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Present World Good or Bad? By only Ooshi

Modern world Good or Bad?

It’s been a long time I didn’t write anything. So here I am with another questioning article😊.

Modern world
In the present age the people had become very modern,In other words, had gone faaaa…r away from religious teachings. I don’t know about any other religion’s teachings except Islam but I don’t think so that any of the religion allows rape, misbehavior with parents or girls or someone else, killing, drinking, kidnapping, drugs and all other evils. And if any religion allows any of the evil or the cause of that evil/bad thing then the teachings of the religion had been changed as no religion can allow any of the evil or bad quality or the cause to it. And the truth is these evils had been penetrated in the so called modern world alas. The main points of modern world are freedom of girls and no ethics. The credit goes to less/non- availability of ideal characters in the modern world. And children follows their parents. During this some other factors also effects the upbringing of children like deeds of parents, own interests of children and society and the condition of the modern society is well-known by the people who lives in society as to me my world is my home and i am very much satisfied by it rather than going in the society.

Being a Muslim, Islam simplifies/eases, beautify our lives with goodness (from which we have gone far away) by the limiting our desires and what we does to such limits, we know better. And the result is the modern world. I mean the evils of world which also exists in our society alas! And as per our religion it’s also about the after world. Although this concept also exists in Hinduism but don’t know either Hinduism gives the best code of life or not but Islam gives the perfect code of life so can’t we obey it by putting our wishes behind for our after world and to obey Allah’s teachings? In the modern world girls are doing everything they want without considering the difference of gender but are the Muslim girls also following Islam’s teachings?

We can’t change the society but can change our self. Now it’s our choice for what we are changing. To become modern, obeying our wishes and putting our respect and our parents respect on stake. Or to control/overcome our wishes and saving our and our parents respect. I am saying this because we know the modern world is full of evils.
For non-Muslims (who believes in after world) just a question do you think you have done that much good deeds that you will get saved in after world? Christianity also talks about after world but what are their believes don’t know. (One of the big sin of the modern world hurting someone directly or indirectly/knowingly or unknowingly).

A lock through which U can control all this
Just control Ur wishes. Simplest, most difficult task but if U achieve it then life will be smooth and I assure U about it. Leave Urself to God as He knows and chooses the best for Us. Believe Him.

In shaa Allah Aameen Sum Aameen Ya Rab bul Aalameen Ilahi Aameen.

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