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Swaragini-Some Unspoken Things Episode 4 By Aditi Ayansh

Hi my favourite Squad hope u all are doing well. So as i have already informed you i wont be updating for like a month. Its because of the exams i am really sorry for the delay.. And yh there is no Ragsan scenes in this but pakka wala promise ill add more Ragsan scenes in the next update..Well so here is the next update ..Also i have posted the promo of jag ghoomeya thaare jaisa na koyi Season 3. And yh hope u all doing good..And yh by the way its my birthday today.
So guys Be happy be healthy Stay blessed.
Adi 🙂
Recap: Ragsan fight
Ragini: Surprise bhaiyu.
Rithwik(Ragini’s brother): Ragu..
He hugs her.
Riku: how are u Ragu?
Ragini: i am good bhaiyu how are you?
Riku: i am all good.
Ragini: hi bhabhi.
Mukta: How are you Ragu?
Ragini hugs her.
Ragini: i am good.
Mukta: come lets have dinner then.
Ragini: i’ll just call daddu and come.
Riku: ok
Next day
Kavitha: Sanskar Sahil get up.
Sanskar: what yaar its just 6
Sahil: yh..let us sleep.
Avanti: are u both going to get up or should i pour a bucket full of water on your head?
Sahil: these girls.
Sahil and Sanskar gets up.
Avanti: now get ready fast.
Kavitha: Sanskar change your band aid ok
Sanskar smiles
Avnati: Someone is blushing.
Sahil looks on
Rohan: Sanky? Whats going on?
Sanskar: nothing yaar..These girls are mad.
Sahil and Rohan looks on
Sanskar: now why are you both looking me like that?
Kavitha: come we are getting late.
They all leaves to office for their internship.
Ragini: bhaiyu come today we will go out
Riku: but Ragu i am busy
Mukta: so i am Ragu
Ragini: i don’t care about any of these..we 3 are going out and that’s it
Mukku: don’t be stubborn Ragu.
Ragini:ok fine then you both sit here and be busy with your works i am going
She goes to her room
Mukku is about to go.
Riku: where are you going?
Mukku: to talk to Ragu.
Riku: she is my sister not yours.
Mukku: i know that.
Riku: then you must understand that you don’t have to worry for my sister.
Mukku: and more than that u should understand that i don’t have to obey you.
Ragini hears this.
Ragini: oh god..
She calls Rathore
Rathore: hlo..

Ragini: daddu hard luck they are arguing
Rathore: oh these kids..we should do something fast otherwise we will be helpless.
Ragini: I know daddu but what can i do?
Janki: you have to bring them together beta.
Ragini: mumma you know na that is very difficult
Janki: its difficult but not impossible.
Ragini: yh mumma i’ll do everything to get them together again.
Ragini disconnects the call.
Some days later.
Muku: stop shouting.
Riku: i’ll do whatever i want.
Ragini(in mind): oh god seems like they are fighting again.
Muku: the truth is you never loved me.
Riku: i don’t have to prove if i loved you or not..not to you or anyone.
Muku cries.
Riku: you wanted me to sign divorce papers right here you go i have signed it. Now are you happy.
Mukta is shocked hearing this.
Ragini(in mind): what divorce papers?
Riku throws the papers there and goes.
Mukta cries.
Muku: why are yo doing this to me Riku.
Ragini comes inside Mukta’s room
Seeing her Mukta wipes her tears.

She quickly composes herself.
Ragini: bhabhi
Muku: Ragu you here want anything..wait i’ll get you some tea.
Ragini: bhab hi..bhabhi stop ..i know everything.
Muku looks on.
Ragini: i know everything about you both bhabhi. You don’t have to act anymore.
Muku hugs her and cries.
Muku: see na Ragu..see what your bhaiyu is doing to me.
Ragini: bhabhi did you wanted divorce from bhaiyu?
Muku looks on
Muku: are you mad Ragu? Why will i ever want that?
Ragini looks on
Muku: haan one day i said that in an argument..but do you think i wanted it?
Ragini nodes her head in no.
Muku: i love your bhaiyu more than anything Ragu.
Ragini: tell me bhabhi..what went wrong in your relationship?
Muku cries.
Ragini: Kiran?
Mukta looks shocked.
Ragini: its him right bhabhi.

Mukta: Ragu..its
Ragini: i knew this …He is gone now.
Mukta: Ragu don’t be foolish
Ragini: then ..what do you want me to do bhabhi?
Mukta: its not time Ragu. I want to know how much far he is going to go.
Ragini: and meanwhile are you ready to leave everything dear to you?
Voice: Kiran?
Mukta and Ragini looks shocked.
Ragini: bhaiyu.
Riku: Muku is that Kiran behind this
Muku doesn’t say anything.
Riku: i am asking you something Mukta..Answer me
Mukta hugs him and cries.
Riku hugs her back.
Riku: oh i am so sorry..
Mukta cries.
Riku: you should have told me
Muku: i was scared ..i am sorry.
Riku: no silly i am sorry…i am so sorry…That Kiran he is gone.
Ragini: Dont worry about Kiran we will take care of him.
Riku and Muku looks on.
Ragini: ok some days back bhabhi called Arnav uncle.
FB Starts
Mukta: Hlo papa..
Arnav: How are you beta? And Rithwik how is he?
Mukta: everything is going good. Papa i wanted to ask you something
Aranav: what happened beta?
Mukta: i was thinking that i’ll come home in few days time.
Arnav: beta its your home you don’t have to take permission from anyone for that…so when will you both come?
Mukta: both?
Arnav: haan you and Rithwik
Mukta: no papa Rithwik is very busy . So i don’t think he will be coming.
Arnav: beta is everything ok?
Mukta: yh papa everything is ok…ok then papa i’ll call you later.
Mukta disconnects the call.
But the call was not disconnected.
And Arnav hears Mukta and Riku arguing.
So Arnav uncle called daddu and told him everything.
Riku: and daddu and mumma sent you to fix our relationship
Ragini: yup.
Mukta: but how did you knew that it was Kiran ?
Ragini: not me but Amrita aunty.
Mukta: maa?
Ragini: yup but i am not going to say anything about that its a long story…now both of you smile i want to click your pic and sent it to both of your respective mother in law.
Riku and Muku laughs
Ragini: yh Mumma was worried for you bhabhi and Amrita aunty was worried for bhaiyu.
Muku and Riku smiles.
Ragini clicks their pics.
Riku: i told you na Amrita maa loves me more than you.
Muku pouts.
Muku: its ok because i know you love me more than you loves maa
They smiles.
Next day.
Muku: stay for some more days na Ragu
Ragini: bhabhi..i have already missed a lot of classes ..
Riku: we will miss you.
Ragini: we miss you both too. Take care ok.
Riku and Muku nodes their heads in yes.
Bus starts
Rohan: Sanskar where are you lost all the time?
Sanskar: i am not lost anywhere.
Rohan: stop lying were thinking about her right?
Sanskar: thinking about whom?
Rohan: the bus wala girl.
Sanskar: who bus wala girl?
Rohan: oh..that band aid wala girl
Sanskar : Rohan shut up.
Rohan: hey isn’t that the same girl in that bus.
Sanskar: stop pulling my leg Rohan.
Rohan: no Sanky i swear look..
Sanskar looks and sees Ragini in a bus.
Sanskar: oh god its her only.thank u Rohan..I owe you buddy.
Sanskar runs to that bus.
Rohan; Sanky bro what are you doing come back.
Sanskar runs to catch the bus.
The bus stops and Sanskar climbed in.
Sanskar see Ragini sitting .
Ragini looks at Sanskar.
Sanskar smiles.
Precap: Ragsan nok jok
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