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Muskaan 1st December 2018 Written Episode Update: Ronak fails Sir ji’s plan

Muskaan 1st December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Muskaan coming to see Ronak at the boxing match. She sees him beaten up and shouts Ronak ji. Sir ji comes and looks on. Ronak falls down. Muskaan says its your blood, pity him, don’t do this, I beg you, just you can stop this. She stops Sujjan and says I m ready to come with you, spare Ronak, leave him. Sir ji asks Bunty to arrange an ambulance fast, inform Gayatri as well, before anyone else informs her. Gayatri is at home. She prays for Ronak and Muskaan. Sujjan says just I have a right on you, come with me. He drags Muskaan. Muskaan cries for Ronak and shouts to him. Hanumanth looks on. Bunty calls for an ambulance. Ronak shouts Sujjan Singh and gets up. He holds Muskaan’s hand. Bunty gets shocked. Muskaan and Hanumanth get happy. Sujjan says you want to challenge me, last

time I had done pity on you, see what I do now. Sir ji comes home. Gayatri asks where are Ronak and Muskaan. Everyone asks for Ronak.

Ronak beats up Sujjan. He fights with him. Bunty says I have to inform Sir ji that the superhero in Ronak is awakened. Sujjan falls down. Everyone cheers for Ronak. Ronak sees Muskaan. He goes to her and holds her hand. Sujjan looks on. Ronak takes Muskaan with him. They come home. Sir ji gets shocked. Gayatri gets glad and rushes to them. She says you got so much hurt. Lovely asks what was the need to get beaten up for this girl. Ronak says I didn’t do this for Muskaan. Lovely says anyone else can come and fight again, maybe Sujjan is saying the truth. Bua agrees with her. Ronak says Muskaan isn’t any thing that anyone will come and take her, she is my wife, if anyone has a problem, come and talk to me, the mahurat is still there, we will get engaged. He asks everyone to smile. He goes on stage and gets engaged with Muskaan. Everyone claps. Sir ji looks on shocked. Gayatri hugs Ronak and Muskaan.

Muskaan does the aid to Ronak. He says when you saw me beaten me, you were going with Sujjan. She asks what else could I do. He says you could have waited, don’t you trust me. She says if anything happened to you then. She applies the ointment and ties the bandage. He tries to remove the ring. She helps him by removing the ring. She says now you won’t be troubled, sorry and thanks for saving me again. Gayatri come and gives haldi milk to Ronak. She asks him to take care.

Ronak comes to Sir ji. Sir ji asks are you fine. Ronak asks are you fine, your planning failed again, I knew you will do some work, I regarded you my Janamdaata, I didn’t know you will become my enemy and fall so low. He scolds Sir ji. He says I have bashed up Sujjan, you do anything, no one can touch Muskaan from now, its my challenge. Sir ji asks about the engagement ring. He says you couldn’t bear the sign of the dancer for some hours, are you hiding something from me, I know you don’t love Muskaan, you are my blood, you can’t make her your wife. He asks Ronak not to get trapped in this rituals, just tell the truth to Gayatri, its haldi rasam tomorrow, she will ask you if she doesn’t see the ring, what will you answer. Gayatri comes. Ronak says I will say what I have to, you think what you will say. Sir ji says I called Ronak for some work, but I forgot seeing his finger, he removed the engagement ring. Ronak looks at him.

Ronak checks marriage invite. He gets shocked seeing Muskaan’s truth of a dancer written in it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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