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Hamariwali Good News 3rd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Adi and Navya lie to the family

Hamariwali Good News 3rd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Renuka and Indu asking Navya to just listen to Sumitra. Indu says you and Sumitra have bad terms. Renuka says no, she is happy with Navya now. Indu says yes. Navya is going to give a grandson to her. Navya gets Madhu’s call. She asks what, don’t worry, I will go. She says Dhruv is unwell, I have to go, Madhu is in her Maayka. She goes. Renuka says Madhu’s dad passed away, Madhu and Gautam went to Kanpur, they left baby with Kusum. Navya takes care of Dhruv. Kusum says I m so worried. Navya asks her not to worry. She gets her mum’s call. Her mum says its urgent, Meena will come to your house today. Navya doesn’t listen and ends call. Her mum messages her.

Sumitra says Navya has gone to neighbors at this time. Renuka says Kusum’s grandson isn’t well. She makes Sumitra taste the snacks. Sumitra says its tasty. Renuka says Navya made it. Mukund says Sanjay called. Sanjay says mummy ji will come, Alok and I will finish meeting and come. She says fine, we are ready for the welcome. Mukund goes to welcome Sanjay’s mum. The child welfare lady, Meena comes. Mukund and everyone welcome her. Meena says I had to come. Navya asks doctor to see Dhruv. Doctor says I have to give him injection, he has severe dehydration. Meena gets treated well. Sumitra says she has worn plain saree, she didn’t wear any jewellery. Renuka says I think its fashion. Sumitra tells about the family. Meena asks for Navya. Navya takes care of Dhruv. Doctor says you will become a good mother. Kusum says she is also pregnant. Doctor says congrats.

Navya feels sad. Indu gets Anchal. Anchal greets Meena. Sumitra says she is very Sanskari. Meena says she looks different in photo, she is young in age. Sumitra says so what, she is ready to take care of the responsibility. Meena asks is everyone ready for it. Renuka says yes, else why would we send the proposal to you. Meena says think again. Anchal cries and says yes. She goes.

Renuka says she got emotional, its tears of happiness. Meena asks for father. Indu says he went out for business. Meena says I was told that he works in bank. Mukund says my son works in bank. Meena says I wanted to get opinion of both of them. Alok asks won’t you welcome us. Alok and Sanjay get Sanjay’s mum along. Mukund says who is she. Alok says Sanjay’s mum. Everyone gets shocked. Sumitra asks who is this lady. Meena says I m Meena, social worker, I have come from child agency, you had applied to adopt a baby, right. Mukund asks what.

Renuka says no way. Mukund says leave it, come. Meena says I had come as you wanted to adopt a baby. Sumitra argues and asks Meena to leave. Meena asks her to talk with manners. She says I m called here. Sumitra scolds her.

She says I will never get anyone’s blood in my house. Meena says if you have such thinking, then why did you apply. Kusum asks Navya to go home. Navya goes. She says Meena reached home. Adi comes. Navya asks Adi to come fast, Meena came home. Meena shows the form. Sumitra asks Navya to explain them. Navya asks how did you come suddenly. Renuka asks do you know her. Navya says I met her in mum’s office. Sumitra asks why did you call her here. Navya asks Meena who did she come. Adi says I m Navya’s husband. Meena says you had applied to adopt a child, did you forget.

Adi and Navya lie to everyone. Adi says Anjali wanted to adopt a baby, she wanted us to give reference. Alok says why will we adopt someone’s child. Meena says there is no wrong information, check the address. Alok says show me. Adi says I m saying the same, print is wrong, Navya I told you we came on right time, give Anjali’s address. Navya says yes. She writes, please come outside with us. She takes Meena with her. Sumitra says its fine now.

Meena says your family has orthodox thinking, sorry, I can’t recommend your name. Navya and Adi apologize and say we will convince our parents, give us a chance. Navya says I promise we will give him all the happiness. Meena asks can you give guarantee that baby will get accepted by everyone, sorry, I can’t help it, this door wasn’t for you, sorry. Meena goes.

Sanjay’s mum makes Anchal wear bangles. Sumitra says Anchal’s alliance got fixed. Alok jokes. Adi and Navya come home. Sharad gets a call. He asks him to find the person’s name who filed complaint. His brother says it was some crazy old man. Sanjay says I won’t leave this old man. He says sorry, I have some imp work, I should go. Mukund says its fine. Sanjay, his mum and Alok leave. Renuka argues with Navya’s mum Poonam. She says what we want doesn’t matter, my family doesn’t see the world as you think, you may call me coward, none can change Sumitra. Poonam asks will you not let Adi and Navya get a child. Renuka says I can’t see their marriage breaking, Anchal got her marriage fixed with Sanjay, he divorced his first wife as she was infertile, everyone finds it right in my family. Poonam sees Navya at the door. Renuka says just own blood will be accepted in my family, tell me what to do. Navya cries.

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