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Qayamat Ki Raat 2nd December 2018 Written Episode Update: Raj tries to kill himself

Qayamat Ki Raat 2nd December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dharam says savitri is lost somewhere. Gauri asks Uma where is she? Prithvi says you don’t know her. Uma says she left because no one trusted her. I am going home.
Gauri comes home and sees broken glass. SHe says savitri ma is in danger. Gauri says to Raj and Prithvi she is lost. HEr life is in danger. Prithvi says we wont go to find her. You can go alone.
Avni has roped Savitri. She attacks Savitri and says now you will die. Uma comes and says you will die tonight. You never had to come back. You tried to ruin my game? Now see how I end you. Savitri says you are the one who is sinner and you will for your sins. Uma says if Gauri finds you she will try saving you again.

Gauri is on her way. she says I have to find Savitri ma otherwise I will never be able

to expose uma Gauir comes to the junle. SHe looks for Uma. Gauri falls in an underground place. Gauri says ma I will take you out of here don’t worry. Gauri screams for help. A man is mask comes and takes them both out. He leaves. Gauri wonders who was that man. Gauri asks Savitri Avni did all this. Gauri says who was that man and why did he help us? savitir says he might show us his face on right time.
AVni tells uma there was a man with them. He was holding mask. Uma wonders who is that man helping them. Avni says I will find out who that was and I wont leave that person. Uma says we have wake kalasur up before amawa or he would never wake up. She recalls kalsur saying that. Uma says Gauri has to give me shaligram. We have to get it before amawas.

Gauri comes home with savitri. Vikram comes and says you brought this woman here again? Gauri says give me one chance. Police comes and says we arrest in you attempt to murder. Gauri says what proof do you have? Inspector says thaukur complained. Prithvi says we have nothing to do with her. Uma says if you think she is right and I am wrong I should leave this place. Police takes savitiri.
Gauri calls Dharma. She says you trust me right? She says savitri ma needs us. He says I wont let anything happen to er. Gauri says her life is in danger. She tells him about that man.
Uma comes to Gauri and says are you crazy? You can’t do anything against my plot. My next destination is shaligram. Find it for or I will ruin your Raj’s life even more. Come I will show you. Avni comes there. SHe says Gauri we can control you too. They show her the stone from which they control Raj. Avni says give us shali gram. Gauri says I wont give it to you nor would I let anything happen to Raj.

Vikram says why is Gauri trusting that woman not us. Raj recalls his moments with Gauri and being angry to her. He is in tears. Gauri recalls their moments and cries too
Gauri comes to Raj. He says I dont want to talk to you. Prithvi says what happened Raj says this girl is ruining my life. I don’t know what to do. Uma provokes raj to jump off and kill himself. Raj says I should kill myself and end this. He is about to jump. Vikram try to stop him.
Gauri says to Uma stop all this please stop Raj. Uma says what will you give me? She sys sahligram. Uma faints Raj. Uma says if you don’t give me shaligram I will make him jump next time. Aditi says to Raj you made him this. He was dying because of you. Gauri says Raj I know why are you behaving like this. I know you know this too. Aditi says you did all this. Uma says dont say this Aditi. Prithvi says let me talk to Raj.

Scene 2
Savitri is in jail Avni comes there disguised as cop. She faints everyone and goes in savitri’s cell. Savitri screams for help. Avvni throttles her and says you will die here. No one will come to save. Dharam comes and says you can’t harm her till I am here.
Uma says to Gauri where is that shalirgam? Gauri says I need a map of ram ram garh and all the books that tell me about the history.
Dharam says avni you.. Avni says let me kill you first. Gauri looks at the map. Gauri says let me look in the books. Uma says its not it the books. Only your family knows where it is. Gauri loks at the map.
Gauri says I saw the place where Shaligram is. Uma says tell where that place is?
Precap-The masked man saves Dharam and Savitri from avni. avni says who are you. Gauri says to DHaram I am sure Shaligram can save Raj too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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