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Falling In Love Again @RiAnsh #5 Jealous Vansh


Sia and Sejal are texting…

Sia: Now… I have a plan…

Sejal: What plan?

Sia: Do you remember Rohan?

Sejal: Our classmate cum Bestie, Rohan?

Sia: Ya!

Sejal: Of course! I do! We’re still in touch! He comes to the NGO.

Sia: He and Riddhima used to call each other ‘Jaan’, right?

Sejal: Ya! They still do that!

Sia: Let’s call him to the farmhouse! It’s my step 2

Sejal: What’s the step 2? Jealousy?

Sia: Ya!

Sejal: Hmm!

Sia: Then Bhai will wonder why he is jealous…

Sejal: And then he’ll realise his love…

Sia: So filmy na!

Sejal: Very much!

Sia: Okay, done! Call him!

Sejal: What will we do if he isn’t free?

Sia: I have backup.

Sejal: Who?

Sia: Kabir.

Sejal: THAT JERK!!

Sia: Come on! Don’t be a spoilsport! He’s her ex! Bhai will be jealous when he knows this!

Sejal: Are you sure?

Sia: ∞%

Sejal: Okay.

Sia: Bye!

Sejal: Byeeeee!


At the farmhouse

Vansh, Riddhima, Ishani, Sia, Sejal and Aryan are there and they are waiting for Kabir and Rohan.

Vansh: Who is this Rohan?

Riddhima: He’s my Jaan!

Vansh: He’s your boyfriend!!? (Irritation in his tone)

Riddhima: No! But he is my beeeeeeeeeest buddy!

Vansh (still very irritated): Hmm… Since when do you know him?

Riddhima: Since my childhood! We were in the same orphanage… You can say that we three are Chaddi Buddies!

Vansh: Oh! How come I never knew about him?

Riddhima: Oh! We had a lack of communication after he went to Bangalore for studies…

Vansh: Oh! And-

Sia: Bhai! Why are you interrogating her!?

Vansh: I’m not interrogating her, Sia… I’m just… umm…

Sia: Umm… What, Bhai? (then whispering to him) Jealous?

Vansh: I’m just curious.

Riddhima: It’s okay… Curiosity is the key to Discovery…

Vansh: And… What is left to discover?

Riddhima: Do you know who is the best cardiac surgeon in India?

Vansh: Ya! Rohan Sharma, I consulted him for Dadi… He’s very down-to-earth! And- Oh! Rohan! Oh! So I know him already! Hmm… (still very irritated)

Just then Kabir arrives.

Vansh: Hi Kabir!

Kabir: Hi Vansh!

Riddhima: Hello Kabir! (very casually)

Kabir: Oh! Hi Riddhima! You here? (faking)

Vansh: Looks like we have a common friend!

Riddhima: Umm… Vansh… He’s not my friend…

Vansh: Then?

Sejal (in a very angry voice): He’s her ex-boyfriend!

Vansh: … … … (speechless) … Riddhima, a minute please?

Riddhima: Sure!

They go aside.

Riddhima: Yes, Vansh?

Vansh: Umm… I’m sorry… I didn’t know… if I had, I wouldn’t have called him… but I can’t send him away now… Umm..

Riddhima: I understand, Vansh… I was prepared.

Vansh: Prepared?

Riddhima: Sia told me about it after you left… It’s okay… Me and Kabir… We can still be friends… Come, Let’s not keep them waiting!

Vansh: Are you sure?

Riddhima: Absolutely!

Vansh: Okay…

They come back.

Kabir: Everything okay?

Riddhima: Yup! Me and Vansh were just talking about how you and I can become friends again!

Kabir: Of course!

Riddhima: You guys go… I’ll wait for my Jaan… Umm… I mean Rohan.

Kabir (jealous): Rohan! I’ve heard a lot about him from you!

Riddhima: Of course you have! He’s my Jaan after all!

Kabir and Vansh, both are very uncomfortable when Riddhima says ‘Jaan’.

Vansh: I’ll wait with you too…

Riddhima: Okay!

Sejal: Let’s all wait then!

Ishani (whispering to Vansh): Why are you behaving like an attention-craving puppy, Bhai!?

Vansh (whispering back): Shut up! There’s nothing like that!

Aryan: Ya! We saw that!

Vansh gives him a glare and they both shut up and back off.

Rohan arrives while everyone is busy talking to each other and hugs Riddhima from the back.

Riddhima: Rohan! Meri Jaan!

Everyone looks at them.

Rohan: You still recognise me so fast, huh?

Riddhima: Of course! I can never forget anything about you!

Rohan: I won’t let you forget also!

Sejal: Hey! I’m here too!

Rohan: Ya! Ya! I know! But it’s been two weeks since I met her! It seems she has been more busy than me!

Riddhima: Oh! Actually that day… Umm… I couldn’t visit the NGO because… 

Rohan: Why are you so uncomfortable?

Sejal: Because that day, a jerk broke up with her! (loud enough for everyone to hear)

Riddhima (whispering to her): If you are forgetting… the jerk you are talking about is here itself!

Rohan: What!?

Kabir: Umm… Well… I’m the one!

Rohan (examining him from head to toe): So you are the one who broke my love’s heart! How could you resist such an angel?

Riddhima: Rohan! Everyone! Let’s go inside!

Sia (very excited): Ya! We have a basketball match between Vansh Bhai and Riddhima!

Rohan: Sia! Sorry I didn’t notice you standing there! Oh! Hello Vansh!

Vansh: Hello Dr.Rohan!

Rohan: Come on! We’re not at the clinic! You can call me Rohan… After all, your sister and I have common friends!

Vansh (sternly): Riddhima is my friend too! (realizing what he said, he adds) And so is Sejal! In fact, she’s my sister in law to be!

Rohan: Woah! Sejal! You didn’t tell me!

Sejal: Let’s go inside… I’ll narrate everything!

Aryan: Nope! I will… Hi Rohan! Aryan… Sejal’s fiance… Vansh, Sia and Ishani’s brother.

Rohan (shaking hands): Glad to meet you!

Aryan: Pleasure’s all mine!

Rohan: Umm… Why are we being so formal?

Aryan: Even I don’t know!

Ishani: For the third time, guys! LET’S GO INSIDE!! WE’RE ON THE ROAD FOR GOD’S SAKE!

Everyone (at once): Okay!

They all go inside and continue talking.


Everyone is on the basketball court. Everyone has changed to play basketball. Sia comes with a bowl containing some chits. Rohan looks at her.

Vansh: What’s that?

Sia: I’ve written everyone’s name on the chits… except yours and Riddhima’s. You both will pick the chits and whoever’s name is on the chit, will be on your team.

Vansh and Riddhima start picking up the chits. Riddhima gets Rohan, Sia and Sejal. Vansh gets Kabir, Ishani and Aryan. They both talk to their respective teams. Vansh is planning with his team. Meanwhile in Riddhima’s team…

Sia: Ishani will be so sad if she loses! And Vansh Bhai has never lost!

Sejal: I wish Aryan was in this team! I wanted him to win!

Rohan: Woah! Guys! It’s a game! Keep your emotions behind!

Riddhima: Exactly, Rohan! It’s just a game! That’s why we need to lose! We can’t keep our loved ones sad, na!

Rohan: Okay! But I’m doing it just because my Jaan said so! Otherwise she alone is also enough for those guys!

So the game starts and Riddhima keeps missing the basket… they lose… Everyone came back to the farmhouse. Ishani, Aryan, Sejal and Kabir are preparing dinner while Sia and Rohan are setting up the table. Riddhima is sitting on the lawn in the garden.

Vansh(sitting beside her): See! I won! I told ya!

Riddhima: Whatever! I lost intentionally! Otherwise I could have won even against all of you combined!

Vansh: You are making an excuse! I didn’t expect you of all people to do that!

Riddhima: If you don’t believe me then check who was the state basketball champion in the years 2010, 2014 and 2016… You’ll know!

She gets up and goes to help others in the kitchen.

Vansh: Whatever! She’s just making an excuse!

He opens his phone and actually checks it!

Vansh: What the hell! She wasn’t lying! She’s actually a basketball champion! She’s so talented! Beauty with brains! Wait a minute! Why am I praising her?

Ishani (sitting beside Vansh): The same reason you were jealous!

Vansh: Shut up, Ishani! And you have work in the kitchen if I’m not wrong!

Ishani: Bhabhi- Oops! She’s not my Bhabhi yet! Riddhima came so I got free!

Vansh glares at her.

Vansh: She isn’t your Bhabhi and is never gonna be! I’m going in the kitchen to help her… Uh… everyone.

Vansh gets up.

Ishani: So much care! How romantic!

Vansh: Whatever!

He leaves and goes to the kitchen. Just as he arrives, Riddhima cuts her finger.

Riddhima: Ouch!

Vansh takes her hand and washes the finger under the tap.

Vansh: You should be more careful!

Riddhima: It’s okay, Vansh! It’s just a cut!

Vansh: Shut up! And was it an iron knife? Shall I bring a tetanus injection?

Riddhima: Vansh! It’s just a cut! It’s a steel knife and even if it was an iron knife, you don’t need an injection! Stop getting so hyper!

Rohan: Let me get a bandage! Sia! Where’s the first aid kit?

Sia: There! First drawer below the TV.

Rohan bandages her finger.

Rohan: Jaan! You should be careful! You know, you live in my heart and if something happens to you, then my heart’s all arteries will fail! What will I do then? I can’t do my own surgery, naa!

They both laugh. Vansh gets jealous seeing them together. He starts chopping the vegetables while stealing glances as Riddhima and Rohan talk. He cuts his finger.

Vansh: Oww!

Riddhima: What happened? See! You were telling me and you cut your own finger!

Riddhima sucks the wound.

Riddhima (mimicking Vansh): Shall I bring a tetanus injection?

Vansh: Haha! Very funny! I was worried!

Riddhima bandages him while he watches.

Sia: What are you doing on the phone, Kabir?

Kabir (quickly puts the phone aside): Nothing! Just some work from the department…

Riddhima: Come on, Kabir! You are on a picnic! No work here!

Vansh feels awkward seeing Riddhima talking to Kabir so casually.

Riddhima: Hey guys! Let’s have dinner, then we’ll play Blind Fold!

Vansh: But with a twist! Everyone has a blindfold and you have to tell the name of the person you caught or you are out!

Riddhima: Good idea! But one of us needs to stay out or someone will get injured!

Rohan: I’ll be out! I get very lazy after eating!

Riddhima: Come on Jaan! Please?

Rohan: No Jaan! I can’t!

Sia (whispering): Thanks!

Rohan (whispering): No problem! I like the way they are bonding and I trust you too!

Vansh thinks , “Lucky me! He’s not playing! Huh? Why am I feeling so happy? What’s happening to me!?”

Precap: Everyone play Blind Fold. Vansh hugs Riddhima. Riddhima bumps to the table and gets hurt.

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