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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Tiwari and Bhorilal insult Vibhuti

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Boys drunk and crying on being false accused, Vibhu asks whats wrong, Boys tell them issue and says we have bad fate, Vibhu says okay carry on and leaves. Vibhu sits beside the biscuit thief and says i know its you, will you work for me, he agrees.

Helan waiting for Vibhu, Vibhu gets home drunk, and says mommy you areUnicorn Glitter Pen

Price :- Rs. 55/- only awake, Helan asks where were you fooling, Vibhu says how will i, i have no penny, helan says how did you drink then, Vibhu says its all because if you and daddy you haven’t given me a single penny, Helan says i will give you everything only when you will start earning, Vibhu says i dont want anything and starts crying, that Tiwari and Bhuri uncle makes fun of me and insulted me.

Helan says why do you go see them when they insult you, Vibhu says i didn’t that Bhori uncle did and drank all my alcohol stock and now when he has his son in law he forgot me, Helan says if you want to create differences between father in law and son in law go ahead, just like i did with you father and uncle.
Vibhu thinks of the biscuits thief.

Bhorilal and Tiwari looking at old pictures, Angoori walks to them, Bhorilal asks her would you marry him if you would see his ugly photo, Angoori says ofcourse i would because i fell in love with his soul. Vibhu walks in, Angoori asks him to come later, Bhorilal asks who is this beauty, Tiwari days Amaji. Vibhu tries to talk, all ignore him, Vibhu invites them for dinner, both Tiwari and Bhurilal deny and Vibhu requests, Angoori requests them both, Bhorilal denies says may be later.

Helan waiting for Vibhu , Vibhu arrives, Helan asks what took you so long, Vibhu says i was trying to convince them, they straight away denied, Helan says i will make them straight wait.

Bhorilal in balcony, Angoori asks him what will he have for lunch, Bhorilal says garlic dessert and Malpuha, Angoori says okay and says tell me what you want will cook everything, Bhorilal says oh my girl, Helan says look at this girl as well, Bhorilal asks Angoori to go cook, Bhorilal says no one informed you are here, Helan says i sent Vibhu to invite you for dinner but you denied, Bhorilal says of he once would say your name i would never deny, Helan says then do come

Prem gets a call while having biscuit and moves aside, Biscuit thief steal and leaves, Boys walk there and sit, Prem walk there and so di Gupta and Master and all blame boys again and leave, boys start crying due to insult.

Vibhu and Helan waiting for Tiwaris to arrive, Vibhu and Helan discussing on what they will steal, Vibhu says food isnt prepared so we will first steal the watch and then no one will eat food, Vibhu says mom you switch off light i will steal watch and put in Tiwaris pocket.

Tiwaris walk in, Bhorilal keeps praising Tiwari.

Pre cap: Lights go off, Tiwari’s watch go missing, Tiwari searches everyone and then moves to Bhorilal. Bhorilal gets angry

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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