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Shaadi Mubarak 2nd November 2020 Written Episode Update: KT and Preeti lose Aryan’s contract

Shaadi Mubarak 2nd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Kusum and Preeti making arrangements for Priyanka’s engagement. Preeti says I m not going to office today, KT said he will manage it. Kusum says its not easy to manage the marriage in 7 days, just go and do the work, come at 2pm, get KT along, I invited him. Preeti refuses to go. Kusum sends her to office. KT meets Mr. Mantri/Aryan’s dad. He says I will record our conversation so that nothing is missed. Mr. Mantri says no, I want to talk off the record, stop the recording. KT stops it. Mr. Mantri says you have met Aryan, he is progressive, but also strange, he doesn’t follow old things, he chose the girl, I was helpless to accept it, he wants guy and girl’s family to share the expenses, girl’s family bears the expenses, Aryan wants the expenses to be shared equally, he said he will marry Roop and stay nuclear, I thought it will be good to change it, so I gave you the marriage contract. KT asks what can we do.

Mr. Mantri says you have to show expenses in a way that girl’s family pays you, Aryan doesn’t understand and I don’t need to pay you anything, tell me the expenses of cocktail party. KT says 10 lakhs. Mr. Mantri says make bill of 20 lakhs, Aryan will take 10 lakhs from the girl’s family, tell him that I paid you. KT says its wrong. Mr. Mantri says I spoke to girl’s family, they have no problem, Aryan’s demand is wrong, if you do this, my pride will be high. KT says its unethical, we can’t do this, I m sorry.

Mr. Mantri says you are forgetting that I have lied yesterday, I didn’t break my thursday fast, I did unethical, I did this to keep your respect. KT recalls Preeti’s words. Mr. Mantri asks can’t you do this for me, think of your company, you will get a big contract, I m an old businessman, leave ethics behind, else you can’t walk in business, its your choice. KT recalls Rati’s words. Preeti comes. Mr. Mantri says I was keeping some deal in front of your partner. She says I heard. He says good, remember its your profit more than me, I will wait outside. KT thinks Preeti will lose the challenge if we lose this contract, but it would mean we will compromise our ethics, whatever she will decide, I will support her.

Preeti looks at him. They go out to Mr. Mantri. She says we decided, there is nothing to think. Mr. Mantri says she is a good businesswoman, make 20 lakhs bill and send to girl’s family. She says no need, you are a big businessman, we want to run our business sincerely, we can’t change the bills, we will organize the wedding when you tell the truth to your son. KT says its our final decision. Mr. Mantri says its okay if you do this. Preeti says Aryan trusts you, we can’t break his trust, he is supporting a new thought, guy and girl’s families can manage expenses, why this difference when a mother keeps a guy and girl in womb equally. KT says you should be proud of Aryan, if change is for a better tomorrow, its good, its not bad to learn from children. Preeti says we want to work with sincerity, we will get success one day. Mr. Mantri says you don’t teach me. Aryan comes and says your thinking is wrong, dad, you need to learn from them to keep relations with honesty, I can’t imagine you will cheat me, I wanted to do my marriage in a simple way, I knew you will bring your old thinking in between, I will have a court marriage, I don’t need a liar like you. He thanks KT and Preeti, and apologizes. He goes.

Mr. Mantri says this happened because of you, I will see how you run business on morals, you will always lose, you both are losers, you lost today. He goes. Preeti worries and recalls Tarun’s words. Kusum smiles seeing Priyanka. Amit gets a message. He shows the pics to his parents. He says I don’t want to do this marriage. Kusum asks why. He shows the pics. Amit’s dad says your daughter has an affair with someone. Amit asks who is this guy. Rati and Tarun come. Rati says I will tell you, Tarun is my husband, Priyanka was after Tarun, he married me, Priyanka stays calm for some days, but she planned to frame him. Kusum asks what nonsense. Rati says you should have stopped Priyanka, she joined Tarun’s office to trap him, she asked Tarun to divorce me. Juhi says its a lie, Tarun and Rati planned to trap Priyanka, I had found it now, Priyanka is innocent, they fooled Priyanka. Kusum stops her. She folds hands and apologizes to Amit’s family. Preeti comes and says you won’t apologize to them. Preeti and KT look on. Preeti slaps Tarun and asks him to apologize. Tarun gets shocked.

Preeti says you insulted me, I stayed silent, you made me out of the house, I could have dragged you to court, I know the laws, I wish your sins pot stops getting filled, apologize to them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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