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INTEQAAM •° A Fire Of Revenge °• (Twinj) TEASER

Heya Lovely People 😄
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Okay ! I won’t reveal this now 😉
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They were happy together…
Everything seemed perfect to him…
His world revolved around her…
She was his heart and soul…
She ruled him..
He trusted her blindly…

But her revenge broke them apart..
Her revenge killed him..
Her regret was painful but their was no return..
She craved for him..
But she knew she lost him due to her own mistake..

But he returned..
To avenge his death..
His revenge shattered her soul..
His revenge broke her heart..

She vowed to win his love once again..
But the devil she awoke in his soul is still not satisfied with it’s revenge..

Due to his revenge they lost their baby..
But was he actually responsible for it ?

He is her CULPRIT…
Yet he is INNOCENT…

How can a person be innocent when his revenge killed an innocent soul ?

Is it all what we see ?

Or their is something hidden behind the mask of Devil and Angel ?

ISHQ aur INTEQAAM ki jang mein hamesha ISHQ ki jeet hui hai..

Par kya in ke ishq aur inteqaam mein yeh mumkin hai ?

Jab ishq ka aghaaz hi INTEQAAM ho..


The clouds above them oozed and billowed across the awakening sun, casting the meadow into a shadowy darkness. A jagged bolt of lightning ripped the sky in half as they stood facing eachother , wincing as each icy raindrop pierced their skin. The violent wind whipped the blonde hair around her face and tears mixed with rain as a numbing coldness gripped her heart. Thunder rolled across the sky, seeming to crack the world in half and reveal the fury of the gods

While his condition was more vulnerable , he stood there numb , no more tears escaping his eye’s. He felt lifeless , her confession had made him numb.

Tears escaped their eye’s , their eye’s speaking the volume of unsaid word’s , Kunj spoke in a shattered and broken tone , his word’s piercing her heart but she was blinded by hatred , revenge and agony.

” I never did anything wrong twinkle but you won’t ever understand it until the day you realise you had lost me forever , you will regret this day but I promise you won’t ever find me their to wipe your tears or console you ” spoke kunj trembling and crying miserably.

” Only if you will be able to breath next moment Kunj Sarna ! Only if you survive ! And why would I regret when I am regretting loving you each second of my life. I HATE YOU. ”

Twinkle spoke these word’s breaking at the end but little did she knew what she is going to loose will haunt her forever or was it going to become the pain of her life ?

” Good Bye Kunj Sarna “

With these word’s twinkle pulled the trigger of gun shooting kunj not once , twice or thrice but four times , kunj stumbled , pain visible on his face but the painful smile that appeared on his face ripped her soul apart.

That smile had hidden secrets that was screaming at her to be given the chance to unveil them but she had silenced them forever.

But she can’t forget the moment she pleaded him to listen her..

To let her life and their symbol of Love but did he stopped ?

Did he let them go.

Did he ? Then what was left to know and listen ?


” please don’t do this Kunj ! Please stop ! ” twinkle spoke crying struggling to free herself from his grip while kunj was busy kissing the length of her neck harshly biting her leaving marks on her body and soul. It was dark and nothing was visible to her but she could feel his presence , She once loved this Devil.

Once Loved ? Or still do ?

His kisses and bites travelled down her body while twinkle was trying to defend herself , it felt as if it became her destiny , tears escaped the confines of her eye’s as he left his mark’s on her already wounded soul in the darkness of night just as her life.

After a while twinkle was lying almost as a lifeless soul on her bed wrapped in just a duvet covering her naked and wounded soul , tears were rolling down her eye’s like a flow of river.

She was cursing her fate , cursed herself for loving that Devil , She was RAPED ! RAPED by her own Love.


Screen is focused on an orphanage where many children were surrounding a man happy in his presence as if his love heals their broken soul’s, they were laughing and playing around him.

The man was none other than Kunj !! Whom anyone seeing won’t believe is a Devil for someone’s life.

He was smiling but can anyone believe the devil behind that innocent smile , that devilish smirk that ruined a soul is smiling and laughing.


Twinkle is seen running as Kunj was behind her trying to catch her she was laughing and smiling teasing him just dressed in his shirt while he was shirtless trying to catch her.

Within few seconds she was caught in his embrace pouting while kunj laughed seeing that innocent face , he picked her up in his arms and moved toward’s their bedroom , She wrapped her hands around his neck kissing his neck.

” I LOVE YOU ” muttered twinkle teasing kunj moving her hand’s sensually on his face.


Again ! Once again her soul was damaged by that Devil but this time that Devil took the last reason for her strength to change him , He killed their baby , he killed their symbol of love even before he came into this world.

What sin had she done to bear this all pain ?

What was all that little soul’s mistake ?


A shrewd and evil laugh echoed in the silent valley.
She turned around and saw HIM shocking the day lights out of her.

How was it possible ? She could not believe her eye’s.

She was betrayed.

But this time it was she , herself who became the reason of this cruel game.

But then who was HE standing opposite to THEM ?

Was she just going to regret the moment she felt she had finally discarded of the most painful part of life. When she had cured her hatred and revenge by killing her enemy ?


She was gazing his unconcious form within tears holding his hand , his face pale , he was weak , his tear stricken face pricked her heart but wasn’t she herself responsible for his this state ?

He craved for her to be beside him , trust him , console him but she left him and today when she was there for him destiny had decided to snatch him from her , What did he do to deserve this much pain in his life.

Didn’t she deserved punishment ?

But here again he was suffering fighting for his life.
His existance became a mere question.
His smile lost in the darkness she pushed him in.

She held his hand that had needles pierced in his hand an oxygen mask covering his face giving his pale and weakened form life support and spoke with teary eye’s choking at her own word’s.

” You can’t leave me like this Kunj ! This punishment is mine not yours , you can’t leave me like this ” twinkle spoke crying miserably.


So here is the teaser 😋

How was it ?

Mysterious enough to raise your curiosity right ?

No character sketch as of now as the story proceeds characters eill unveil 😋

It’s will be a few shots I guess 3 or 5 !! Well depends upon the the division of the Shot’s cause it’s a complete story and I had completed whole story as in one shot 😛

Willing to read ?

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And… and … and don’t forget to guess who is back 😛

Ciao gente bella a presto ❤😘

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  1. Areee welcome back Amna..devil and devil se pta chlra who is backbtw the teaser is really a mysterious one…and ofcourse im eager to read❤

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