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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Kairav finds Akshara

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik saying like Ram ji loves his family, we also have love in our family. Krishna compliments Kairav’s acting. Kairav says I think we should cancel the plan, Krishna is not so bad. Vansh says whatever you say. Kairav goes to get baby. The box is taken in the truck. He says baby isn’t in the box. Krish and Vansh look for her. They worry. They say maybe Krishna took her. Kairav says Krishna doesn’t have her. Kairav recalls the man taking the box. He says this is not the box in which I had hidden Akshu. Vansh says maybe that workers took it. Kairav says I asked them not to take it. Krish says ask them once. The man asks truck driver to start the truck fast. Naira asks what. Surekha says I had Vatsal with me. Naira worries. Surekha says baby will be at home only, don’t worry. Kartik and Naira look for baby. Akhilesh says she was with Krishna some time back. Naira asks where is Akshara. Everyone smiles.

The truck starts. Kairav says please don’t do this God. He sees the truck leaving and shouts Akshy. He runs after the truck. Kartik asks how can this happen. Suwarna says we will search the entire house well. Naira asks did you give her to anyone. Kartik asks where did you take her. Krishna says I don’t remember. Dadi and Manish scold Krishna. Naksh says we have to find Akshara. Naira faints. Kartik says nothing will happen to her. Gayu and Kirti hold her. Kairav runs on the road and says please stop, my sister is inside. The truck driver hears songs. Kairav loses his shoe. The man hears Kairav shouting and says someone is calling. The truck stops. Kairav gets inside the truck. The driver says there is no one. Kairav checks boxes. Everyone looks in the house. Vansh asks why didn’t Kairav come till now, if our family knows our family then….

Kartik worries and sits crying. Akhilesh says she isn’t here. Manish says I think someone disappeared the baby. Dadi says I will not let Krishna stay here. Kartik consoles Naira. He asks Dadi to decide later. Krishna says I didn’t do anything, I told Vansh to take care of baby, he told me that Dadi is going to give me award. Vansh worried. Kairav asks the man to stop the truck. Kartik asks Vansh is Krishna saying the truth. Vansh says yes, I was there, but Manish called me on stage, Akshu was there, Krishna was coming to the sofa. Naira asks where is Kairav. Krish says Kairav went to washroom. Kartik asks did you see Akshu.

Manish says kids are family, they won’t lie. Dadi says its Krishna’s mistake, you are scolding them. Kartik says yes, its Krishna’s mistake, right. He asks Vansh and Krish to go. Kairav prays. He hears baby’s voice. He shouts Akshu. Krish says I think we should tell family. Kartik shouts yes, I also think so, you don’t waste time by lying to us. Naksh asks Krish to say. Samarth gets angry and asks Vansh to say.

Everyone comes. Kartik says please tell me where are they. Naira asks them to say. Kairav gets hurt. Naira asks what, they are in the truck. Dadi cries. Naira says get my children back. Kartik says we can contact them, who booked the truck. Akhilesh says I did, I will call them. Kartik says I will go. Naira says I will also come. They all leave. Kairav says I will find you Akshu. He looks for the baby. Kartik says driver isn’t answering my calls. They pray for the kids. The baby cries. Kairav hears her. Kartik and Naira enquire about driver. The driver’s phone gets off. Naira says I m a very bad mum, I couldn’t take care of my children, sorry. Kairav sees Akshu and smiles. He asks what happened, why did you get quiet, I have come, I saved you, open your eyes, get up. He gets milk bottle from the same box. He asks her to drink milk. He tries to wake up the baby. Dadi cries for baby. Suwarna asks Manish to call Kartik. Manish says we just spoke to them. Krish says they should be fine. Vansh says yes, we thought its simple plan to make Krishna out, we didn’t think it will become a big problem.

Krishna prays that Akshu and Kairav come back. Naira and Kartik pray. Kairav cries and asks baby to wake up. Kairav drops the water bottle and says sorry Akshu, just get up. Naira says I didn’t think of Akshu. The driver charges his phone and switches it on. Kartik says his phone got on. He calls the driver. The driver answers. Kartik scolds him. He asks him to check the truck, the children are inside. The driver asks what. Naira says don’t disconnect the call. The driver shows the truck loaded with boxes. They see the baby’s cot empty. Driver says I think someone got the basket by mistake. Kartik asks where did our children go. Naira cries.

Kartik says we will scan the entire city. He gets a call. Kartik and Naira come home crying.

Update Credit to: Amena

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