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Shakti 2nd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Heer enters Virat’s house after grah pravesh

Shakti 2nd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Saya coming to Preeto. Preeto thinks of Heer’s condition and cries. Saya tries to pacify Preeto. Preeto says Heer left and made my home silent. She says she is worried for her and says Heer took out heart from her chest. She says she didn’t hug me and cries. She recalls her childhood moments and says I wanted to hold her and hug her, but she didn’t hug me. She cries and says it is not that I was against Virat and her marriage. She says it was because that Heer was a kinnar. She blames Soumya for coming in their life and then kinnar was born in their house. Saya tells that Soumya is not responsible for this and says it was my mistake that I couldn’t control my anger and cursed your home. She says just like Harman was for Soumya, God has sent Virat for Heer. They both cry.

Heer and Virat come home in the car. He helps her get down from the car and thinks he will complete her, thinks of her grah pravesh. He lights the door bell. Simran opens the door. Virat asks where is Maa and everyone else. He says bahu came home and asks grahpravesh arrangements. Parmeet and others come there. Parmeet says marriage haven’t completed, it was a name sake marriage so get namesake grahpravesh done by Heer. Virat asks Parmeet to forget it and tells that it was Preeto aunty’s mistake and not of Heer. Parmeet says we are leaving this rasam incomplete. Virat asks Heer to get inside, but she stops him. She says if our family members stop all the rasams, then this marriage will not be marriage and says she will not come inside with grahpravesh and elders’ blessings. Virat asks her to come. Heer says it is an important rasam for a bahu and she will not get inside. Parmeet says we are leaving this ritual as the marriage is not completed, and we might not call you bahu, but we will not do this as we are not like your Dadi who had kept conditions. She says you can enter inside, but we will not let this grah pravesh done. Sant baksh asks Virat and Heer to come inside and sleep in their room. Virat says you shall make Mom understand and you are saying this. Parmeet says when we agreed for marriage then her family made us understand their conditions. Heer says we shall call Pandit ji and complete the last 3 rounds and asks her not to listen to her family members. She says this house is her first house. Virat says no and tells that he will fulfill his promise. Sant Baksh says rounds are taken in girl’s house and not here. He thinks how to make them understand the reason and tries to convince Heer.

Heer tells that when a bride enters home and then Lakshmi Maa enters with her. She tells that she can’t leave this important rasam even if she has to stand here all night or all my life. Virat says I will make mom and dad understand and is about to open the ghatbandhan. Gurwinder stops him and says both of them shall come inside together. Virat tries to convince them, but Parmeet refuses. Heer asks Gurwinder to make a call to Preeto and tell her that how they are suffering because of her. Gurwinder says it won’t be good, we have to solve the problem right here. virat says yes. Simran asks Gurwinder to call her. Gurwinder calls Preeto. Virat says everything is fine and they are about to get grah pravesh done. Heer says she couldn’t enter inside her house due to her conditions. Preeto thinks this is the good chance to call them here and asks Virat to bring Heer to her house and take her home after fulfilling all the conditions. Parmeet gets shocked and thinks the clever woman is trying to snatch my son. She scolds Gurwinder and asks her to make arrangements of grah pravesh. She tells Heer that the bride and sasural is chosen by her son, else she would have taught them a lesson. Harak Singh asks Preeto not to become bad in anyone’s eyes. Even Rohan tries to convince her, but Preeto reminds them of their promise. Shanno thinks she will gather all information and Soham will attack them after coming back to jail. Soham breaks the pot and thinks when he returns home, then it will be a blast and shoot out.

Gurwinder does Heer and Virat’s aarti. She asks Heer to kick the kalash and steps inside the house after stepping on the colored water. She asks Virat to enter inside, while stepping on her foot impressions. Virat asks her to enter. Heer kicks the kalash and gets inside. Virat steps on her footsteps and get inside. Heer and Virat come inside and take their blessings. Parmeet and Sant Baksh bless them. Heer recalls Preeto’s 1st condition and asks them to regard her as their daughter. Parmeet says you are our bahu and not daughter. Heer promises to love them more than her family and asks them to regard her as their daughter. Sant Baksh says we have a daughter Simran. Virat tells Heer that relations are made slowly. Parmeet asks Gurwinder to take Heer to room. Gurwinder takes them to room. Parmeet says she will show Preeto’s real value to her.

Door bell rings. Raavi opens the door and finds Parmeet standing. Preeto asks if everything is fine and says just now we had a talk. Parmeet says if everything was fine, then we would have jashn/celebration at home and says I was not standing here now. Preeto says I can understand. Parmeet tells that you are a clever woman and tells that they have left the marriage function so that Virat refuses to agree to her conditions, but he agreed and brought Heer home with incomplete marriage. Harak Singh asks her to sit down. Parmeet asks her not to forget that they are guy’s girl and Harak Singh and Preeto are of girl’s family. Heer leaves her hand impression on the wall.

Precap: Voiceover tells that Virat’s agni pariksha, the night for which Heer is waiting, the night which Virat is scared to face. Virat thinks how to face Heer. Voiceover tells that what Virat will say Heer, if her truth will come out. s

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