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RAB SE SONA ISHQ twinj:Episode:38



Kunj was in office just thinking about twinkle how to make her mood good. He knows she is angry, and she was right at her place if anyone did this it will feel bad.

Kunj:uff babaji this siyappa queen na. What I’ll do for her haa.. I’ll see her later right now kunj Concentrate on your work.!

Kunj get busy in his work. Well other side

Twinkle was in her room alone. Priyanka and Rudra went for college while Anjali and others in living room.twinkle keeping all clothes in wardrobe back. She just remembered that lipstick marks on Kunj shirt collar.

Twinkle:what this Kunj think about himself haa.If he is interested in that Lavanya why he got married to me ha.she wiped her tears I’ll not talk to him..

Lavanya and Kunj working on presentation. Lavanya try to get closer to him.

Lavanya:Kunj what happened I’m your friend not devil..

Kunj:I know Lavanya but everything look good in limits.You know my nature.

Lavanya: Acha I know even same with your twinkle?😛In kidding way.

Kunj:why with her she is my wife. My relation with her and others totally different..

Anjali went in room and call twinkle down she come but her face gloomy..

Avantika:what happened beta.?

Twinkle:nothing mummy ji just normal headache.

Usha:are you okay na..

Twinkle:haa I’m fine choti maa..

Anjali:we are sorry twinkle for that.

Twinkle:don’t be sorry. Lata started coughing.

Anjali: dadi..

Twinkle:I’ll get warm water for you dadi she went in kitchen and warm the water and bring for lata and give her warm water she drinks and feel better.After sometimes later everyone back home from office and college rudra and Aayat playing ghar-ghar together.Kunj try to talk to twinkle, but she ignored him and make herself busy in kitchen.

Rudra:Bhaiya yeh bhabhi toh angry hai aap se..

Kunj:this all happened because of this Rahul and Anjali Di.now she didn’t give me damn look.Lavanya was at Sarna Mansion only.they all sit for dinner twinkle served them.

Anjali: you sit twinkle.

Twinkle:yeah wait I’ll come.She went from

Goes in her room while everyone had their dinner kunj waiting for twinkle when she’ll come.Twinkle was in room seeing dinner pictures most Lavanya and Kunj. Everyone finished their dinner but twinkle didn’t come back.she went downstairs and helping servant in cleaning.Kunj see her and went in kitchen..

Kunj:Twinkle Leave this first have your dinner.She didn’t say anything kunj held her hand she jerks it his hand.Kunj look at her face color.Twinkle I’m sorry for that why you make yourself so dull. Servant went from there kunj held her shoulder and make her turn and faced to him.. twinkle I was calling you whole day but you didn’t pick up my calls even not reply of my message kish baath ka itna gussa hai ha I know for that you didn’t feel this much and something else is it tell me please. Your silence kills me lot.She just looked down.Twinkle free herself from his grip and went from there leave kunj in shocked.Everyone went in their respective room.Lavanya going upstairs due to mid balance she about to falls down but kunj come nick of time and held her on time.. his hands around her waist and hers lock around kunj neck.twinkle was passing from there her eyes went on them and get shocked like anything she clutch her duppta and her eyes become red fully.

Kunj leave Lavanya and went from there.

Twinkle; today I’ll not leave Lavanya she snatches my husband from me.She went towards her.Lavanya..

Lavanya:haa twinkle.

Twinkle: stay away from my husband.

Lavanya:why he is your property place haa. Twinkle was already in deep angry she didn’t think once she slapped Lavanya.

Twinkle:he isn’t my husband get it kunj come there and see.. he went towards them.

Kunj:what is this haa..

Lavanya:Kunj what is this how dare your wife slapped me.Kunj look at twinkle.She

Held kunj hand.

Twinkle:first you how dare you too.. Leave my husband stop roaming around him. She tries take out kunj hand..


Twinkle:Kunj you didn’t understand yeh tum ko mujhe se dur karna chahati hai.. jab dekho mere pati ke saath. Lavanya and twinkle arguing Kunj just see them. Now it’s out of control Kunj try to stop Kunj held her hand take her from there went in their room.Due to noise Rudra and Omkara come there twinkle throwing things here and there..

Kunj:what is this twinkle haa why you slap Lavanya.

Twinkle:I’ll slap her again.She cross her limits.

Kunj:what limits ha.

Twinkle:now I understand even you too with her you both cheating on me haa. Kunj get shocked by this.You have affair with Lavanya. Rudra or Omkara too shocked as well.When you are interested in her why you marry to me Kunj.Kunj held her shoulder.

Kunj:what nonsense you were speaking did you know twinkle..

Twinkle:haa I know what I’m saying kunj.

You cheat on me why.. now everything is crystal and clear why you not interested in me because you toh like that Lavanya na.Here I’m doing all possible things.You didn’t even look at me once.You are busy in that Lavanya more.She cry at the same time.And I’m dumbo 😭.. trust on you more than myself. And you feel bad na I slapped your Lavanya haa I’ll do again same.If she take my place and getting closer to someone husband. Itself you too wanted this..


Twinkle:I’m saying right om..she held kunj collar this your bhaiya Mere se toh aise dur bhaag ta hai as if I’ll kill him. In this room what relationships we had that only

We know haa. I’m his wife, but he gives all rights to that Lavanya why. Kyu kunjj whej she come closer to you that time you didn’t say anything when I you

immediately escaped from there.Kya kami hai mujhe what she gives that I can’t.kunj anger went on High level. For that outsider

Lavanya you ignore your wife.Kunj about raise his hand on twinkle but stop in middle.Twinkle and om or Rudra get shocked.Twinkle look at Kunj tears escaping from her eyes like anything.


Twinkle: bas kunj today you proved my place in your life for that Lavanya you raise your hand on me haa.

Om:Twinkle you misunderstood him.

Twinkle:nahi om you toh understand me Lavanya Kunj ko mujhe se dur karna chahti hai..

Kunj:pagal hogi hi hai yeh..

Twinkle:acha what about you..

Kunj:you both went from here.

Twinkle:why.. why you stop slap me na you wanted to take revenge of Lavanya.

Wait a second I’m she being that shirt she didn’t wash. See this om and rudra your great bhaiya is innocent na than what about this if he don’t know nothing did Lavanya is right.Twinkle show them shirt and lipstick marks on collar omkara and rudra look at Kunj..

Om:kunjj what is this..

Twinkle:you don’t know what I felt when I saw this kunj..

Kunj:for this nonsense lipstick Mark you doubt at me twinkle..

Twinkle:I don’t know anything but I’ll not leave that Lavanya today throw her out of my house she about to go kunj and om Kara stop.

Rudra:bhabhi first you calm down please.

Twinkle:today I’ll not.

Kunj:stop this twinkle today you cross your all limits.

Twinkle:haa whatever I’ll do..first you look at yourself. I didn’t cheat you.

Kunj:I cheat you haa.. in anger voice.Just because of this lipstick Mark you think I have affair with Lavanya.Arey when I didn’t cross my limits with you how I’ll think to cheat you.. haq ki baath karti hai na tu kya haq I’m doing each and everything.

Twinkle:what do you mean by this I’m not even I’m too kunj fulfilled all my duties. You know all duties but don’t know about your wife.You care about everyone expected than me give everyone time even your so called work too what about me did you think about me.Even I had too exception from you kunj.I’m not saying you changed but at least..

Kunj:I’m toh like this only.. whether you wanted to live with me or not it’s your decision I’ll not force you.

Om:kunjj stop.

Twinkle:what did you said haa.. you don’t care about me haa.

Kunj:haa I don’t care about you happy. Woh lipstick print Lavanya give right you are twinkle but I know my level.

Twinkle:and what I saw with my eyes that day in your cabin you and Lavanya.I’m not saying you are wrong but Lavanya remember that you are someone husband.i saw you and Lavanya romancing.

Kunj:great.. now..aur Tere se me dur kyu jauga. Mujhe kya problem hai Tere pass aane se.. I’ll clear you this thing too. Kunj called his pa and tell her send her CCTV footage. Today you break me twinkle soon kunj pa send him footage kunj play ok tv.. that day footage come in that Lavanya hands around kunj neck.They all look at Kunj. Kunj see twinkle was standing at door, twinkle just see that afterwards what happened she doesn’t know she left.

Kunj jerk Lavanya hand and clearly said her don’t come near to her.Twinkle was surprised kunj shut the tv.now you see and get happy. With tears jab Tere saath kuch nahi kiya.you have spent so much time with me, i live with you in a room but never touched, never crossed the limit still you think that i can do something like that? if i don’t respect women then i would have crossed the limit, you won’t trust me in life, there is nothing in this marriage, no trust, no love, nothing, just Tashan, i don’t know what this marriage is all about, i don’t know how i will bear this marriage for whole life, he leaves,Twinkle cries, why Lavanya will snatch me from you haa twinkle. I’m happy to see this today. I asked you before marriage twinkle never doubt at me if you wanted to asked anything you can.Arey before you never ever look at anyone..

Twinkle:you don’t have feelings for her but she had Kunj

Kunj:you care about me not care about Lavanya what she think.

Twinkle:I misunderstood you kunj..

Kunj:I’ll not forgive you twinkle for this.

Twinkle:kunjj please don’t say this if you wanted I’ll apologize Lavanya too.

Om:kunj stop this here only.

Rudra:yes bhaiya bhabhi is right at her place Lavanya ko bhi apni limit..

Kunj:just shut your mouth rudra😡..

Twinkle:just for Lavanya you.

Kunj:yes just for her.. leave from here.. I’ll go from here.

Twinkle:kunjj please listen to me once I’ll not do anything again.I did this all I’m insecure.why you will go from here I’ll go from here this is your house and your room I know I did mistake.she takes her phone and went downstairs.

Rudra:Bhaiya stop to bhabhi..

Om:yes kunj.

Kunj:why I’ll stop her she’ll not go anywhere just doing drama.Twinkle come outside and crying as well. Rudra and omkara run behind her try to stop twinkle.

Rudra: bhabhi don’t go anywhere we’ll talk to bhaiya.

Om: yes twinkle.

Twinkle:please let me go when he doesn’t wanted me why I’ll stay here as burden Kunj see this all from balcony.

Om:if you wanted to go you can but not now I’ll take you..

Twinkle: nahi.. I’ll go now only. She went from there while rudra and omkara went inside to call kunj to stop her.

Om:kunj stop her at least see the Time it’s 1:30 how she’ll go..

Kunj:this girl is so stubborn. Leave her..

Twinkle get taxi she sit and left for Taneja Mansion in the whole way she cried so badly..otherside kunj and rudra or omkara was in tension. Soon twinkle reached Taneja Mansion.

Twinkle:what I’ll tell MAA and papa why I come at this time.. she calls Kabir first he gets shocked why she calls him at this time he picks up her call she composed herself. Bhaiya please come down na.


Twinkle: please open the door na..

Kabir:okay. He went downstairs and open the door get shocked to see twinkle was standing at door at this time why?? Twinkle you here at this time why?? She entered inside..

Twinkle:yes bhai.. aise hi.. Kabir’s look at her face and eyes see her face and eyes color all red..

Kabir: okay you go in your room we’ll talk tomorrow at morning. She nodded her head in yes and went in her room. Something is fishy to see twinkle I don’t think, so she come normally.

Om:I’ll call Kabir and asked him..

Kunj:she wanted to creat drama and whole family will know..

Om:Leave this kunj now.. Kabir picks up his call. Hey Kabir. Woh

Kabir:yes twinkle reached safely. Don’t worry about her..

Om:hmm thanks.they end the calls.om and rudra look at Kunj who fuming in anger.Kunj this isn’t good.

Kunj: leave me alone.. they both went from there.. Kunj sit and thinking about twinkle whatever happened just now.. I’ll not talk to you twinkle you think about me this Chii I’ll stoop so low.. while twinkle sitting on floor and crying lot..

Twinkle:what I have done babaji I doubt on kunj twinkle you are so wrong.I can’t live without him.this all happened because of this Lavanya I insecure about kunj. She cuddles her knees and cried lot whole night went like this kunj and twinkle crying kunj become angry really very much..

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In morning kunj wake up his face so dull he looks at twinkle bed side and didn’t found her and understand.He gets up and went in washroom get freshen up come out and take his clothes missing twinkle she gets ready his all things.

Kunj:why I’m thinking about her.he went downstairs.. everyone was sitting for breakfast.

Lata: where is twinkle?? Rudra or Omkara and Kunj looking at each other face..

Avantika:yes I didn’t see her.. Kunj??

Kunj: woh mummy twinkle?? She went Taneja Mansion. All get surprised..

Prithviraj: why when..

Kunj:dadu last night

Tej:everything is fine na..

Kunj: yeah just normally she miss her papa so I take her..

Lata:than good kunj.Lavanya smile and look at Kunj face while Rahul understand something is fishy..Kunj just playing with food he didn’t take his medicine as well.

He left for office..

Sunlight falls down on twinkle face she wakes up and see the time get shocked.

Twinkle:Kunj get late for office just than reality stuck in her mind tears falls down from her eyes. Recalled last night.I’ll call him. She takes her phone call him.ring going but kunj didn’t take her calls.Why he didn’t pick up my calls.. 😭.. she went in washroom and get freshen up wear normal clothes. And went downstairs everyone gets surprised to see twinkle. While before anyone asked anytime of questions Kabir tell them story that Kunj leave her..

Leela:good you come.. come have your breakfast you look so dull,.

Twinkle:na MAA I’m fine.. she went in garden and sit there while mahi went college malika went towards twinkle and see her.

Malika:Twinkle are you fine na.. so suddenly you come..

Twinkle:everything is fine bhabhi..

Malika:still twinkle..

Twinkle:you tell me about you bhabhi..

Avni went to mall for shopping she wanted something.she went in shop suddenly she bumped with someone she looks at him and Make faces because he was Yuvi 😛.. she rolled her eyes..

Yuvi:hi battery..

Avni:yes less brain..

Yuvi: today shopping why. Should I give you company..

Avni:no need of this.. she goes while Yuvi behind her.

Yuvi: Arey I’m good at shopping.. don’t worry I’ll help you lot didn’t bore you..

Avni: find someone else.. she finds clothes while Yuvi selecting and showing to Avni..

Yuvi:why you carry this sadu look man you are so cute.Leave this all things enjoy your life..

Avni:why you give lectures..

Yuvi: give me one chance😛😛..

Avni: for what you wanted chance.

Yuvi:you are smart understand. Avni get it but didn’t say anything take the clothes and went to counter.. she about to pay the bills while Yuvi pay the bills Avni just look at him..

Avni: I can pay my bills..

Yuvi:take this from my side battery. At least you can drink one coffee with me in very cute way Avni get melted by his cuteness she gives smile and nodded her head in yes. Aww.they both went to cafe and both sit and oder coffee for them.. I don’t know anything about you tell me something about you Avni Malhotra.

Avni: what you wanted to know about me tell me..

Yuvi:anything I’ll love it..

Avni:acha.. you were very much interested in my life??

Yuvi:whispered I’m toh interested in you too.


Yuvi:nothing their coffee comes.. where is your parents.

Avni:my parents is no more.

Yuvi:sorry for your loss.. they both talk for sometimes enjoy this coffee date.. our first coffee date..

Avni:no date mr Luthra just normal coffee don’t see dreams. She said and went from there while Yuvi ruffle his hairs..

Yuvi:she is damn killer.. uff.. 😛😛,When she gives me response.. he too left..

While rudra and omkara thinking about twinkle and Kunj..

Rudra:O I m not saying bhaiya is wrong and bhabhi is right but this is normal if any wife will see this her reaction is this only.. we all see Lavanya..

Om: hmm but she too remember kunj isn’t like this.

Rudra: bhabhi didn’t say anything to bhaiya she thinks about Lavanya that she do bhaiya away from bhabhi. You don’t know anything when she knows bhaiya is marriage man why she getting closed to bhaiya that also in front of his wife.. bhabhi words maybe wrong..

Omkara:this you and me know rudra now think something here kunj is angry.there she must be crying.i feel so bad the way she left the house this idiot didn’t stop her.

Kunj working Rahul come with coffee. He take sit beside kunj.

Rahul:coffee kunj look at him and again get busy in work. Twinkle call come kunj see and cut again she called him this Rahul see.What happened kunj why you not pick up her calls..

Kunj: aise hi..

Rahul:don’t making me fool.I know something happened between you and twinkle.

Kunj:nothing.you sit I’ll come he went from there.Whole day passed in fingers twinkle didn’t eat anything just in her room and crying.. she called kunj numbers of time he didn’t answer her single calls.she get upset.

Twinkle:please kunj pick up my calls.. at night kunj went in his room he was hell tired just lay down on bed and closed his eyes.

Kunj:Twinkle please get my coffee..he give voice again didn’t get any response back he get up and see her photo frame.take in his hands.Why you do this twinkle.he kept the photo frame back changed his clothes went in kitchen about to make coffee for himself but Lavanya bring coffee for him.

Lavanya:coffee kunjj.don’t worry my coffee isn’t bad.. Not perfect like your wife. Kunj take the coffee mug and went to living room.He sit and take coffee sip didn’t get twinkle type taste he leave the mug, and held his head and sit there only.

Kunj phone ringing and ringing he get irritated with this..

Tej:kunj see whom calls coming this much.

Kunj:just company calls pa.. after dinner.

Kunj sitting in rudra room along with rudra and omkara..

Rudra:Bhaiya Leave your anger na.. Bring bhabhi back..

Kunj:I’ll not go anywhere.. let her stay there she wanted to come Itself she can I’ll not go today and tomorrow as well.

Om: kunj this isn’t the way..

Kunj:what I have done it haa..Kunj again ring. Rudra and om look at Kunj face..

Rudra:Bhaiya at least answer her calls..

Kunj went from there in his room he look at phone screen twinkle photo flashing.

Kunj get tired lot.. he pick her call in furious way,.

Kunj: what,,

Twinkle:twinkle take deep breath.. kunjj.,she sobbing slightly Kunj why you not answer my calls haa..

Kunj:tell me fast what you wanted now..

Twinkle:Kunj I’m sorry na please don’t do this I can’t live without talk to me..

Kunj:I don’t wanted to talk to you..

Twinkle:kunjjj he cut her call.kunjjj she throw her phone on bed.and sit down and cried lot,Kunj closed his eyes and twinkle sobbing sound echoed in his ears.

He to throw his phone..

Mahi call twinkle for dinner she heard her footsteps and wiped her tears.mahi entered in room.

Mahi:Twinkle di MAA is calling you for dinner.

Twinkle:mahi tell MAA I’ll have it.. later I have to talk to kunj so.. she lied..

Mahi:hoo jiju ka call😛. Okay she went down everyone look at mahi who coming down..

Leela:where is twinkle mahi??

Mahi:MAA she wait for jiju call, so she’ll have later they all give smile while Kabir didn’t..

Kabir:whole day she didn’t eat anything something really happened between jija aur sister he think.twinkle just crying and crying even Kunj too didn’t have his dinner.

Rudra: Bhaiya why you not have your dinner haa.

Om: because his wife didn’t bring for him that’s why..

Kunj: not at all..

Rudra:here you didn’t have anything there bhabhi as well kabir bro told me kunj get surprised and look at rudra really she didn’t have anything.What a connection between you and bhabhi 😛❤..

Kunj:shut up I don’t care about her.Kunj tore the bite of roti and have put stone on his heart thinking about twinkle.Call Kabir and tell him feed her food.. Rudra and omkara give smile.. they went towards kunj and sit beside him.

Rudra:if we did this you’ll go and bring her back.


Om:kunj your anger is right but show this in front of her. This not look good if anyone will Ask why twinkle isn’t coming than what you’ll answer it..

Kunj:I didn’t send her she Itself went what she think about herself she is bahu of this family that also elder still she doing this childish things is it fine..

Om:you know she is stubborn..

Twinkle sitting at poolside dipping her legs in swimming pool and crying slightly Kabir eyes went on her he take food plate and went towards her sit beside twinkle.. twinkle look at Kabir and wiped her tears he held her hand and wiped her tears with his thumbs..

Kabir:you try to hide this tears from your bhaiya haa.. Instantly twinkle burst out in tears. Kabir get shocked to see his sister like this heyyy twinkle what happened my doll. He cupped her face she hugged Kabir and cried lot he rubbing her back.. shhh. Look at me he make her drink water she drink little bit what happened tell haa I know something is fishy look at yourself become so dull.

Twinkle: bhai kunjjj😭😭😭.

Kabir: what kunj he did something haa in anger.

Twinkle:no bhai he didn’t do anything I did very big mistake she narrate him each and everything. This all happened because of Lavanya everytime behind my husband. Kabir give smile he find so cute this.. why you smiling bhai haa did I crack any jokes haa.

Kabir:no my lil sister you are wrong but it’s natural it’s called insecurity.😛. I don’t you love my jija ji this much 😜.

Twinkle:koi pyaar nahi hai bas he is my husband only I have right at him no one expect than me.. bhai I hurt kunj Lot we promise we always stand beside each other’s trust more but what I have done 😭.I try to call him he didn’t pick up my calls he is furious with me bhai.Now what I’ll do I can’t stay without kunj please you do something na. If that Lavanya snatch Kunj from me where I’ll go😭😭😭.

Kabir:shhh first stop this all things no one will snatch your Kunj from you get it. Trust on kunj just leave everyone you are wrong twinkle but it’s okay he is angry it’s fine.

You come here like this it’s not good. You should go back.

Twinkle:I’ll not go he didn’t want I stay with him, so I come I already give him pain not anymore so I come here. I’ll not go till he didn’t said come twinkle.

Kabir:Twinkle okay great.You are still

Stubborn can’t your things with anyone like childhoods.

Twinkle:yes I’m like this only jo mera hai woh shrif mera hi hai., I didn’t like when any one come near him I feel like to kill that girl.

Kabir:hoo.now leave everything I’ll talk to him.

Twinkle; no Bhai you don’t know him he didn’t like..

Kabir:you leave this on me. Have.

Twinkle:no Bhai please

Kabir: karwa chauth me time hai abhi😜.

Twinkle: Bhai.. she rests her head on Kabir shoulder she think about Kunj just..

Kunj standing in balcony and thinking about twinkle just.Feeling low without her this room incomplete her present make this room so good just breath sound echo or else twinkle laughing sound.. Rahul come there and stand beside Kunj.

Rahul: what happened bro you look so sad since morning so suddenly twinkle went tell something happened did you both fight haa..

Kunj:what I’ll tell you rahul. Kunj tell him everything he was shocked.

Rahul:Kunj that’s wrong na you shouldn’t raise your hands at her..

Kunj:for this I’ll feel so bad I never did this

How my hand raise on her good I stop if I slap her than how I’ll forgive myself.

Rahul:for Lavanya not good.

Kunj: you say she is right she doubts at me.

Rahul:Kunj not at you but on Lavanya we all see Lavanya when we didn’t like how can she she is your wife her reaction automatically come out numbers of time you tell Lavanya stay away from you.If Anjali will be at twinkle place she’ll do same Kunj. Every wife is like this only they can share everything but their husband not at all. She insecure that’s it.

Kunj:when I said this, but she had issues with me I didn’t give her time.She knows I m like this only I try my level best I can’t become like others husbands..

Rahul:Kunj you are matured she is little bit stubborn leave na.she is innocent🥰. Whatever in her heart that comes on her lips.

Kunj:what I’ll do now I can’t forgive her let her come once I’ll not leave you. I’m happy without marriage this all happened because of pa and Dadu they wanted Bahu now see..

Rahul:bro even you’ll not like if any boy roam around twinkle take rubal you become roasted chicken 😂,, talk to her.

Later Kunj laying down he open his phone and see twinkle all message and miss calls.(I’m sorry Kunj please forgive me..)

Kunj:why you did this I thought you aren’t like those girls even you too.

Rudra see Lavanya making coffee for Kunj he went towards her.

Rudra: what you making..

Lavanya: coffee for Kunj..

Rudra:Lavanya because of you my Bhaiya and Bhabhi fight still why don’t you go please.

Lavanya:rudra..rudra take mug and went from there he drinks didn’t give anyone..

Like this one week passed way Kunj didn’t talk to twinkle each passing day making her more sad she totally lost her charms. Leela and rt find something wrong in her behavior they asked twinkle she tells them everything is fine they thought leave its husband and wife matter Avantika call Leela and tell her send twinkle while she denies.Kunj missing twinkle like anything, but control on himself. His anger is big. Whole day and night twinkle crying didn’t come out of the room Mahi and Malika try to cheer ups her mood, but she just become sad asha and Chinki come to meet with her she told them they too feel bad this all happened because of them only they give these ideas in her mind that Lavanya will snatch Kunj.Kabir decided to talk to Kunj.

Normal [email protected] Kabir and Malika room.

Malika:Kabir why twinkle stay like this haa I’m sure she fights with Kunj.

Kabir:hmm he tells her everything.

Malika: what 😱and you didn’t tell me. That’s why she cry every time..

Kabir:hmm. I’m going to meet with Kunj and try to talk to him today. Here twinkle didn’t eat and drink anything if she stays like this she’ll get I’ll.

Malika:right you talk to him but in good way Kunj didn’t like when anyone talks to about his personal matters.

Kabir:yeah.. he left for office first he complete his work than went to meet with kunj to his office. He asked receptionist and asked about Kunj she tells him he went to Kunj Cabin see Kunj bush in work he knocks at door Kunj see him and get surprised to him he stands up.may I come.

Kunj:yeah come Kabir went inside, and he went towards him take seat opposite to him.


Kunj:hi.. tum yeha everything is fine?

Kabir: yes everything is fine but not your wife.

Kunj:what.. what happened to her she is fine na.

Kabir:hmm fine or not be.Kunj Oder coffee for them rahul too joint them.Listen Kunj don’t be formal I come here talk to you.

Kunj:haa tell me..

Kabir:I know everything Kunj whatever happened in this my sister is wrong.

Kunj: she told you..

Kabir: she didn’t I asked her whole day she just cry anyone will doubt on her now MAA and papa too asking her why so suddenly she come here. She just pretends everything fine but her face showed.

Kunj: what I’ll do Kabir you see your sister she is mad whatever comes I her mind she said.Why I’ll leave her just because of Lavanya I never thought to cheat her.

Kabir:Kunj this you understand and me but twinkle is really stubborn bolne ke liye she become someone wife and bahu still her childishness not go.I can say Mahi is more mature than twinkle. She is like this only since birth you know she didn’t let anyone touch her doll and toys now you can understand now how can she see anyone with her husband.

Rahul:even I said same thing to him.

Kabir:jo twinkle ka hai woh bas uska hi hai even he didn’t like when me and Mahi get closer to papa for this she started crying. She is like this Kunj we can’t do anything very easily she gets insecure about whom she loved most. In your case happened same if you and Lavanya is innocent she got insecure to see you with her just,, forgive her I’m sorry for twinkle mistakes.

Kunj:please you don’t be sorry..

Rahul:you are lucky Kunj to got brother-in-law like him he didn’t take his sister support but of you.

Kabir:it’s not about support we all know twinkle. He called her right siyappa queen.

Rahul:more this happened because of the dinner.

Kunj:this all because of you only.. Kabir and they talk for sometime later Kabir left from there.

At Sarna Mansion lata and Prithviraj asking about twinkle why she didn’t come back till now.

Avantika: I call Leela ji..

Usha:haa without her this house incomplete.

Avantika: hope everything is fine between him and her. Rudra and omkara get shocked.

Rudra:ab toh mummy ko bhi doubt hone laga hai..

Om:right lets talk to kunj last time they both left for office soon they reached.

Directly went in kunj cabin,

Kunj: you both here why??

Om:yes we come here to asked you last time are you going to take Twinkle back or not tell us last time,

Rudra: yes bhaiya now it’s enough one week has been passed away you didn’t talk to her.

Kunj:I’m not coming anywhere let her stay she’ll come Itself. I didn’t band to come at Sarna Mansion.

Rudra:she’ll not come back till now you didn’t forgive her.

Kunj:you both do whatever to you wanted to go leave me alone.

Om:okay fine tum nahi jaoge apni biwi ko lene But hum toh jayege apni bhabhi ko waspish lene.

Rudra:we’ll get her back. In tashan they said.They both left,,chalo O humhe hi

Leke aayege apni bhabhi ko.. yeh raam is angry let him but this Laxman and bharat not let their bhabhi stay away from their bhaiya.

Om:waha mere rudra 😛😛..

Omkara and rudra went to Taneja Mansion they reached and went inside everyone sees them they give smile and meet with everyone..

Leela:what a pleasant surprise come beta sit..malika and Mahi knows already.they both understand.Omkara and rudra sit.

Their eyes finding twinkle..

Bebe: you come to take twinkle na.they nodded their head in yes. Omkara gesturing to mahi and Malika where is twinkle.They gesture him in her room.

In room twinkle laying on bed and cuddling blanket and crying lot..

Twinkle:kunjj for god’s sake pick my calls. She without stops calling him.. mahi entered in room with omkara and rudra light went on twinkle face she got up and see omkara and rudra and get surprised to see them here.she come out of the bed.

Mahi: you both sit.. she went down back. Rudra and omkara went towards her.They both feel so bad to see her condition her eyes were all red lips and face become yellow.Messy hairs..



Om:haa humdono come here to take our bhabhi back..

Twinkle:I’ll not go anywhere. They held her hand tears escaping from twinkle eyes. She hugged them tightly Rudra and om kunj toh mujhse baath hi nahi kar raha hai😭😭😭.. woh mujhe se bhut naraz hai. Ek baar mere se baath bhi nahi kar shakata hai kya.. they console twinkle.

They cupped her face with their one hands.

Om: you don’t worry and don’t cry as well look at yourself leave him.

Rudra: yes bhabhi: Leave bhaiya he is like this right now he is angry just because of this he didn’t talk to you in anger if he said anything to you afterwards he’ll regret Lot even he too missing you lot you know na his ego is very big. Without you our house is incomplete we all missing you like anything. We’ll talk to bhaiya you just come with us so what if your husband Kunj Sarna not care about you but your two devar Laxman and bharat care about their sita bhabhi lot🥰🥰.. you are our favorite we both always stood beside you we know na you are not wrong this all happened because of Lavanya we’ll see her later. Not for bhaiya at least come for us.

Om:yes twinkle it’s your and Kunj personal matter solve together without anyone will know about this.It would be good.Rudra is right we both are with you and we’ll scold him he makes you cry this much see our beautiful bhabhi become so sere flower. Now get ready let’s go back to your real house.


Rudra:no buts and ifs,, get ready like our twinkle bhabhi.. mahi and Malika entered in room.

Malika:what’s going on..

Rudra:you both go and get ready my bhabhi like a bridal Okay.

Malika:acha ji.they both went downstairs.

Tej and Manohar decided to go for dinner today just their family members it’s become so many days they all didn’t went out kunj and Rahul come back from office.

They all family members sitting in living room avantika observing Kunj face.

Aayat: pa we’ll have ice cream too.

Tej:where is twinkle she didn’t come back avantika why.. avantika look at Tej.

Avantika:I don’t know she’ll come..

Tej:but when it’s not looked good na.. she stays her mother house enough. Kunjj.

Kunj:ha pa..

Aayat:I m missing bhab..

Prithviraj:even me too..

Tej:go and get ready where is this two Rudra and omkara.

Anjali:don’t know where they went.. Kunj went to his room.Avantika and tej went to him. He saw them and get confused.

Tej: kunjj.

Kunj: yes pa.

Avantika: kunj why twinkle not coming I call her two times. Something is happened.

Tej:haa suddenly she went why?? Kunj get confused now what to say.


Avantika:we know you are cant speak lie.

So tell me everything.

Kunj:he turned. Mummy and pa don’t worry nothing happened if anything I’ll handle trust on your son..

Tej:it’s good kunj..

Avantika: go and get ready they went from there.

Kunj:this twinkle na. Can’t she come back good na i stay in peace every time just eating my ears.Huhu. He went in washroom.

Malika and Mahi get ready twinkle.

Malika: Twinkle give smile as soon kunj see you he’ll freeze.

Twinkle:he doesn’t care he didn’t look at me.

Twinkle get ready fully she wears back color long straight kameez with churidar and golden work on it.Malika and Mahi went downstairs she looks at herself in mirror filled her hairline with vermilion.

She went downstairs omkara and rudra get happy to see twinkle in her old look.

Bebe:finally you look good twinkle don’t know what you make yourself.

Leela:Bebe she going to her home back


Malika:yes Bebe didn’t you heard Sajna hai mujhe sajna ke liye. 😂😂😂.. whom she’ll show her now she going back to

Her Kunj husband 😛. Rudra and omkara give side hug to twinkle.our bhabhi is the best they both said together. Kiss on her forehead Leela and Bebe get so happy to see this.Twinkle brothers in laws loving her so much.

Om:now chale Mrs twinkle Kunj Sarna.

Twinkle:hmm.. she meet with everyone. Malika hug twinkle..

Malika: don’t worry about kunj Sadu maan jayega.

Twinkle:hmm.Bye.Omkara and rudra or twinkle went outside they sit in car and left for Sarna Mansion.In the whole day

Twinkle just thinking about kunj how she’ll face him.Malika message Kabir twinkle went Sarna Mansion back he get so happy. Soon they reached Sarna Mansion twinkle see she reached she get panic.

Rudra:bhabhi don’t worry your bodybuilder devar is with you I’ll see bhaiya.They come out of the car and went inside.They see no one is in living room.

Where everyone went today..Prithviraj and

Lata see twinkle get so happy she went towards them take their blessing.

Prithviraj: feel so good to see you twinkle beta.

Lata:haa this eye dying yo see you

everyone come expect than Kunj everyone see twinkle get shocked to see her face. Avantika and Usha caress her face.

Avantika: what happened to you haa what you make yourself twinkle beta.

Usha:you are fine na..

Twinkle:ji mummy ji and choti MAA I’m fine.

Lata:why my moon become so dull.This swollen eyes.

Twinkle:I’m good..she give faint smile..

Tej:you both go and get ready we all going for dinner great twinkle too come back.

Rudra:we are already ready pa..

Tej:than great.They went from there..

Kunj get ready he fight with buttons at last closed all buttons he come down twinkle get nervous she playing with her duppta end.Kunj come down he didn’t see twinkle she hide behind omkara and rudra they see kunj.They both slightly shifted in side kunj eyes went on twinkle he get surprised to see her.While twinkle busy in herself he come towards everyone.. twinkle raise her face she too see kunj her eyes get wet while kunj floor slip around his feet’s to see twinkle condition everything clearly written on her face what she bear it. Twinkle face so sere her lower eyelid swollen eyes whole area become all over red.She cried lot this shows due to this all things.Even she to look at him kunj turn his gaze twinkle feel so bad..

Manohar:now everyone come back let’s go.They all went outside twinkle and Kunj slightly looking each other’s.They all sit in cars. Youngster sits together in one car while elders in one. Twinkle sitting in back seat she and Kunj share eyes lock.

Anjali:Twinkle why you went so suddenly haa. She don’t know what to say..

Twinkle:woh.. di aise hi..she managed to smile. She look at Kunj who carry gloomy face.She think kunj is really upset with me I did wrong to come back.. he didn’t look at me once.. she blow down her eyes tears escaping from twinkle eyes slightly. Kunj see her throw car Rear view mirror. He can see her tears..

Kunj:think.What she make herself in this one week she didn’t look at old twinkle. He feel terrible to see twinkle in this condition soon they reached  the hotel. They all come out of the car. They went inside rudra or Omkara and Rahul or Kunj stop.

Kunj: who bring her.. how she come back.

Om: we both bring her back you toh don’t wanted to get her back so we both went to get back our bhabhi.

Rudra:yes bhaiya.You stay angry we can’t let her suffer you are so mean you didn’t talk to her once why.

Kunj:kam bol samja na.bhabhi ka chamcha.Awesome you bring her back I’ll not go in this brith get it they all went In side take their seats.Twinkle and Kunj sit beside each other’s.They give food oder.

Lata:Twinkle kya hua aaj tum bhut chup chup ho.avantika look at Kunj and twinkle behavior.She understands somewhere. Soon food come.Waiter served the food to everyone they started the dinner everyone having dinner while twinkle playing With food. Her and Kunj hands touching both share gaze.twinkle hold kunj hand under table he look at her try to free his hand. She plead him though eyes. She linked her fingers with him didn’t let him free his hand.Kunj stop and having his dinner while whole dinner twinkle looking kunj hand.

Aayat: I’ll have ice cream in dessert.. they all tell what they wanted to eat.

Tej: Twinkle you.

Twinkle: nothing papaji I’m full already..

Usha:Arey you didn’t have anything properly.

Twinkle:no.whatever they wanted in dessert waiter bring it.Kunj jerk twinkle hand.They all enjoy the dinner.Twinkle and Kunj out of the world.. after dinner they left for Sarna Mansion back.. soon they reached.

Manohar:today dinner was best..

Lata:yes.. they all went in their respective room. While Twinkle thinking how she went in their room.

Om:Twinkle you go.. she take deep breath and went to their room. Twinkle entered in room didn’t find anyone she went ahead and sit on bed and looking everywhere in her room. Just than Kunj entered in room he stop to see twinkle while she get up and stand looking at him. Kunj ignore her about to go twinkle went to him held his hand tightly.

Twinkle:kunjj please don’t do this talk to me na.. why you do this haa. She cupped her face he look at her..

Kunj:what sorry haa.

Twinkle:Kunj forgive me na.. I’m really guilty of my mistakes..

Kunj: acha first you blamed me. Did you really think I have affair with Lavanya bol na twinkle.. I don’t wanted to talk to you.

Twinkle: why talk to me you wanted to scold me you can punish me if you wanted slap you can I’ll not say anything I deserve it.

Kunj:you think about me this I’ll slap you haa in anger I raise my hand on you but never ever wanted to slap you..

Twinkle:Phir Kyu mujhe ignore kar rahe ho this killing me lot kunj.. I’ll not do this again promise.she crying while saying this all.

Kunj:this is our personal matter na I don’t like when husband and wife things come out of the room. Rudra or Omkara and Rahul come there..

Rahul: low your voice this all listening till down..

Kunj:she wanted this only everyone will know about this.

Twinkle: why I’ll want kunj..

Kunj:what you wanted to show haa after go like this..

Om:kunj bas.. again you started.. Try to solve the matter just..

Twinkle:I’m saying sorry to him still..

Kunj:I don’t want your sorry. Why you tell everyone now what everyone will think about me that I had affair.

Twinkle: I didn’t tell anyone why you say this haa. Kunj held her elbow.

Kunj: acha than who told kabir.you send him na.

Twinkle:Kunj I didn’t send Bhai I don’t know he come to you swear of my papa.

Kunj:whatever is it twinkle.

Rahul:Kunj bas kar ab.. she is guilty now forgive her. Asked her what she wanted and you too tell her what in your heart..

twinkle tell. Later this all things’ boy creat misunderstanding between you both. I’m saying anything between Kunj and Lavanya.

Twinkle:I’m not saying he had whatever I said in anger.I’m ashamed for my words. I never doubt at him but I doubt at Lavanya. He take me wrong..

Kunj: so you’ll slap her without mistakes.

Twinkle:I slap her she deserved it when you told me you didn’t like boy around me expect that family did I feel bad kunj.. when I listen you and do what you wanted. Even I too don’t wanted Lavanya.Nahi pasand hai woh mujhe you Listen this.

Rudra: this all happened because of Lavanya from today bhaiya you tell her stay away from you she is not important bhabhi willing is important for you.

Twinkle:My heart doesn’t will when you with Lavanya bas I don’t have any problem with you and her.

Kunj:and I’ll follow this.

Twinkle:you have to.if not than it’s fine.

It’s your life. They both started arguing with each other’s Rahul gesture Rudra and omkara let’s go from there let them solve their personal matter alone.. before going, they closed the door. Twinkle hold kunj collar. She is important for you more than me kunj.

Kunj:haa hai aur kuch suna hai tujhe pagal ho gai hai tu..

Twinkle:I’m sorry na kunj Kyu kare rahe ho Tum Aisa.. I accept my mistakes still.

Kunj:before this marriage I asked you clearly don’t doubt at me..

Twinkle:you tell me one thing if anyone will call me baby in front of you what will be your reaction haa he closed his fist immediately eyes turned in red..

Kunj:I’ll not leave him how dare he can.

Twinkle:what about me I leave it she is your friend, but she cross her all lines what you don’t like I stop that all things kunj.. tumhe jeshe pasand hai weshe rahti by what your family like I do each and everything just for you that no one will say you anything what I wanted in return just you.

Kunj:leave this twinkle. There is no use of these things she cuddles kunj..

Twinkle:please last time forgive me na. She started crying loudly.. Kunj jerk her she about to fall Down, but she hold side table.


Twinkle: I beg you. Her face all drenched in tears. Outside rain started.. Kunj take his pillow.

Kunj: you sleep.

Twinkle:where are you going. Kunj i can’t live without you.Because of me you leave your room why I’ll go I did wrong to come back.She wiped her tears it’s okay I’ll go again I’ll not come back.You stay happily. Kunj get confused. She take the pillow from kunj hand and throw it on bed she open the door and went down.

Kunj:where she is going.’this girl na.. kunjj. He run behind her.. Kunj see twinkle going outside he rushed towards her and stop twinkle.where are you going haa.

Twinkle:chhodo mujhe let me go..

Kunj:you’ll not go anywhere get it let’s go in room twinkle anyone will see us here that will not look good..

Twinkle: what I’ll do after stay here when my husband isn’t happy with me.. I’ll


Kunj:stop this siyappa queen she didn’t stop.She didn’t left no option kunj Lift her in his arms in bridal style..

Twinkle:chhodo mujhe please.

Kunj:chup..he take her in room back Kunj closed the door. And went towards bed and place her on bed..


Kunj:you’ll not go anywhere..

Twinkle:first you tell me you forgive me. He look at her tears escape from kunj eyes slightly she get surprised to see tears in his eyes.She cupped his face kunjjj.. twinkle wiped his tears and hugged kunj tightly I’m sorry kunj I’m very bad because of me this tears in your eyes.. she cried loudly in his embraces.. Kunj rubbing her back..


Twinkle:kunj😭😭😭😭😭.. I didn’t mean it.. he cupped her face..

Kunj: I know forget everything now..

Twinkle:how I stay in these days without you only I know kunjj.. I can’t stay without you now..each and every second I miss you..

He wiped her tears. In my stupidity I did this all.. she chocked so badly she started coughing.

Kunj:Twinkleee. Twinkle covered her mouth and run in washroom Kunj behind her.She puked. Twinkleeee.she started doing vomiting..Kunj rubbing her back. She feels dizzy.. twinkleeee he held her and take her in room make her sit on her give her water make her drink water with his hands. Are you okay. Should I call doctor.

Twinkle:no I’m fine.her eyes blinking Kunj run down and bring something to have for her. He bring food for her and went back in room he sit beside twinkle..

Kunj:have something you feel good,, I know you didn’t have your meal there. She look at him..

Twinkle:what about you..

Kunj:I’m fit and fine. He tore the morsel take near her lips she open her mouth he feed her, she too feed Kunj both give each other painful smile..

Twinkle:you take your medicine?? He

nodded his head in no.. why sadu,

Kunj:no one is here to give me..

Twinkle:you have everyone here..

Kunj:But tu toh nahi ti na.. again they hug each other’s..sajna ve play in bg


Twinkle: Kunj such me tum ne mujhe maaf kar diya na..

Kunj: haa kar diya such me,, he kissed on her forehead she closed her eyes twinkle nose flow Kunj give her his Handkerchief she take and used it kunj make faces ewww twinkle you are really a bachi like rudra and Aayat.She give his handkerchief back to him, you take it gives me after wash.she hit on his chest playfully. Both change their night dress and come and lay down on bed in sitting position..

Twinkle: kunjj today I wanted to clear everything.

Kunj:even I too he take her head in his hand.You tell me I’ll do this only. Your will is important for me..

Twinkle: I don’t have any issues with you just with..

Kunj: just with Lavanya na.


Kunj:okay I’ll tell her.You trust at me I’ll never break down your trust.I don’t care about anyone in this world you are one and last girl in my life twinkle. If you are insecure about me you come to me asked me I know nowadays things happened like this.

Twinkle:I don’t like her just kunj baby kunj baby you are not her baby..waby.you are just mine kunj she side hug him.. Rest her head on his chest clutch his T-shirt.. mere bas chale I’ll not let any girl roam around you. Mujhe nahi pasand hai bas. I only I have right at you.. Kunj smile.

Kunj:you are jal kukdi😂😂..

Twinkle:whatever ..

Kunj: I promise this think I’ll not let you come in your mind by the way I know this all things Itself not come in your mind..

Twinkle:haa woh Asha and Chinki fit in my mind that boys easily comes in anyone tricks.And you always escape from me that make me more insecure. She tell kunj each and everything kunj laugh out.

Kunj:hehe you girls are mad.. now I understand your print session going on.

Twinkle:I thought I’ll grain your attention but no use rubal is better than you.

Kunj:don’t take his name.you don’t need to do anything to impress me whatever you are I love that only. This silly things they

Fitted in your mind shit..

Twinkle: haa.😛😛,, let’s sleep na I didn’t sleep one week.

Kunj:haa Meri sleeping beauty.. they lay down kunj caress her face and kissed on her eyes she clutched bedsheet. Twinkle cuddles him and goodnight.

Twinkle:goodnight having smile on their face they sleep..



episode end


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