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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 3rd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Happu agrees to allow Kat for modelling

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 3rd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts Happu is upset that everyone is supporting Kat and nobody is ready to listen to me. He says if I didn’t have any mind then you would have sold me for 20 Rs per kg. Rajjo says then I will get crorepati. Happu asks her not to trouble him. Rajjo asks him what is his problem if Kat does modeling. He says we shall not stop the kids from achieving their dreams, She tells that they shall become their strength and tells that he will feel proud when Kat becomes a big star. She asks him to understand. Happu asks her to do what she thinks right. She gets happy and makes him drink milk. Kamlesh comes to the window and tells Happu that he hates him. He says you’re like pressure cooker and can burst at any time. Happu slaps him and says I didn’t slap you for your lecture, but because I agreed before your lecture. Kamlesh asks why didn’t you tell me before. Happu slaps him again and asks him to leave. Happu asks lets drink milk. Rajjo asks him to drink right here. Rajjo and Happu come to Malaika and Kat’s room. Happu wakes them up. Kat says you have broken my dream and asks him to go out. Happu says I am not your hen whom you are asking to go. Malaika asks him to go and let them sleep. Happu says I came to give you good news. Malaika says 10th one is coming. Happu scolds her and says I came to give permission to my daughter Kat to do modeling. Kat asks are you serious? Happu says I will be happy to see her hoarding. Kat gets happy and hugs him.

Next morning, everyone is sitting to have food. Ranbir tells that mummy is making special food. Rajjo brings diet food. Kat tells that she will decide who is eating what? Rajjo tells that they have to sacrifice for becoming a star’s family. Kat asks them to eat food.

Later, Happu tells Beni that Kat is going to be Superstar. Beni says this means her hoarding and poster will be all over the city. He says it is good that Kat is like Rajesh else she would have become nothing. Happu feels bad and then tells that once she becomes star then they will shift together. Beni says how we will shift altogether. Happu says I mean my family will shift, you shall be here. Beni asks are you joking or insulting me. Happu says first I will take my family and asks him to have pan.

In college, Kamlesh tells Kat about Pappu. Kat tells that she can’t believe that she is becoming superstar. Kamlesh says she will become twinkle twinkle little star and asks her to become star at home first. Kat says mother and father will get angry. Kamlesh says they will call you sona. He tells her how stars behave? Kat says ok I understood. She gets Rajjo’s call and says ok mother. She tells that Mother asked her to buy potato. Kamlesh asks did you see SRK buying grocery on street. Kat says ok. She asks him to bring it.

Later Ranbir clicks selfie with Kat. Chamchi asks her to take her name when she becomes star. Kat says ok. Malaika teases her. Chamchi asks why are you getting jealous. Malaika says she is not jealous of anyone. Rajjo comes and compliments her beauty. Kamlesh comes there and tells Kat that her skin will get dark under the sun and that’s why he brought umbrella for her. Kat gets happy and asks Chamchi to bring water for her.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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