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Santoshi Maa 2nd November 2020 Written Episode Update – Ushma finds second asoor named makkhi.

Santoshi Maa 2nd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with ushma wondering so praying santoshi mata for help to show path as mata tells path is already shown to you & she asks how & mata explains her through siddhi & ushma realizes the signal given by mata & praises her for help hence moving towards the area while dev rishi praises ushma’s understanding.
Bubli is trying to ask indresh in her tricky ways that are you thinking about swati expecting in your life or nidhi is playing any kind of game & he tells her it’s her pure devotion for swati’s well-being. Bubli advises him to think about his promise to revert as she has done lot of times to betray promises & also if he wishes swati’s well-being then he can do by reverting his promise. Indresh is thinking confusingly & getting painful about his thoughts of earlier life with swati which he enjoyed with her.
The asoor makkhi comes searching food & getting very annoyed for food behaving weirdly as all the people watching him feeling strange about him while ushma moving towards her path & that asoor sees children’s taking food bhog so goes near them saying this is mine & squeezes it as children’s start crying.
He is eating food while polomi is angry saying what you did this & santoshi mata also watching him.
Singhasan & his family arranging for prayers while his other son abhay comes telling him that arrangement for ravan’s killing has not happened yet & singhasan asks him where are those goons then while indresh tells him they are absconding since yesterday as they are killers of swati but santoshi ie. ushma is searching them & swati’s killing has no link with our family she has told me as singhasan wonders has indresh known the truth of swati?
The asoor is eating food while polimi thinks inspite of trying to help him I can’t at this particular time.
Ushma moving while she finds children’s crying & they are telling her what all happened with them so she searches the asoor who took away their food plate & as she comes near him but not seen by her so suddenly an old woman comes to that asoor who actually is her son & takes her away from there while asoor in him also thinks this is time to go with her to hide.
Ushma is searching him along with children’s & they find the food plate on the rocks but not him so ushma thinking where can he be.
Santoshi mata comes to meet ushma telling her need to take out the asoor from that human because still nothing has happened inspite he ate bhog Prasad while the old woman is praying mata santoshi to help her make her son better as he is feeling very painful eating the bhog Prasad food & mata gets old woman’s signal & she uses her powers to pour blessings on her which reaches to her son & he gets freed from that asoor while ushma understands mata’s blessings & she goes near the old woman’s house.
The asoor makkhi comes out of the house & faces ushma in front of him while the old woman is delighted seeing her son getting better & praises mata for helping her.

Precap : The asoor makkhi tells ushma that I won’t fight with you so I am becoming invisible. Polomi is smiling while dev rishi telling santoshi mata that this asoor is playing trick then how can ushma achieve her target. A black bull is coming speedily towards ushma & she is becoming alert.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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