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Indiawaali Maa 2nd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Cheenu loses her baby

Indiawaali Maa 2nd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with inspector interrogating Kaku. She says I wanted to help my son in paying the loan, I made a mistake in not finding the business details, I m 55 years old, I m a housewife, I stay in Bhuj, I came here to my son, I worry for him day and night, I wanted to help him in handling his life, I didn’t steal anyone’s money, my intention is not wrong, keep me in lockup, let my son go, he was working hard sincerely for the sake of his coming baby and wife, let him go, I will stay here. Constable gets tea for him. Kaku sees tea and apples. Inspector asks her to say what is it. She says don’t take tea and apples together, it will make you get gas in stomach, have fruits and then take tea after some time, sorry.

Cheenu gets stomach ache. Akshay tries to hold her. She sees a car coming in their direction and shouts. He changes the steering and hits the tree. She faints down. Akshay gets her out of the car. Inspector asks Rohan to sit. He takes tea and recalls Kaku’s words. He says I will have tea later. He gets Chandra’s call. He asks how did you call. She says you have put my friend in the lockup.

Chandra says Kaushalya Gadhvi, Kaku, she is a great lady, she can never do wrong, someone framed her, I have sent lawyer to you, check agreement papers, Sagar has put wrong details, Sagar made them sign papers, Kaku and Rohan made mistake to sign the agreement without seeing the details, you tell me, after seeing Kaku, do you think she can do big scam, she is very sweet, I guarantee that she can’t do wrong. Inspector says fine. He asks constable to get Kaku. Kaku comes. Rohan asks are you fine. Inspector says I m leaving you this time, its cheating, we don’t have waste time, be careful next time. He asks Kaku to sign. Rohan hugs Kaku. They cry.

Inspector says lucky people get such mum, she was in lockup but worried for you. Rohan says sorry. Kaku says its fine, don’t blame yourself. Inspector asks Rohan to stay back for formalities. Rohan asks her to stay outside. Kaku goes. Rohan gets his phone. He checks Akshay’s missed calls. He calls and asks what happened. Akshay says Cheenu met with an accident. Rohan gets shocked.

Kaku says I will thank Chandra. Rohan comes running and says Cheenu met with an accident. Inspector asks Rohan to do formalities. Rohan sends Kaku to the hospital. Kaku asks how is Cheenu. Doctor says sorry, Cheenu had a miscarriage due to the accident. Everyone gets shocked.

Rohan is with the lawyer. Cheenu gets conscious. She sees everyone upset. She holds her stomach. Vasu argues with Kaku. Cheenu asks for Rohan. Rohan is on the way. He asks Kaku to make him talk to Cheenu. Vasu says Kaku and Rohan did fraud in the business. Kaku goes out and cries. Rohan is still on the call. Kaku says come to hospital, then we will talk. He says I m reaching, tell me, what happened, what is it, is Cheenu fine. She says yes. He asks and baby. She cries aloud. Rohan gets shocked and cries. Judaai….plays…. Murthy says your baby is no more. Cheenu gets silent. Rohan comes to the hospital. Rohan sees Kaku and Murthy arguing. Murthy says Rohan is a loser, a fraud, he has no relation with Cheenu. Kaku says we all are broken, don’t talk in such a way that it hurts us more. Nurse says your son had come outside, he gave this card and left. Vasu says he left or ran away, he did good, you also go. Kaku says I have accepted Cheenu as my bahu, I will always believe so, Rohan and I never cheated in business or relations. She turns to go. Cheenu stops Kaku and says I will come with you. Murthy says you still trust this woman, you will cry one day. Akshay stops him. Murthy says I can’t see her in this condition, look at her stage. Akshay says I will drop you all home. Murthy says think again Cheenu.

Rohan says you have made the baby leave your exciting story. He blames Cheenu and cries.

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