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Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 2nd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Mayura gets out of the cage

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 2nd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Omkar locks Mayura back and says I told you. We are made to be together forever. He leaves.

The next morning. Mayura is in her cave. Manjali says see how your husband is. He’s fasting for you. Husbands beat their wives. Manjali says I have called a woman to take off evil eye. Piyush brings her in. The woman goes towards Mayura’s cage. Her face is hidden. She says Minty. It’s Surekha. Mayura says you.. Surekha says I so wanted to see you. Piyush brought me here. I am responsible for all this. I asked you to stay with your husband and now you’re caged here. But now, I am telling marriage isn’t a cliff that you fall there’s no coming back. Every girl has the right to walk out. Manjali says done? Surekha says karwa chauth proves that woman is made of strength. Mayura says I will fight until I win. Surekha is leaving. Manjali stops her and says come here. Manjali gives her food and says take it. Surekha leaves. Mayura was scared. Piyush nods at Mayura.

Mayura says Omkar ji please forgive me. Piyush made me understand. This is better for me to stay here. Even if our minds are different you love me the most.. I want to live with you. Close to you. If I live in this cage I will suffocate. I want to fast for you. Mayura cries and says please forgive me. Please. Omkar comes ot her and says don’t cry. He opens the lock and gets in. Omkar hugs Mayura. Mayura says I was lost. Omkar says this is our first karwa chauth. We will celebrate it well. Mayura says in heart you will see who will celebrate. Mayura hugs Omkar.

Scene 2
Omkar prepares for Karwa chauth. He says Maa I am getting her Sargi ready. Make her eat. Manjali says don’t trust chameleon. It changes colors. Omkar says things change with time. Piyush made her understand. Manjali says just keep your eyes open.

Mayura says to Piyush Omkar is ready in preparations. We will run at the first chance we get. Piyush says I will handle everything don’t worry. Omkar stands up. Piyush says what are you thinking Mayura? Mayura says Piyush, they have sargi. I won’t even eat that from their hands. Omkar comes. He says Mayura come out of the cage. Maa has to give you sargi. Omkar opens the cage. Mayura comes out. She says in heart I will never get inside this cage. I will be free from it in 12 hours. Omkar says is everything okay? Mayura says yes. Before sargi I want to do pooja. He says sure.

Mayura says this day is so important for every woman. A woman fill her hairline but when the hairline is bruised, you have to treat it. This mangalsutra and sindur doesn’t make me suhagan. I got a husband like Omkar who doesn’t even deserve his wife. Why would a woman pray for his long life? When a relationship becomes a cage where a woman is detained, Gauri has to become Kali. Help me get out of this detention maa.

Mayura comes back to Omkar. He extends his hand. Mayura holds his hand. Mayura touches Manjali’s feet and says give me blessings that I do my reposnibility right and do justice to Omkar ji. Manjali gives her sargi. Omkar says maa, I will make her eat the rest. Omkar says Mayura eat a lot. You won’t get to eat the whole day. Mayura says yes I have to be very strong.

Manjali says done eating? Come. Go inside the cage. Mayura says what? Manjali says what happened? I will get you out myself and get you ready. Promise come. The cage is waiting for you. Mayura says no. Omkar ji please don’t lock me. Please don’t keep me away from your eyes. How can a wife fast in that cage. You can tie me with your hand but don’t lock me in the cage. Manjali says she’s a drama. Don’t listen to her Omkar. She is trying to misuse your love. Don’t listen to her. Come with me. Mayura says Omkar ji no please. Manjali says she is doing drama. Lock her in or she will fly away. Omkar says maa stop. He says my Mayura won’t live in the cage anymore. She will stay in front of my eyes. Don’t you understand that?

Precap-Omkar says I made you a part of my fate. You didn’t understand my love. He attacks her with a heart shaped tile. Mayura’s face bleeds and she falls down.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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