in pocket and was wishtling

She was shocked listening to the sound

‘he was actually present there’ ‘but how did he reach here’

She hastily walked inside her flat and he entered along with her

“what do you want laksh”

She asked turning towards him

“answer to my questions” he said adjusting himself on sofa

“just leave otherwise I’ll call security” she said

“call I am not sacred of anyone”

“laksh” she called his name irritated

“my name I know and it sounds more good from your voice”

She felt defeated

But still she was not able to yell at him scold him for whatever he did

He wanted her away na then why now

And why do she always feel this weak in front of him

He entered her room

She was sitting near bed

Seeing him she quickly wiped her tears and started moving when he pulled her close

“till when ragini” he asked painfully

“till when are you gone kill me with your silence till when are you gone push me away from yourself till when” he asked and she lacked answers now

She could just see love in his eyes and that love was for her

She had seen this love previously to but she was scared to trust and today may be she was repeating the same mistake

He pushed her a bit

“this heart just beats for one and that’s you” he said and tears rolled down his eyes and ragini was to silently crying

‘was she wrong in understanding him was she was wrong in leaving him she should have asked him once have spoken to him once’ but now

She looked painfully at him

“its over laksh” she said and he felt anger raising in him

“you are going to marry swara” her sentence was left in middle when he pushed her to near wall

She gaped for breath seeing him in that way

“laksh” he held her hand tight

“swara swara why always her ragini why can’t you see she had always been selfish why can’t you see that I started loving you a long back why can’t you feel my care why can’t you trust me why ragini why” he asked

What can she say that’s true he himself said he and swara were going to marry

“where is that ragini who could cross all limits for her love where is that ragini who just knew loving her laksh”

“she died a ling back laksh she died she couldn’t take that pain more she couldn’t” she replied

Both of them were crying

He hugged her tight and she hugged him back letting all her pain out

The night passed with them sharing there love for each other

It was in unaccepted way but it was needed to mend the huge gap between them

Next morning laksh woke and realized he was at ragini’s place

All the lined events of night came to his mind

He searched her but didn’t find her anywhere

He walked out and saw her sitting on sofa

She was wearing his shirt

“ragini” he found her crying

“ragini” he tried to know reason but she didn’t say anything

“bacha what happened you are scaring me” he asked tears were ready to fall from his eyes

“Rudra said me everything” she spoke in fumbling tone

“I am sorry” he just hugged her tight

“I am sorry to” he said rubbing her back

After some time they were still hugging each other

“I love you” he finally confessed

She didn’t reply but just hugged him tight

And he knew her answer

“don’t leave me”

“never” she said pulling him more close

They broke hug and he wiped her tears

She looked so messed up but so cute there forehead were joined

“can I kiss you” he asked cupping her face

“last night you had done more” she said not realizing her words

When she looked at him he was smirking her at she was lost in his eyes

“I won’t mind repeating” he whispered in husky voice

She blushed and he carried her in arms

They were covered in sheets with head placed on his chest

“London is actually a nice honeymoon destination” he said winking at her and she hit on his chest

“its too much”

“hey but still I didn’t kiss you” she looked at him opening her mouth

“such a jerk you are”

“just yours darling”

“just mine” she encircled her hands across his neck

“so when are we returning” she asked

“honeymoon has just started then why you want to return soon”

“creep minded” she said glaring him but he continued nuzzling her cheek

“I love you” he said

“I know” she said smiling at him but he frowned

“from the time just I am saying I wanna hear from you” he said

She smiled kissed his chest

“I love my laksh ji” she said winking at him and he laughed

“hey I actually missed that ji”


“laksh” she called his name angrily seeing the messed up room

Laksh entered the room with jet speed

“what happened ragini”

She pointed towards the mess

Laksh nodded his head in disappointment and slowly moved towards bed and bend towards head rest but nothing was there

Ragini was still continued glaring him he smiled nervously he checked in gallery

“where is he” he thought in mind and then thought to check cupboard and there was he was

“daddy close mumma will find me” a small voice said

“mumma already knows” laksh said and the small boy slowly came out

“what is all this”

“sorry mumma” the boy said

Ragini melted seeing his innocent face


“laksh clean this mess”he looked at her shocked a while back she was so angry and now

Mood swings

She walked down holding sayam’s tiny hands he was there life her 4 year old son

And now she was 6th month pregnant

Life is strange we never know what it is destined to be

Its been 10 years that we are married and today is our marriage anniversary

Ragini gave me all happiness of life

She craved a perfect man in me

She is really amazing

After we returned from London we wanted some time for ourselves r

Ragini had joined business and she was really good at her work

Though some times she does turn annoying but its ok I enjoy

We cut the cake and fed each other and then sayam

Whole family was present there

Swara and sanskar decided to divorcee but swara’s pergancy news forced them to give a chance to there relation

Sanskar was not ready but he agreed for that child

They have a 9 year old daughter but there marriage didn’t sustain long

Sanskar doesn’t stay here any more he’s in Sweden with his daughter and he got married to

He is happy in his life

They do visit often and gone soon shift back

I looked at my family

Without ragini I can’t imagine my life

She is my sole reason

Nothing can be planned

Destiny gave me her and I am happy its most beautiful gift of my life

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