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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 2nd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Virat Makes A Promise

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 2nd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Pakhi asks Sunny if he wants her to love both Virat and Samrat equally? She sees Karishma hearing their conversation and catches her. Karishma nervously says she came to ask her for tea and asks what were they talking about. Pakhi says none of her business. Karishma walks away thinking her doubt regarding Pakhi and Virat is cleared and she is inform about it to Mohit. Virat wakes up in the morning after toxic gas attack. Kamal Joshi/Aaba asks if he is fine and showing gas bottle informs that Vithal had attacked him. He gives Vithal’s typed letter in which he says he would have killed him and spared him as he is just performing his duty, warns him to stop bothering him and his son.

Karishma walks to Mohit and twists his ears hearing him speaking to a girl. Mohit informs that he is practicing lines for his play. She says her doubt regarding Virat and Pakhi is right, they love each other. He says its her imagination. She shows him wedding video where Samrat is looking at Pakhi and Pakhi is looking at Virat. He says its a coincidence and she is confused. Ashwini walk in and asks what is the confusion. Karishma says she thinks Samrat and Pakhi fought. Ashwini says they just married 1 day ago and today Samrat left, they didn’t have time to speak at all. Karishma informs that Virat and Pakhi love each other. Ashwini is shocked hearing that and reminisces the incidents where Virat behaves weird and sad.

Aaba sends video message to Sayi. Sayi calls him and asks till when she has to stay in safe house and when will they shift to Nagpur. Aaba says all this will end soon. She blames Virat again. Aaba says Virat didn’t permit him to actively participate in mission, so he is planning in the mission passively. Sayi says at least Gabbari did something good. Aaba asks her not to misbehave with Virat. Their conversation continues.

Pakhi calls Virat and says she saw his missed call yesterday, did he call her or it was by mistake. He says he called her back seeing her call, but got busy in duty to protect Sai. She says she called him to talk something important, why is he talking about Sayi always. He says he is just performing his duty and asks what important she wanted to talk about. She says Virat left home for duty in the morning and she feels he knows about her and Virat. Virat feels worried for Samrat. He sees Sayi passing by in cycle and rushes out. He asks constable if it was Sai. Constable says he thinks so. Virat thinks Sayi is in safe house and he needs to check. He gets into car and leaves. Vithal with his goons in car follows him. Virat calls Sayi, but her phone is not reachable. Vithal thinks he has applied signal jammers and Virat cannot contact anyone.

Precap: Badimaa tells that she wants to keep pooja for Samrat tomorrow and asks Pakhi to fast for Samrat tomorrow. Ashiwni asks her to confirm with Pakhi if she will fast for Samrat. Ninad gets a call and acts shocked.

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