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Excuse Me Madam 2nd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Sanam wants to go to Goa with Madam

Excuse Me Madam 2nd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanam tells Addu that Kranti wants to go to Goa but we have been married for 9 years so it doesn’t make sense, I love her but I can’t eyes girls with her. Addu says I want to pee so Sanam asks him to behind the bushes, Addu leaves but comes back and asks Sanam to open his zip. Bhaisa sees Madam and Mishti coms there. Bhaisa is mesmerized by her. Sanam comes there and sees him opening Addu’s zip. She says what you are doing is disgusting. Addu runs away from there as Sanam opens his zip. Sanam says I was just helping him. Madam says it’s good that I met you here. I was bored of the office formals so I am going to Goa and wear swimwear, take massages and enjoy it there. Sanam imagines Madam running around the beach. He thinks I have to do something to go with her. He says you must be taking Chatterjee with him so he can help you with things. Addu comes back. He can help you with reservations so it must be a stress to do it alone. Madam says pack your bags, you are going with me to help there. Addu says I can go with you as well. Madam says I will take Chatterjee with me. Sanam asks what about Mishti? Madam says she will go with me. Bhaisa tells Sanam that he will go with him. Madam’s fuse go off and she shouts at Sanam that he is eve-teasing her. Sanam pinches her so she leaves. Sanam tells Addu that how will I convince Kranti to let me go?

Sanam comes home and is having breakfast. Kranti says you can get hurt on a chair so sit on the floor and eat. He says okay and starts eating. He says I want to tell something. I got a call from the office and they want me to go to Goa. Kranti says God wants us to go there. Sanam says it’s an office trip so I will go alone, we won’t get time and we can’t bring out wives there. Kranti says why are you going alone there? There are girls there. Sanam says I wouldn’t eye anyone there. Kranti says this is not right, I am sure you must have asked them to take you also. Sanam says no, I am going there for work.

Scene 2
Jugal comes to Chatterjee and says I have news for you. Madam is going to Goa with Sanam. Chatterjee says I will break his legs so he can’t go. He asks Jugal to bring the hockey, we will break his legs so he can’t go with her. He gives money to Jugal so he leaves.

Chatterjee hides with the hockey. Jugal calls him and says Sanam is going in the lift. Madam comes there too, her father comes there too. They all wait for the lift. They ask him to go through the stairs, Sanam leaves. Madam and her father get in the lift. Chatterjee is waiting on the other side. Madam tells her father that you can get hurt, you shouldn’t come to the office. He says I am fit.

Kranti tells Amar that I am having doubts, I asked Sanam to take me to Goa but now he is going on the office work. Amar says you should go with him. Kranti says it’s an office trip so he can’t take a wife with him. Amar says these types of cases happen when they have an extramarital affair. Kranti decides to go to Goa behind him.

PRECAP – Kranti calls Sanam and asks where is he? Sanam says I am in the office, she says you are in the car.
Madam’s father comes out of the lift and Chatterjee hits him with a hockey stick. Madam sees it and shouts at him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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