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#RiAnsh #FanFiction #Ishq Mein Marjawan Part-8 Siya In Danger…

Hello 🙋

Thanks a lot for your appreciation and letting me know fact though my reason for replying to comments was same as you all stated and so now onwards I’ll reply to each and every comments (I’ll reply to previous part’s comments too. 🙃) Okay enough of this all back to update.

Angre reached the office and get to know that some urgent meeting came up so Vansh is attending it so take a breathe of relief and stared revising his script one more time.

Almost after an hour Vansh is out of conference room while on the way back to cabin he saw Angre so signed him to follow him and once in cabin Vansh was about to ask question to Angre but before that Angre started

Angre: Boss I am sorry but there were no positive outcome. 😔

Vansh: What you mean? 🤔

Angre: Actually their corridor CCTV was not working since last two days and they have planned to get it repaired on their off day that is tomorrow and even if they have done it earlier it’ll be of no use. 😑

Vansh: And why so? 🙄

Angre: Cause their main server is damaged due to shot circuit and they’re thanking their stars that nothing wrong happened in their hotel in these days. 🥴

Vansh: Interesting very interesting seems like not them but you’re thanking your stars. 😒

Angre: Nothing like that you can send other man to check over there I seriously don’t mind. 😎

Vansh: Interesting very interesting 🙄🤔

Angre: And why so 🤔

Vansh: Nothing leave it. Back to your work. 🧐

Angre was suspicious with Vansh’s this behavior cause according to him this convincing Vansh must have gone long for at least half hour but here it wrapped within 5 minutes he wanted to ask Vansh but not having that much dare he thought going back to his work is most understanding thing he can do right now. And with that he about to left from Vansh’s cabin but before he can leave a question shoot from Vansh

Vansh: Which is current assigned task to you? 🤔

Angre: Nothing much Uma ma’am have told me to do… 😕

And cutting him in between Vansh speak

Vansh: Do whatever she told you to do I am not interested in details. 😬

And hurriedly Angre left from there before Vansh can shoot another question. And he with help of his men started searching information of photo girl i.e. Riddhima

More than half hour have been passed but still they’re clueless and it was bit frustrating for Angre and soon his phone ring adding more frustration muttering under his breath

“I just hope it’s neither from Boss nor from his mother”

And looking at screen he took breath of relief as it is from one of his colleague Sharma and he immediately answered call

Angre: What come up now? 🤔

Sharma: Actually I need a favor. 😑

Angre: And what for? 🤔😔

Sharma: Actually my son is lil sick so I’ve to take him to hospital and Vansh Sir have told me to go and check CCTV for some hotel and I’ve to bring it within an hour so will you please go and check it? 😔

Angre: Okay fine ping me details I’ll. (Controlling his urge to laugh hard) 😆😆

And he disconnected call and laughed and thanked his star too. And he soon received information which he very well knows from Sharma. After 30-40 minutes he pinged back details to Sharma same as he mentioned to Vansh. But before he can return back to his work once again his phone ring indicting some unknown number so he answered immediately and it brings a wide smile on his face. (So any guesses whose call it is?🧐) And he immediately leaving all thing left for office to meet Vansh.

Vansh’s Cabin

Sharma was bit scared that what if Vansh catch that he had get it done by someone else so he is putting all his confidence he have on his face same time being as calm as possible but a questioning gaze from Vansh is enough for shattering it all still he managed himself

Vansh: You’re late by 10 minutes.

Sharma: Sir they’re not listening to me at first place so and while coming back I was stuck in traffic. (He tried to sound as normal as possible) 😶

Vansh: Anyway what about information? 🧐

Sharma: Sir actually their corridor CCTV was not working and they’re about to get it repaired on their off day i.e. tomorrow.

Vansh: Okay leave now.

Once Sharma left from cabin Angre who was waiting outside entered inside with a wide smile.

Vansh: Why are you smiling like an idiot? (He was bit angry or lost)

Immediately Angre changed his expression and replied

Angre: Nothing will talk it later what is bothering you boss? 🤔

Vansh: I am still not able to recall where I’ve seen that girl.

Angre muttered under his breathe

“He is still stuck at her only interesting very interesting 😜”

Angre: I am sorry in advance but I still have the same opinion but because this all chaos you’re thinking like that so all I am suggesting right now is leaving that behind.

Vansh said nothing he just rolled his eyes and shake his head a bit taking it as cue to talk further Angre speak

Angre: I got one news for you whether it be good or bad or interesting that is upto you.

Vansh: Okay.

And soon they had conversation and after that Vansh’s face was brighten up while Angre was happy like he have cracked deal of millions. (Any idea regarding what this conversation is?) 🧐🤔

Singh’s Bunglow

Since last 10 days Anupriya was doing all the household chores without any complaints and more surprising then it is Ishani have not made any fuss over her working.

Apart from that Riddhima is being pampered by Anupriya is most shocking for Siya.

And one day after dinner Riddhima and Siya were sitting in their room while all in sudden Siya speak

Siya: Di you know what I am finding it to be fishy.

Riddhima: What?

Siya: This to good to be true behavior of this mother daughter duo.

Riddhima: It’s nothing they’re changing don’t overthink about it Siya…

But before she can complete her sentence Anupriya made her entry and walking towards Siya she handed over few medicine to her and speak

Anupriya: I am sorry for all my previous behavior. And now Riddhima is no longer going to stay here so now I only have to take care of this home and you so I decided to take care of everything from  now on.

Siya is still not able to believe her ears but she shrugged off it all and pester a smile on her face while hugging them both Anupriya left from there with a devil smile.

Soon she entered into Ishani’s room there she find her with foul face and she went to her and speak

Anupriya: What happened?

Ishani: Mom I tried to spoil Riddhima’s image in front of Kabeer by unknown calls but he is not ready to believe it. Anyway leave it you went to meet him today what he told you.

Anupriya had flashback of her meeting with Kabeer

As soon as Kabeer made his entry at cafe not being bother with other people he still touch Anupriya’a feet seeking her blessing and Anupriya cursed herself for giving away such nice good looking and well mannered boy to Riddhima and she thanked her star that Ishani fall for a gem. And clearing her throat she speak

Anupriya: I’ve something important to discuss with you.

Kabeer: what it is?

Anupriya: I am here for the deal.

Kabeer: And what it is?

Anupriya: Leave Riddhima and marry Ishani and I’ll make sure you both get all the happiness in the world.

Kabeer: Anupriya ji today when I saw you here I thought you’re here as a Riddhima’s mother but you proved me wrong. And one more thing Riddhima is my lucky charm and lady love and whatever else you want to say and I’ve made my mind to give her all the happiness she deserves.

Anupriya: By marrying her you won’t get even a single penny from Singh’s. (See think to trying her ace card)

Kabeer: I don’t even want any penny from you guys just a request don’t let Riddhima know about this meeting else she’ll be hurt. Last but not least I hope you find some better match for your daughter Mrs. Singh. (His tone was stren)

And without waiting for her answer he left from there.

Flashback ends.

Anupriya: I don’t think by straight mean we can change his mind.

While they’re talking peacefully about how to her Kabeer for Ishani. Siya and Riddhima were busy talking about how to plan a surprise birthday party for Anupriya though Siya was against initially as she still don’t like her but on Riddhima’s insist she agreed and they’re checking ideas for theme party but suddenly Siya started feeling difficulties in breathing and soon she collapsed putting Riddhima in great worries.

And clueless Riddhima instead of calling anyone from home dialled Kabeer’s number which were answered immediately and listening her crying calling Siya’s name Kabeer understood situation somewhat and giving his phone to Sakshi telling her to calm down Riddhima and from another phone he dialled almost all Singh’s number but all went unanswered and immediately he called Dr. and told him to be ready he is coming to pick him he left to Singh’s house.

Phew…. 🥵🥵🥵

Done with update so some have assumed right Siya’s life in danger. 👏👏👏👏😎

So today to two assumptions to make let’s see who assumes right. So please drop a comment and and 🤔🤔🤔 Enjoy Diwali ki safaai 😆😆🤭🤭🥴

Stay safe and happy with friends and family.😇

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