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Love after arrange marriage Ep-15- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Love after arrange marriage Ep-15- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Hii Guys, I was free so thought why not write an episode to make you happy…Also, if someday I couldn’t post the episode because of Karwa Chauth or Diwali , then please   adjust …

Replies to comments..,

  • Riansh Lover- Thank you for the appreciation..
  • Mrunal- Thanks dear ..
  • Den – Well, Kabir is Riddhima’s brother …,Also , he is Siya’s (Vansh’s sister) boyfriend …Haha  I too find that funny ..
  • Shivangi Singh- I think you are a new one ..Thanks for liking my work ..
  • RiyaVaghani- Thanks dear friend..
  • Sumisha – Your wait is over..

I think you liked my idea of inserting pics…

I wanna say you all that if you have some questions in mind or any suggestions , you can message me at Insta (@chotisardaarni_sidnaaz) or can write in comments…

Episode starts with..,

Vansh and Riddhima go at the beach side . Riddhima sees the ice-cream vendor and runs towards it ..Vansh says,”She’s like a kid.” Riddhima and Vansh says,”I want butterscotch ice-cream.” The vendor says,”I have only 1 ..Whom to give??” Vansh says,”Give it to Riddhima.” Riddhima says,”Give it to Vansh.” They both have a sweet argument. Vendor says,”You both share it.” They both nods yes. Riddhima and Vansh share the ice-cream. They get eye-locked . Angre comes and pretends to cough .. They both look at him and say,”hmm…we were..” Angre says,”No problem.” On the other side, Aryan says,” Chanchal you wouldn’t have done so , it hurted me..” Chanchal apologies and says,”Let’s start a new life together.” Aryan nods yes. Aryan goes to Vansh holding hand with Chanchal and says,”Bhai !! Chanchal told she was kidding .. I forgave him , you also please , we wish to start a new life together.” Vansh says,”You should be comfortable just, I have no issues.” Aryan gets happy . Aryan and Chanchal look at each other. Suddenly , Sejal enters there and hugs Riddhima and says,”Riddhu.” Vansh says,”Why you came here ?” Sejal says,”I thought that lets do friendship ,I am an orphan , I have no one except my Riddhima …” Riddhima says,”Please Vansh.” Vansh nods yes.  Aryan  says,”Let’s play some game !!” Riddhima gets happy and says,”Let’s play.”

“But in farmhouse” says Vansh. Everyone goes there . Siya says,”Lets play ‘Pop that balloon relay’ ” Chanchal says,”But how ??” Siya says,” We are 8 people , we will divide us in 2 teams , then there will be two colors of balloons (yellow and blue)which will belong to each team but there will be balloons of other colors also to make game difficult  .  Then all balloons will be mixed together , players will stand in a line , the player in 1st position from each team will go and find their team’s  balloons in 2 mins then he/she will run again to the players standing in line and will touch the player and will burst the balloons which he/she collected.” Angre says,”Let’s play.” Vansh says,”But team will be divided by ??” Siya says,”I have made chits already.. I decided that we will play the game.” Vansh says,”See my sister is so smart.” Siya says,” Kabir , you pick the chits.” Kabir nods OK . Kabir says,” I will pick 4 chits for Team 1 and rest Team 2, Team 1 – 1st player is (he picks the chit) my cutie.” Siya says,”That’s me.” Kabir says,” My cutie – Riddhima.” Siya says,”Ooh.” Riddhima gets happy . Kabir says,” Second is Angre, 3rd is Chanchal.” Chanchal says,”Wohoo.” Kabir  says,” 4th is..” Vansh thinks,”God please its me ..”   Riddhima thinks,”Please Vansh..” Kabir completes,” That’s Mr. Rai Singhania.” Aryan says,”So me ??” Kabir says,” No ..Its my Jiju , Vansh.” Vansh  & Riddhima gets happy  ..Kabir notices ..Siya says,”So , team 2 is – Kabir , me, Aryan and Sejal.”

Precap : They all play the game ..

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Wait !! I have 2 questions for you
1st- What do you think who won the game ??
2nd- Do Kabir likes Vansh ??
Do let me know..

Well for today , just this …

Thanks  .. Keep supporting and loving ..Happy Karwa Chauth in advance .. Enjoy Diwali’s cleaning .. Are you doing it ??? 

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