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Behir & Adiya FF : Chilling Visions Part 7


Zoya : Vish did you see Noor? she was with you while ago

Vishaka : she told me she will come after a while, where is Bela

Zoya ; but its getting night, she is in her room

Vishaka : lets go find her

“No need I am back” Noor returns

Zoya ; where were you?

Noor does not answer her and leaves hurriedly inside kitchen

Zoya : she didn’t even answer me strange na

Vish : never mind she might be tired lets arrange for dinner

Maya : good evening girls

Bela : hello welcome

Maya ; don’t make fun of me, ah I see you all might be surprised with world

“Whole world is unpredictable” Noor talks to herself while cutting vegetables

Zoya (confused) : what?

Bela : yaar what has gotten into her

Maya : if you all don’t mind can I cook Samar’s favorite curry

Girls are initially shocked but helps her.

Vishaka ; dinner is ready

Samar : wow what an aroma aha thank you bhabhi ji my favorite food

Maya takes away the bowl

Samar : excuse me my love, this is my bhabhi’s handmade food I wont’ share

Mahir : oh hello bhabhi’s devar, before you its my right to eat that

Samar : you can eat Maya’s burned food

Bela : yea sure why not, let Mahir eat this right Maya (winks at her)

Maya ; of course person who don’t value my talent don’t have right to taste my food

Samar : what? you made this

Aditya : time out I will taste it, I am sure you don’t mind

Maya ; of course not, and I will feed you by my own hands

Aditya : so sweet of you, after mom only you are mercy on me

Zoya and Samar gets jealous when Maya feeds Aditya while other laugh.

Zoya : if you are done with offering bhog to him will other get chance to eat

Ajitabh : hayee I wish my wife would be so jealous for me

Vish : what? are you kidding me seriously

Ajitabh : I mean if any girl would feed me like that what would you do

Vish : you want me to show what I can do, first I will peel her skin like potato, the cut that part she touch (holds knife) do you want to see more trailer

Ajitabh : darling please no violence in police officer’s house

Vish winks at her. She mentions about full moon night coming up.



Suddenly outside clouds hover moon. Lights start to flicker in whole house. Bulb blows off

Bela (holds him tightly) : what is happening

Mahir ; Adi get the torch

Adi ; yaar its no working don’t know why I changed batteries too

Samar : how is it possible

Things are thrown in whole house. Noor stands in air with white eyes

“I won’t spare anybody, you think you all will be saved, I will come back, my power will increase tonight and then nobody can stop me from getting my motive” she says with anger

Vishaka : who the hell are you? what do you want from us

Evil spirit laughs and attacks her

Ajitabh : you are okay?

Spirit : I will kill this (Noor) she is root of all problems

Zoya ; no don’t you can take my life please leave my sister alone

Aditya : no kill me but please leave her alone

“Aaapi please save me I don’t want to die” Noor cries helplessly

Zoya : Noor aapi is with you don’t be scared

“You all can meet each other one last time and after that straightly in heaven” spirit throws Noor on floor

“Noor open your eyes please” Zoya pats her

Arjun carries her taking her inside the room

Vishaka : thats enough I am going to that house right now

Ajitabh ; have you lost it, I won’t let you go anywhere do you understand

Vishaka : Ajitabh please can’t you see situation is going out of hands

Bela and Zoya are extremely terrified with the whole incidence

Ajitabh ; fine but I will go with you

Aditya : if thats the case we cannot let you go alone we will join you all

Samar ; somebody has to be here with girls

Adi : Arjun will stay back with Zoya and Noor

Mahir ; Bela you also stay with them

Bela : no I can’t let you go alone try to understand

Mahir ; fine lets go guys

Zoya ; but rights its no less than danger in that house and tonight is full moon

Vish : this is only time we can go, maybe we can find some clue

Maya : guys i have brought this holy amulet my mom gave me, and I brought some more those are enough

Everybody wears the holy amulet and starts walking to the haunted house. Their feets shake up while going but all keeps chanting god’s name. Mahir tries with hammer to break the lock

Vish : what happened

Mahir : its not breaking don’t know why

Bela : i am telling you na, there is some power inside and its not letting us open

Mahir : Bela please calm down

Vishaka : its okay

He is finally able to break the lock. All of them see the house shuddered little bit, Completely dark everywhere. Noise of clock struck at 12 am. The group separates at different places to find clue of something

Bela reaches a room where the doll is sitting on chair. She shouts in fear but is not able to run out of room when a force closes door

“Mahir, Mahir” Bela shouts

Ajitabh : thats her voice

Everybody rushes upstairs

Vishaka ; Bela please try to open from inside

Bela (cries with fear) : its not letting me open please help me

She suddenly sees a shadow hovering on window outside.

Precap : Adi Zoya and Samar Maya heads to nearby village to gather information.

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