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Swaragini-Jag Ghoomeya Thaare Jaisa Na Koyi Season 3 PROMO

In the era of Internet can you fall for a person whom you have never seen or talked to?
Well yes..
Dont believe me?
Then check out the band new season of Jag ghoomeya thaare jaisa na koyi.
But…how long will it last? Will it have a fairy tale ending?
Will love always remain the same?
There are so many questions left unanswered.

And u’ll get all the answers very soon.
I’ll be starting this season from 10th of January 2019. IU know its a long time but right now my exams are going to start so ..i am sorry for the delay.
And it will be a RagLak FF with 5 Shots.
A girl is standing near the window. Another girl is sitting on the bed with laptop.
Girl2: What are you doing there?
Girl1 is holding a letter.
Girl2: don’t tell me that you have started falling for him?
Girl1 smiled.
Girl2: i cant believe it! Yaar you have never met him or not even called him right.
Girl1: love doesn’t need any of these things It should be felt.
Girl1 is sitting in her room Ink bottle broken spilling ink all over the floor.
Girl1: there is nothing as love..
Tears falling from her eyes.

Also check out my other on going FF Swaragini-Some Unspoken Things
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Ur suggestions predictions and commands are always welcome.
Feel free to talk to me. You can message me anytime.
Love u all
Will start updating from January 10th.
Advance Merry Christmas & a very Happy New year to everyone ..

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