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Big boss Tellywood jodis ka 👀 (Part 1)

Hi guys , my name is Amaya , so this is my version of big boss with our beloved favorite couples ❤️  I will put some twist in their love stories or I will create new one’s ( who knows 🙈)I hope you all will enjoy & support me like always 😘

A voice :” Welcome to big boss double trouble , this time pairs will entertain you & there will be lots of twists so hold your heart & let’s welcome our beloved host ….. SALMAN KHAN”

Than salman khan come & dance on ‘Swag se karenge sabka swagat ‘ everyone applauded after his performance 👏🏻 …

Salman : Hello , namaste & welcome  to Big boss Double Trouble where pairs made by big boss will  entertain you all so I don’t want to waste your time so let’s welcome our first contestant  .

A mv was shown with the first contestant : A girl was shown 😍…

Annika : Hi guys , my name is Anika, I am very fun loving like a butterfly , I wasn’t to live my life with my own rules ….Hmm I am single & I hope I will find someone in the house wit the trophy of course 🤩

Mv ended 

Salman was surprised seeing a girl like her

Salman : Wow what a start with anika before her entry I want to introduce our second beautiful contestant …

Another mv was shown :” Another girl was shown , she was dancing 💃🏻 

Naira :” Hello everyone , my name is Naira & I am a dancer , I want to win big boss because it’s my dream , my family & my boyfriend supports me a lot so if I win I want to give the trophy to them 😍

Mv ended & they both come on stage 

Both were so happy seeing salman 😂

Anika : Sir I am your biggest fan ,I saw all your film 🤩

Naira : Yes sir I am also your big  fan , it’s like a dream come true for me 😍

Salman smiles & holds their hands

Salman : Thank you so much Anika & Naira so now it’s time to enter in the house , because your partners are waiting for you & there will be twist ah so plz stay aware & good luck

Both we’re surprised & then Naira runs toward her boyfriend kartik & hugs him titly 😍 everyone claps for them

Anika : I hope i will find a  boyfriend inside big boss house so plz big boss send only hot boys 😂

Everyond laughs 😂 & both of them enters in the house

Salman : Wow Anika is very entertaining , so let’s see who are their lucky partners 😌

This time the theme of big boss is beach so the house was very colourful with two swimming pulls this time , 2 boys were in the leaving area

Shivay : Budfy  I am afraid if big boss give me a partner like  swami….I will leave the house right now 😂

Adidya laughs & the both we’re best friend & just then they heard big boss’s voice

Big boss: Shivay & Aditya welcome to Big boss Double  Trouble , as you know this time’s season is all about Pairs so there will be lots of twist &. turns but for now Big Boss chose your partners Anika & Naira , choise is yours so plz welcome them & all the best for your journey “

Both of them were happy & just then Anika & Naira enters the house …

ANIKA: Wow I can’t believe that I am in the house , we will have fun bro 🤩

Naira smiles but she was little sad & then Shivay & Aditya come to greet them 😍

SHIVAY : Hi girls , I am Shivay & I am a bussinessman & I am Anika’s partner so who is Anika ?

Anika was like on the seventh could 😂

ANIKA: I am Anika , thank god tum mere partner ho , I mean handsome ho aur kidkithod ho , your eyes are like a billu 😂 can I call you billu ji ?

Shivay laughs but on the other hand Naira & Aditya didn’t interact that much 😭

Salman was on the stave & he was watching all the scene

Salman : I can see a love story already 😂 chalo now let’s welcome our contestent couple who are in a realationship for 1 year & unki love story me tadka lagane arahi hai ek haseena 💃🏻

Enna sona kyu raab ne banaya 💗💗💗 & a couple contest starts to perform , they were Zoya & Neil … they dance in a very romantic way & they seem like they love each other a lot ❤️ 

Their perfomance finish & all applauded for them

Just then a hot girl start dancing on “ Dilbar dilbar “ she was Avni 🙈


Precap : Entry of Nandini , Manik , Sonakshi , Dev & Sara ali khan , nomination special & a fight between Zoya & Aditya & someone kiss each other

  1. I hope you liked it so plz comment & let me know if you like it ­

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