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Walking Together through the Memory Lane – Episode 17 (Samaina FF)

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17. Revenge, Love, Breakups, Regrets

Sonakshi, Arjun and Shefali leaves wheras Vishaka and Vivek joined the writing discussion at Agarwals House.

Sameer: After drinking poison (All-out liquid is no less than a poison), I felt so heroic for no reason. But as soon I drink, I spit the whole liquid. Mom started to cry, shouting, calling everyone and yelling….

Vishaka: Then what will I do after seeing you doing such as a blunder. I said that out of anger but I never mean it.

Naina: Yeah, Sameer. Don’t you have brain…

Sameer: First stop it. If you get a chance, MIL and DIL start to complain about me….Too much…

Vivek: I could remember when I hold him in my arms and taking to hospital, he was saying like…. Dad, I spit all the liquid…Don’t take me to hospital and all… I will recover soon… like that..

Sameer: But he didn’t leave me. I could remember the treatment they give. They would insert two tubes in my stomach. From one tube, a liquid gets in and and through another tube, liquid along with those poison comes out… While pressing the tube for each time, it pained as hell as possible… I could not eat anything for a week… complete bed rest… Only I drunk juice like stuffs. Then I understand the blunder I did because of that one second thought.

Beena: However,  at least you understood something from the incident, beta. If you have courage to attempt suicide, why can’t you live? If you just think about it again and planned someother tactics to convince your mother, you might not have undergone such things…

Sameer: Yeah aunty ji.. I could understood. Even the poison have some minor effect in me even now also… But let me forget the pain but not the lesson.. That made me little stronger then onwards…

Naina: These things are completely unknown to me till I met Sameer’s parents in real. Then, they said these stories. Wheras on other side, I was completely in chaos…

Sameer: (interrupts) You’re always in a chaotic state. So whats new in this?

Naina: You just close your mouth… Everything is because of you.

Sameer: What did I do? Its your mistake to propose to some other boy.

Naina: What my mistake… (imitates Sameer)

Sameer: Mummy ji… (to Bela), you are the best mom and you say, who is at wrong at that time?

Naina: Chachi……

Bela: Enough… Don’t get me into this… I don’t even know these much things happened… You continue…

Naina: One side I was guilty to decieve Prateek and at another side, I was guilt at hurting Sameer. I  thought of ringing him and confess that I just said that for fun. But after ringing him, he said… My father was dead. I’ll talk to you somedays later…. That made my problem even more complicated… Already I was at fault, now if I said the truth, it will really pierce his heart… So I cut the call without confessing….

Sameer: In this time, Naina was not at Facebook…. I typed so many text messages fully but eventually I erased all those things because of hesistation….I did that so many times but I didn’t even send a message to her but still wait if she comes to FB.

Naina: One day, I came to Facebook to message him…. I saw his Bio first, do you what he stated?

Sameer: These much days I was in the captive of devil… Now the devil was destroyed… I am living so peacefully… Like that I think Naina…

All laughs….

Naina: You guys are laughing….. I was so angry after seeing that Devil. I know that was pointed to me… I had a small sympathy for him, then that was disappeared… And guess what I do?

Sameer: Yourself say that… (pretends like not noticing)

Naina: I take a selfie with Prateek and share it in Facebook and sent it to him…. (laughs) I too changed status like that.

Beena and Bela cover their mouth in shock….

Vishaka: Tit for Tat… That’s my Naina. She proved that she is my MIL.

Naina hugs Vishaka.

Naina: Love you Mummy ji… Chachi, Taiji don’t get too much shock…. It was a decent selfie where we maintained long distance….

Beena and Bela: We were shocked because you sent that to Sameer…Wonder how Sameer felt…

Sameer: I gone angry to the peak and I have blocked her. I thought to take revenge by posting pics with other girls. But that doesn’t happen. That’s it… These much things happened for almost 5 months. Then suddenly, my grandpa was died…. To whom I would share everything than anyothers. Even I introduced Naina to my grandpa and even both would speak well to each other. First, Naina was gone and Grandpa was also left me, then I thought to realise not to go behind any other girls or revenge or ego issues and thought to concentrate on my career. I regretted for my wrongdoings also like my possessiveness, being doubtful, anger issues made me sad.

Sameer then unblocked Naina’s account but Naina didn’t come to her account then. He thought to message her apologising. He don’t want her to  accept his apologies as he didn’t deserve, but he wish to pour out all his feelings.. He would message daily about what happened in a belief that she would see it.

Today I ate chapathis… Today with my college friend went to park…. I met my school friends… I visited my school and my teachers…It was a hearty experience… Munna, Pandit and I played cricket… I lost by 2 runs….

He daily texts her like this. One day he got a proposal from a girl ‘Palak’. Sameer denied it and ask her to be a friends. Palak accepts him as a friend. He inform that also to Naina in chat box…. 

At time, he suspected what if Naina secretely see all my messages by using fradulent options. (I mean there are some options. If we click it, even after we see the message, it won’t show read to the sender)

So Sameer jumped to Naina’s account to see whether if has seen his messages or not and clicked his chat to see whether all were recieved or not. All messages were really not read..

Naina: Actually I had two accounts that time. Even Sameer knows that… One is Naina Agarwal, family account and another is ‘Sameer’s Naina’ to talk only with Sameer. (blushes). So, I know Sameer knew my password and would check everything…. So, in my ‘Naina Agarwal’, I would be watching daily, whether he comes to Sameer’s Naina account as green light glows (online symbol). That day he came to my account. I too jumped to Sameer’s Naina account and updated a random story to notify him that I was online… I was waiting for him outside the inbox option as I didn’t have any notification signs as Sameer saw all the messages in my account. I must have opened the inbox to see that old messgaes. If I see his messages, the case would be different

Sameer: Yeah… Actually Naina was also thinking to talk to me like we used to talk… But she wished I should start the conversation and I wished she should start the conversation… No one started the conversation that leave me so angry…. My angry was she is uploading story but not seeing messages. Wheras her angry is, she thought I just came to spy whether she had talked to any other boy….

Out of angry, Naina log out from the account. Wheras, Sameer accepted the proposal by Palak and said to Naina in chat, that he accepted the proposal. (But she didn’t read)

Naina: Then to my rescue, I came to know that the boy Prateek was a ‘professional’  playboy. Many girls asked me whether am I Prateek’s lover. I would say yes and they would reply they were also his lover…. I was relieved that time… I was searching for a option for breakup and finally I got it… Also, I came to know, he was addicted to alcohol, cigaretes etc.. So, I use this as a bonus point and broke up with him….

Sameer: But for me, reason for breakup was differnt. I determined not to doubt or be posssessive or to get angry on Palak and tried my best to be a desirable man for Palak… But the mistake is, I always talked about Naina to her. She was my friend that time… Somehow a lover kind thing… But I was not sure at that time… But all the time, I would speaking how Naina speak, her voice etc etc…. Then,,

Beena, Bela, Vishaka, Naina, Vivek: She got tired and broke up with you (chorously)

Sameer: Areyy… All have joined against me… I informed to Naina that also in the chat box… (laughs)

Naina: Leave it Sameer… You know what, these much affairs, breakups made us broadminded especially for Sameer. We are not regretting for having affair as it made us mature even more than our age. It made us to share any kind of secrets between us…

Sameer: Even, our life at that time was full of denials and hesitations. We would see mistake even at small things.. Always revenge.. Sharing photo to hut him/her etc… Thinking about it now is really silly. But it mould us more…

Shefali and Naina were talking in Shefali’s house garden. They were discussing about many things. Shefali don’t know about Samaina’s story but Naina knows Shefjun’s love story..

Shefali: Naina, I don’t know how how Beena aunty would behave if Arjun confessed his love for me. You should also support me…na

Naina: Ok Crazy girl.. I would be so happy if my friend is my future Bhabhi.

Shefali: Haan Naina, have you loved anyone ?

Naina: Not so, one boy proposed me. He is Prateek. I too accept it but after few months I found he had so many bad habits. So, I cam from him… Then, Sameer is my best friend. Not now…

Shefali: Oh really, who is Sameer?

Naina narrates everything about Sameer for two hours and then: Now we have problems and not speaking to eachother.. But still I have some connection with him. I could forgot all my grudges when I speak to him. He just make me smile. I couldn’t feel the bond with any of my other friends. Eventhough I am not loving him, but there is something special.

Shefali: You’re saying these much things… Then why are you not trying to sort out things. Call him and speak.

Naina: I forgot his number in these years… So I don’t know how to contact him…

Shefali: What about FB?

Naina: Yeah, nice idea… But I forgot my password…

Shefali: We’ll try. Bring your phone.

Shefali and Naina are trying their best to retrieve their password. Without knowing herself, Naina was so enthusiastic to open her account. What if he send messages…. They finally retrieved the account and entered… They opened her ‘Sameer’s Naina’ account….Naina was happy. Naina opened Sameer’s profile and shows his DP…

Naina: See how handsome is he! It is Sameer…Looking like a hero… na

Shefali: This is just ordinary. Where did he look handsome?

Naina was gloomy but opened her inbox as it showed two messages…. To her surprise, there are so many messages which are sent by Sameer…. Almost 1000 messages are sent from his account like breakup with Palak, accepting Palak, other stuffs…. 

Shefali looks at Naina. Naina’s eyes glitters to see messages…. More than that, she felt proud…..

Naina: See, my friend had sent me so many messages even though we fought so many times… He is really a hero… Evn he know I won’t reply but he send me messages. I am really blessed to have him in my life…

Naina bids bye and takes her laptop to her room and were reading all those messages right from the earliest one…. She felt goosebumps… When she is about to reply the message, Bela saw her…. Naina forgot to close her room door… Naina was nervous what to say. Bela was angrily staring at her.

Naina: Nothing chachi….

Bela takes her laptop and gives it to Prakash (Beena’s son and Naina’s cousin brother).

Bela: Prakash, delete all the messages in that account even delete the account. Don’t ask any questions. Go….

Prakash: Ok, Chachi.

Prakash leaves. Beena and Preeti comes and asks what happened. Bela tells the happenings….

Beena: Sameer’s Naina….. Is this why we spend such for your education?

Naina: Not love… taiji…

Bela followed by Beena slaps her and asks her not to utter a word…

To be continued….

Author’s note: And finally the chapter is over. Of course, Naina would be punished severely for this things. What do you think about this chapter? This was the lesson what Naina and Sameer learnt in these days what to do in love and what not to do in love. I think you would like Naina-Shefali scene. Vishaka’s behaviour in present is surprising right? Let us see how they convinced the biggest villain of the love story. But I assure that from the next episode, there are so many lovely surprises awaiting. Please give me your support.





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