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Love after arrange marriage Ep-14- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Love after arrange marriage Ep-14- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

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Episode starts with..,

Vansh asks ,”Mom & Dad, would you go with us??” Anupriya says,”No beta, you enjoy.” Siya and Kabir comes home. Vansh says,” We will be back after 2 days , so pack accordingly.” Everybody goes to pack things and comes down. Riddhima says,”Where are we going?” Vansh says,” Our Juhu farmhouse.” Riddhima nods OK. Vansh, Riddhima, Siya, Kabir, Aryan and Angre(Vansh’s friend) sits in the car , Riddhima and Vansh at the front  seat , while Vansh driving the car, at the back sits Siya and Kabir and then Aryan and Angre . Aryan says,”Vansh bhaiya and Riddhima bhabhi’s only married , rest are single…So, we bachelors will enjoy you both ..” Vansh says,”Why?? I have an idea, me and Riddhu will live like bf- gf..” Riddhima says,”Interesting, Very Interesting.” Everybody giggles . They reach the farmhouse. Vansh and Riddhima go to their rooms , Siya and Kabir too go to their rooms. Aryan and Angre goes to the rooms respectively. Riddhima wears skirt-top. Vansh stares at her and asks,”You are looking like bachelor really.” Riddhima thanks him.

They both walk at the Juhu beach. They all enjoy at the trip  . Riddhima’s walking and then she falls down. Vansh takes her up in arms and goes towards the room . Riddhima’s bleeding . Vansh applies first aid kit . Riddhima looks at Vansh . Aryan’s roaming on the beach side . He sees Chanchal there. Chanchal comes to Aryan and apologies for what she did. She also says,”Aryan , I  didn’t knew that the result of my joke would be this.” Aryan asks , “It was a joke?” Chanchal nods yes. Other side, Vansh says,”Riddhima, get up and try to walk .” Riddhima says,”No Vansh , I can’t.”  Vansh says,” Ok Riddhima, you shall rest , we will go and sit at the beach side and eat ice-cream.” Riddhima stands and says,”I was kidding , lets go and eat ice-cream” Vansh giggles.

Precap: They are eating  1 ice-cream together ..wait for next update to know why … 

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