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Qurbaan Hua 3rd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Viyas jee orders Baleq to find about Dr Baig’s family

Qurbaan Hua 3rd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the morning Neil wakes up to find Kripa beside him, he kisses her and is calm but is shocked to see that Chahat slept on the table while studying, he hears that Godamabari is calling her to prepare the water for Viyas jee.
Naveli explains to Viyas jee that she listened that this type of smoke is used by the thieves, Viyas jee says that he also fears the same but Baleq has gone to the police station and they can find the solution to this problem.
Neil comes with Kripa, Godambari asks where Chahat is at which Neil mentions that she was taking care of Kripa all night so was not able to sleep, Godamabri signals Naveli to take Kripa from him, she goes to Neil exclaiming that the reason Kripa was restless was because she was missing her as she has gotten more attached to her now then Chahat she takes her exclaiming that she got ill because of the smoke so was not able to take care of her as then she would not have let her go away from her, Viyas jee gets up but Neil explains that he would go and wake Chahat.
In the room she is sleeping when he walks into the room and carefully lifts the hair from her face, she in her sleep exclaims that she is hungry, Neil doesnot understand what is happening, she thinks that it is french-fries and so in the sleep bites his finger, when he shouts she gets restless, then exclaims that she would go to sleep as she is really sleepy, Neil says that she should not worry about Godambari as he would take care of the entire family but she should just focus on her studies.
Baleq comes with the inspector who says that the musician was someone in disguise because the real musician was attacked on the way, Viyas jee says that he was right as this is an attempt on their lives by DR Baig because no one can think of harming them beside her, he asks the inspector why they are not able to capture him, the police assure him that they would catch Baig.
Ghazala is trying to search for the news of the death of the Dhani family but the driver also comes saying that he was not able to find any member, Ghazala wonders how can they have not died as they had made a full plan, she orders him to check once again.
Chahat is studying with the plastic model, Neil seeing it gets scared and runs way so Chahat explains that it is only a model as there is nothing to worry about, he still gets scared when she takes out a skull then Neil thinks that they should see how scared Godambari would be.
Godamabri is sitting thinking that she would make Chahat do all the work, then hears that someone is talking, it is the skeleton and actually Neil talking ion the voice of her mother in law who inquire the reason she makes Chahat do so much work, Godambari gets scared then exclaims that she would not let her work so much at which she promises that she would not make her work so much.
Godambari gets up and is scared but then wonders that the old women is just the same, Chahat comes asking what has happened because she called him, Godambari refuses saying that she would make the juice for her and she should not worry as her aunt is still alive.
Neil and Chahat both are rejoicing for the prank which they played on Godambari, Chahat exclaims that it is not right however Neil exclaims that they can play a prank sometime, Neil also wishes her luck for the paper, she gets ready then also orders him to make sure both Viyas jee and Jamuna take the steam.
Neil asks Jamuna to not take out the towel for at least 5 minutes because it would not affect that much, Naveli comes from behind and touches Godambari at which she gets scared then when Naveli says that should call Chahat, Godambari says that she should not call her as she would work.
Neil is going top bring more water when Baleq comes informing that he has got the information of the entire Baig family, Viyas jee takes the envelope which scares Neil who fears that if the get to know about Chahat it would ruin their entire plan, however the name of the daughter is not what he expected to be so he also get confused when the name appears, Viyas jee warns them all to keep their eyes open as otherwise they might get hurt.
Godamabri is in the kitchen when she gets a call from Sunita who inquires if they all are safe as she saw a dream where they were in danger, Godambari exclaims how Chahat saved them with a purifier then Ghazala tries to put the blame on Chahat, Godamabri inquires why she would do this, Ghazala says that it might be because she might try to take the control of their house.
Neil sees that Chahat is sleeping during her exams he tries waking her but she doesnot respond so he sees that she is unconscious, witnessing which he gets worried.

Precap: Neil sees the air purifier which is chocked so he realizes that Chahat would have gotten unconscious because of it, Viyas jee has the identity card which was in his hand so orders Baleq to also find out about it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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