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Santoshi Maa 3rd November 2020 Written Episode Update – Ram lila celebration happening in singhasan’s house.

Santoshi Maa 3rd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with singhasan has arranged ram lila celebration for which he & all his family members are welcoming guests. Singhasan is blessing indresh for well-being of good health & prosperity while indresh seeing nidhi feeling low so singhasan goes to cheer her. Abhay comes telling singhasan that drama players have still not found so for cheering nidhi singhasan plans to arrange rami lila within themselves. Bubli expresses her happiness about ram lila to do in this house which will remind her of her childhood days while pinky teasing her. All small children’s of their area are getting ready to play skit of ram lila in their house.
Asoor makkhi is challenging ushma saying today you won’t be spared by my powers & your devi santoshi will also know before sending any such person to face me. Ushma replies I too wish to know your actual truth of powers.
Singhasan is dictating story of ram lila while children’s are doing skit on singhasan’s dictation. One by one singhasan is dictating explanations of scenes which are performed by children’s.
Devi polomi meets santoshi mata complaining about ushma who is using wrongly the powers she has but santoshi mata explains her she is that devi itself who is arrogant & does all those things to find truth of swati’s killing & if at all you know anything then please tell before hand so that I’ll convince mahadev to forgive you & polomi gets wild saying I do not need forgiveness instead I need happiness in my way by which I’ll see to it that before your devotee swati gets alive indresh completes his marriage with nidhi. Santoshi mata tells her to see ahead what developments arise.
The asoor makkhi is challenging ushma saying I have such powers of mahishasoor & kumbhakarna which cannot be defeated by anybody & not even mahadev as hearing this mata paravati gets annoyed while mahadev calms her explaining his asoor behavior is talking like this.
The skit is played by children’s while singhasan keeps dictating scenes to perform in which one of scene is shown of how ravan took away sita while ram kept searching her & sita also kept remembering ram seeing this indresh started feeling himself on ram’s place & swati being on sita’s place so he started singing prayers of ram lila along with family members while nidhi watching him falls in confusion thinking how come so much of devotion he is showing towards ram lila.
The asoor makkhi emerges in huge form to scare & challenges ushma as he is warning her sending fire powers from his mouth but ushma uses her powers flying & having bow & arrow which as she shoots her arrow it goes from his mouth inside out which makes him injured while the arrow goes to hit ravan’s idol making it blow off. Dev rishi praises ushma’s powers to santoshi mata & now makkhi will definitely get killed by ushma telling mata as mata smiles.
Ushma is trying to attack makkhi but he is using his powers to become invisible & again visible on other side as trying to play with ushma & then he tells her that I do not wish to fight with you in which I am not enjoying but now I’ll become invisible forever for you to search me & he vanishes while ushma keeps calling him saying why are you hiding now.
Mahadev explains mata paravati such incidences occur when person’s brain becomes foolish & tends to act him this way but mata tells him he has become invisible.
Devi polomi tells guru it was good makkhi got invisible due to which I can do my work but guru tells her he isn’t visible to me also feels like may be hidden somewhere or planning some other tactics.
Ushma shouting him calling & saying if you have strength then come in front of me & don’t run away like a loser but a black bull is speeding towards ushma behind her as she gets alerted.

Precap : Singhasan tells pandit to provide date for indresh & nidhi’s marriage while polomi arrives using her powers into pandit. Pandit tells singhasan one date is there on kadva chout after moon’s visibility. Dev rishi is cursing polomi to mata of crossing all limits using her evil powers again to change dates of marriage so ushma has to kill makkhi immediately to make swati better. Ushma is also hearing this.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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