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Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd November 2020 Written Episode Update – Kalyan agrees his mistake towards his son ballal.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with ballal arrives to his house while his father kalyan is waiting for him & kalyan asks him where were you & he is reminding what ganesh had told him & he immediately tries telling kalyan that you’ll feel proud what i did today but he refuses hearing him & tells him that we both are going to king’s palace who has called us so you need to take care of house as well as to open shop once in a day to do business & also tells him to do what you wish today & he smiles thinking today I’ll get to play also & his parents leave while ballal goes to play with children’s.
Children’s tell him your father will shout but instead he tells them that he has permitted me & they are surprised asking him how this change happened in your father & he tells them due to his prabhu ganeshji’s blessings & they ask him where you found ganeshji & who is he so he takes them towards the idol stone which he prays & also starts teaching them of how to pray & meditate for prabhu ganesh.
Narayan telling devi laxmi that ballal was heading towards devotional life which attracted people to his devotion.
All children’s one by one start coming to take his teaching & not attending gurukul while one day rishi’s gurukul becomes empty & he understands this work is of none other than ballal who left gurukul since long before all children’s.
Ballal’s parents return from king’s palace appreciating how nice & clean ballal has kept house but one villager comes complaining about shop being not open & kalyan tells him i had told ballal but villager tells him how could you rely your small child to handle your business.
Ballal while teaching children’s is expressing about he has done wrong towards father by not opening shop which i forgot due to got devoted in praying my prabhu so he’ll get angry on me but children’s tell him to take help from your prabhu who helps you said but he tells them in wrong deeds prabhu does not help.
Kalyan tells villager let him come from gurukul & I’ll give such punishment to him which will make him remember always in life but rishi comes complaining him if he had come to gurukul & kalyan gets shocked hearing this also. Rishi tells him due to him all children’s have joined him for learning meditation of some prabhu & not coming to gurukul as all villagers also come to complain him of their children’s are getting attracted towards him making their brainwash & hearing this kalyan leaves to see him taking stick & rope in his hands for punishment warning his wife to not in interfere.
Children’s advice ballal if father shouts then explain him about your prabhu which might be he likes it & he accepts their advise. They are praying prabhu’s stone while kalyan arrives there along with all villagers & children’s see him going aside while ballal is praying but looks behind why children’s are silent & finds his father kalyan behind him getting shocked.
Ballal is thinking about his prabhu’s advise & calmly tries to explain kalyan but he does not listen to him cursing him are you a fool to think this stone as your prabhu making all people fools but ballal is giving him knowledge about this stone itself is his prabhu who gives him power of meditation & devotion but kalyan tells him you are not meant for this instead to do business in future but ballal is explaining him about choices which differ person to person. Then kalyan tells him to show if you feel this stone is your prabhu & ballal prays prabhu’s idol stone to emerge for his wish so that all will know i am not lying but prabhu does not appear. Again kalyan gives him two times more & if does not respond then he’ll decide what to do but ballal tries again & again then too prabhu do not appear & finally kalyan lifts the stone while ballal is continuously trying to stop him but he throws the stone which cracks into pieces while all villagers are shocked seeing kalyan’s reaction.
Kalyan ties ballal with rope around a tree warning everybody to not to interfere to release him & let him be for some days here without food so he’ll know how to behave while all disburse.
Prabhu comes to help ballal in form of rishi who releases him as he understands saying now you came & rishi says so you understood & yes says ballal as pure devotee automatically knows prabhu comes in which ever form for his devotee so ganesh emerges telling him now you will be blessed by this place to meditate for me getting temple here but ballal asks prabhu that your stone is cracked now but prabhu arranges the stone again aqs he gets delighted & tells him this stone will be always here forever as your image & also asks him what you wish tell me & he wishes to forgive his father for not understanding my devotion & ganesh tells him it will happen only when he prays for me devotionally.
A villager tells kalyan to not to react with your son in such a way & to see what condition is about your son who hasn’t eaten since long now but kalyan reacts weirdly saying do not teach me & villager asks him to give me rice but instead he is giving him dal & the villager is complaining him you are pouring dal on place of rice & kalyan is seeing rice as dal while all villagers are seeing dal on place of rice which confuses kalyan & he also sees pests in all his grains so he throws everything in fit of rage but villagers are abusing him of throwing all food materials which is wrong & this is happening due to punishing your child ballal who is pure devotee of his god hence kalyan understands his mistake & runs to see ballal but finds a temple being built with ballal praying stone turned into ganesh’s idol which shocks kalyan & he asks forgiveness from him due to which everything wrong is happening in his life but ballal instead tells him to ask forgiveness from prabhu with pure devotion & not him & kalyan prays prabhu while his wife & villagers also arrive in temple. Prabhu mahaganadhipati emerge to explain kalyan for what purpose ballal has taken birth by which this place will be further know by his name as ballareshwar who will bless & show devotional path to all. Kalyan & all feel blessed by ballal as kalyan asks forgiveness from prabhu also.
Narayan says this all happened finally becoming ballareshwar as devotional place & prabhu mahaganadhipati advises both to move ahead from ballareshwar to chintamani.

Precap : A son who was born & brought up by a king & queen was very wild in his behaviour who sends his parents to ashram to squeeze the king’s place but faces chintamani ganesh.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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