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Is it really love?? (RIANSH) Episode 11: Truth and Dare.

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The episode starts as……

After dinner (11:00pm),

All eight of them make a circle and sit down. Aryan says, “Here’s the bottle to spin. Who will spin?” Kabir says, “I will. On whomever the mouth of the bottle lands that person would ask the question and on whomever the edge lands that person would have to answer. Done?” Everyone agrees. Kabir spins the bottle. It lands on Angre and Sejal. Sejal asks, “What would you choose to speak the truth or to do dare?” Angre says, “I am brave enough. I would choose dare.” Riddhima says, “Well, Let me tell you that to speak the truth also one requires a lot of courage.” Angre says, “Sorry. But I still go for dare.” Sejal goes near Angre and whispers in his ears. Angre says, “What! That’s not happening.” Sejal says, “You have to do it. You chose dare.” Angre makes an angry face, gets up and leaves. Vansh asks, “What dare did you give? To leave the game and go?” Sejal laughs and says, “What! No! Just wait and watch.” After 10 minutes Angre comes back. Everyone is surprised to see him. Riddhima and Sia start laughing. Kabir laughs and says, “This dress suits you so well.” Angre asks him to shut up. Ishani says, “Let me guess. So your dare was to wear a girl’s dress and come.” Angre agrees and adds, “She told me to wear this dress till the game ends.” Vansh can’t take off his eyes from Angre and says, “Angre, you look so pretty; just like Cindrella.” and then even he starts laughing. Kabir says, “I agree with you Vansh. Now I feel we will have to search a guy for Angre rather than a girl.” Angre tells Sejal, “Just wait and watch. Your turn would also come. Now let’s continue.” Everyone control their laughter and continue the game The bottle is spinned again. It lands on Aryan and Sia. Sia asks, “What do you want? Truth or dare?” “Dare.” Aryan says. Sia says, “Okay. Propose Ishani.” Aryan and Ishani say, “What!” Sia says, “I am just asking you to propose her. I am not telling her to accept it. Afterall, in future also there will be some girl whom you like and that time also you will plan to propose, so just think this is a demo.” Aryan gets nervous. He comes on his knees, looks at Ishani and says, “You are someone with whom I want to spend my whole life. I want to be with you till my last breath. I want to have a successful future with you and want to see ourselves getting old together. I really am in love with you. Would you marry me?” Aryan thinks, ‘Though it’s a dare, each and every word I said, I meant it. I really mean everything.’ Ishani thinks, ‘I wish this wasn’t a dare and you meant every word. I really wanna say yes.’ Vansh whispers to Riddhima, “I feel Ishani wants to say yes.” Riddhima nods and whispers back, “Even I feel Aryan meant every word.” Ishani and Aryan sit. The bottle is spinned. It lands on Riddhima and Kabir. Riddhima says, “Truth.” Kabir asks, “If you have to propose to any of us, who will it be and why?” Riddhima goes into thinking and says, “Vansh.” Vansh is surprised. Sejal asks, “And why?” Riddhima says, “Because Aryan is my best friend. Angre and Kabir, I don’t know them till now. And I have spent much time with Vansh and I feel comfortable. So…… yes it’s Vansh.” Vansh is still surprised and can’t take his eyes off Riddhima as he is recalling her words. He is so lost that he doesn’t know that the bottle has landed on him. Ishani screams, “Vansh bhai!!” Vansh comes back to his senses. “It’s on you. What do you want to choose?” Vansh answers, “Dare.” Ishani says, “Okay. You will have to dance.” Vansh says, “What! No! You know, I don’t know how to dance. I can’t do it.” Ishani insists but Vansh still says No. Riddhima whispers to Vansh, “Come on Vansh. You can do so many things. I am sure you will do it. Give it a try.” Vansh listens to her words and agrees to dance as if her words brought confidence in him. Ishani says, “Seen, I know how to convince bhai.” Vansh gets up to dance. He offers his hand to Riddhima to accompany him. Riddhima and Vansh dance ( Ishq mein marjawan title track plays). They share an eye lock while dancing. The dance is over. Sia thinks, ‘I know Bhai, you agreed to dance only on Riddhima’s insistence. I saw her whispering. I couldn’t hear but I am sure she was encouraging you.’ and then Sia says, “Bhai, I had no idea that you dance so well.” Kabir says, “Alright! Let’s spin.” The bottle is spinned, it lands on Sejal and Angre. Sejal says, “I would choose truth.” Angre says, “So tell us, if you have to kill any of us, who would it be and give reason also.” Sejal says, “What! Such an easy one. Well Riddhima knows my answer. It’s definitely going to be Aryan. And the reason is, he keeps pulling my legs and troubles me. So if there was a rule of forgiving a murder, I would choose Aryan.” Ishani gets sad hearing this. Aryan says, “Let me remind you, you keep pulling my legs. I am as innocent as a kid.” Vansh(in sarcasm) says, “Exactly. Only innocent people keep the lion’s roaring ringtone for experimentation purposes.” Riddhima starts laughing. Aryan pats his head, smiles and says, “Only once it happened. I will try to not let that happen again.” Vansh asks, “Try? Seriously?!” Aryan says, “I don’t guarantee.” Sia gets irritated and says, “Kabir! Spin the bottle.” Kabir does. Time passes as the game goes on. They get tired and go to sleep. Vansh reaches his room and recalls Riddhima’s words during her Truth as he is falling asleep.

Next morning at 10:30,

Everyone gets ready to leave the farmhouse. They sit in their respective cars and drive back home recalling the memories and discussing them. Vansh drops Riddhima and Aryan at Riddhima’s house. He drives to his house. Ishani tells him, “Bhai! Wasn’t the time wonderful?” Vansh says, “Ofcourse, the whole time you were with Aryan. So you have to find it wonderful.” Ishani says, “Exactly. Whole time you were with Riddhima. How would you understand how time passed because you were with her. And so the time must have just stopped.” Vansh asks her as what she meant but Ishani ignores. They reach VR mansion. They go to their rooms and freshen up. After some time, Uma enters Vansh’s room and asks, “What made you change your mind that you completed all the work quickly and left for the farmhouse?” Vansh answers, “Nothing. It was just that everyone was going so even I went.” Uma says, “Okay. Anyways, Ishani and Sia are going shopping while Kabir and Angre are going to attend some meeting during lunch.” Vansh says, “Mom, actually during lunch time I have to attend an important meeting and so I won’t have lunch today.” Uma says, “But Vansh, it’s not good to skip a meal.” Vansh says, “Please Mom, nothing would happen.” Uma leaves.

Uma comes down and finds Riddhima. Riddhima says, “Hello Aunty, How are you?” Uma says, “I am fine dear. And you?” “Well, I am great. I just came to meet Ishani and Sia, are they there?” Uma says, “No! They are gone for shopping.” Riddhima notices that Uma is upset about something and asks her the reason. Uma says, “Vansh is a workaholic. All he does is work. Today he’s not ready to have lunch also. I am just worried about his health. He skips meals in the same manner as a student skips an unwanted answer during an exam.” Riddhima says, “Don’t worry Aunty. He will have lunch. Aunty where is Vansh’s room?” Uma directs her to Vansh’s room and acts to walk out but instead stands outside. Riddhima knocks at the door. Vansh is busy in his laptop, he doesn’t see and asks her to come in. Riddhima says, “Hello.” Vansh looks at her and says, “Riddhima. You here? You didn’t need to knock. You could have just entered.” Uma who’s standing outside and listening is surprised. Riddhima says, “Okay, Next time I would definitely walk in. But now let’s have lunch.” Vansh says, “I have an important meeting to attend. I can’t.” Riddhima snatches his laptop and says, “I won’t return it to you until you have lunch.” Vansh tries to snatch it back but fails. Riddhima runs around the room with the laptop. Vansh is behind her. At the end Vansh is tired and says, “Alright! I will have lunch.” Riddhima gets happy. Uma who’s standing gets even more surprised. She recalls how Vansh scolded Ishani when she did the same thing with Vansh before an important meeting. She thinks, ‘Vansh is so calm with her. If the same thing would have been done by someone else he would have got angry. There must be something special in her.’ Vansh and Riddhima start having lunch in Vansh’s room. Just then Vansh asks her, “What made you come and have lunch with me?” Riddhima says, “Well, I had come to meet Ishani and Sia but they aren’t at home. Later, I spoke to Uma Aunty, she told me you didn’t have lunch, so I told her that you would have lunch, I will make you have.” Vansh says, “Okay. So basically my Mom complained about me to you.” Riddhima says, “What? No! Forget. I am going, you attend your meeting now.” She leaves. Uma thanks her. Riddhima says, “Aunty, you don’t need to be thankful. I did my duty as a friend. Now I will leave. Bye.” Riddhima leaves. After sometime Ishani and Sia come back. They go to Uma’s room to show her all the things they had shopped for her. When they reach her room they find her smiling and ask her the reason. Uma says, “Vansh, who doesn’t delay his work even for a single task, today did. He didn’t skip but he delayed it.” Ishani asks, “What? Mom please tell me you are joking! Or I feel I am dreaming.” Sia pinches her, Ishani screams. Sia says, “You aren’t dreaming girl!(looking at Uma) But mom what happened?” Uma says, “Vansh disagreed to have lunch but when Riddhima insisted him, he did.” Sia says, “Oh that…… that’s not new. In the farmhouse Bhai did so many things which he doesn’t do normally. For example:he danced, that also with Riddhima.” Uma is surprised and says, “Wait…….. What? Does Vansh even know to dance?” Ishani asks, “Mom are you sure he’s your son?” Sia laughs. Uma says, “You!!! Now I doubt if he’s my son.” Sia says, “Mom?” Uma says, “What? I, being his Mom didn’t see him dancing and there he danced, Woah!” Sia, Ishani and Uma start laughing.

Next day,

Sia, Ishani and Uma are standing down in the living room while Vansh is leaving the house. Sia asks, “Bhai, where are you going?” Vansh answers, “I have an important work. I will come in sometime.” He leaves. Ishani calls Riddhima,puts the phone on speaker and asks her, “Hello Riddhu, what are you doing?” Riddhima says, “I am going out for some work, I will tell you later what it is. I just spoke to Vansh, even he’s accompanying me.” Uma and Sia are surprised. Ishani says, “Oh, okay. I will talk to you later. Mom is calling. Bye.” Ishani hangs the call. Uma, Ishani and Sia(together) say, “Important work!” and then laugh. Vansh picks Riddhima up.

In the car,

Vansh asks Riddhima, “Where do you want to go?” Riddhima answers, “ ‘Little Angels Orphanage’. I go there once a month to visit those kids and it also reminds me of my old days.” Vansh says, “Okay.” In 15 minutes they reach the orphanage.

In the orphanage,

Riddhima enters the orphanage and all the kids surround her. She smiles. Vansh keeps looking at her as she’s talking to them. Vansh tells Riddhima, “I will just come in a minute. You stay here.” Riddhima agrees as she’s already busy with those kids. She gives them balloons and chocolates and watches them smile. Meanwhile Vansh goes into the office and says, “I want to make a donation.” The clerk in the office asks, “Sure sir. Here’s a form, you can fill it up and donate either cash or cheque.” The man goes outside to see the kids while Vansh is filling the form. Riddhima is busy playing the kids. She runs behind them and tries to catch them. Vansh fills the form and keeps the form on the table with the cheque. He leaves and comes outside. He finds Riddhima playing with kids and too goes there. Riddhima holds Vansh’s hand and tells the kid, “He’s my friend. You can talk and trouble him as well.” She signs the kids. And everyone teamed up to tickle him. He asks them to stop but to no avail. Riddhima tells that she would come in sometime as he can continue talking to them. She goes to the office and finds a form on the table. She goes to see and it’s the same form which Vansh filled. She’s surprised as Vansh gave a donation of 25 lakhs. She goes out and finds him near the car. She runs towards him and hugs him. Vansh hugs her back. She gets back and is smiling. Vansh asks her the reason behind her smile. She says, “I am just happy and I won’t tell the reason. Since if I tell the reason you would get upset.” Vansh says, “What? You know right happiness increases when spreaded. Why would I get upset?” Riddhima says, “The reason for my happiness is you! That’s enough for you to know. Now let’s go.” Vansh wonder’s as what he did that she got happy. They sit in the car. Riddhima looks at Vansh and thinks, ‘I know Vansh, when one does a good deed they do it silently and they don’t want anyone to know. If I would have told you that I came to know you donated money you would have got upset. But I am happy since I came with you.” Vansh finds Riddhima looking at him and asks, “What happened?” Riddhima denies but then says, “After I gave a call to you to come and meet me. Ishani gave me a call and asked me what I was doing. I said I am going out with you.” Vansh says, “Ohh..” and then thinks, ‘I can’t cook a story now, I will have to say I went with Riddhima.’ Riddhima tells Vansh, “I am coming to your place.” Vansh asks, “To have dinner with me?” Riddhima laughs and says, “Well…. I don’t mind. I will have. But now I am coming to meet Ishani. I need to pass a message.” Vansh says, “Okay.” They reach VR mansion.

In VR mansion,

Uma, Ishani and Sia are sitting down. They notice Riddhima and Vansh coming. Riddhima greets them. She later takes Ishani at a side and tells her, “Aryan wants to meet you today at 06:30pm. He couldn’t call or message since he’s really busy with work. You can come to our place.” Ishani agrees as Riddhima leaves and then wonders why he wants to meet. Riddhima leaves. Vansh tells that he would come out to drop her. Uma is completely surprised seeing her firm Vansh in a gentle manner. Vansh and Riddhima come out. Riddhima says, “Dinner?” Vansh says, “Done. I will come to pick you up at 06:30 then we can roam and later have dinner in ‘ L’amour ‘ restaurant. Agree?” Riddhima says, “Yes. The name of the restaurant is in French it means ‘ The Love’ ,right?” Vansh says, “Smart. You know it. Even though the name is in french one can get different kinds of food.” Riddhima says, “I know that. You don’t need to give every detail. Now I will go see you in the evening. Bye.” Vansh says, “Bye. See you soon.” Riddhima leaves as Vansh looks at her.

Precap : Vansh and Riddhima enter the restaurant. The manager directs them towards the seat reserved. Vansh and Riddhima are standing at the exit and then suddenly in front of them somebody holds a huge bouquet. The bouquet is held high covering the person’s face.

Loads of love from me to y’all💕💕

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