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Gupta Brothers 2nd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Amba planned to get Shiv hitched with Ganga

Gupta Brothers 2nd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Shiv asking Ganga if she will marry him. Ganga thinks she wanted to marry him only. Shiv holds her hands and goes to the marriage altar. He asks Mama ji to get them married. Mama ji asks them to stand up for rounds. Shiv and Ganga take rounds and he fills her maang with sindoor. Mama ji happily solemnized their marriage. Fb ends. Shiv tells his brothers that he had to marry for this reason. Ganga says he has saved me from people’s taunts and protected my life, else there is nothing left in my life. She says he has to break his promise not to marry, because of me and asks them to punish her, but not him. Veeru says Shi Bhaiyya is like a God to us, we can’t think of punishing him. He says we want to know that whatever you had done is to fulfill your responsibility or do you love her? Shiv says what nonsense, tells that they don’t love each other, their relation is because of the responsibility and duty. He asks Ganga to say, if he is wrong. Ganga looks puzzled. Shiv asks her to say that she don’t love him. Ganga nods in approval. Shiv tells that he will fulfill his responsibility towards Ganga also. He asks Ganga to go to the room where she used to stay before. Ganga goes. Maa scolds him for marrying Ganga after giving wrong teachings to her sons. She says atleast you had married a girl who can handle home. Rajat, Alok and Veeru think that Ganga has trapped him. Alok says Bhaiyya haven’t come here till now to talk to us. Veeru says he is still with Ganga.

Ganga is crying in her room. Shiv comes there and apologizes to her for marrying her. Ganga holds his hand and says you haven’t done anything wrong. She says my tears are not because I wanted something from you, but it is because of myself. She says I wanted a family, but I gave pain to everyone. She promises not to hope anything from him and will never make his responsibility as burden. Mere hisse me plays….Shiv goes….The brothers cry and sleep. Shiv comes there and covers blanket on them. Amba comes to the marriage mandap of Ganga. Her husband asks why did we come here after the marriage is done? Ganga’s runaway groom comes come. Amba tells that it was all her conspiracy to trap Shiv to marry Ganga. Her husband is shocked. Ganga takes money from him and gives to the guy. She asks the guy to leave from banaras else nobody can spare him from her curse. Her husband asks why did she plan a big conspiracy? Amba tells that Veeru attacked her forehead and insulted her, that’s why she got Shiv hitched with Ganga and ruined their family. Her husband asks if Jaya comes to know about all this. She says your wound will be healed, but not this. Amba asks him not to tell Jaya and asks him to see what she does now. She says she won’t let the fire set off.

Shiv and his brothers take rounds around Tulsi Plant. Ganga wakes up and checks the time, thinks it is 8 am. She comes out. Jaya watches them through binoculars. Amba also looks at the. Shiv and says a woman came in their house, she is checking if everything is fine. She thinks she has to add more ghee to this fire.

Shiv sees Ganga coming there and says you are here. Ganga says I woke up late and you all are doing puja. Shiv says why didn’t you come, you would have done puja with us.

Precap: Amba asks Ganga to win everyone’s hearts. Ganga asks what to do. She sends food for Shiv and his brothers. The shop keepers tell that it is not home made food and brought from a shop. They taunt Ganga for sending outside food.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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