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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 2nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Six years leap

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 2nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dida was upset that Kunal wasn’t here for celebrate Diwali the way he did each year. Mauli comes home with aarti thaal filled with the candles. She insists on Mamma and Dida to get ready, Diwali is the function of winning over darkness. Mamma insists on Mauli not to pose tough, she surely hasn’t recovered. Mauli breaks into cry but compels the ladies to celebrate first Diwali of her baby to be.

There, Kunal watch Nandini decorate the roof and blow the crackers.

Mauli, Dida and Mamma do the Pooja together and lit crackers.

6 years later,
Mauli’s house was still decorated. Dida appreciates Radika for the decorations and asks her to call Mauli, where has she been. Mauli comes from behind announcing she is here. She walks to Dida, touch her feet and tells

Dida she is about to break her six years record and prepare a halwa. Mamma goes to soak the nuts. Mauli sends Pramilla to bring the decoration items. Dida was worried for her child and asks Mauli to call him. Mauli makes a call, the other person calls her a sweet-heart and asks her to open the door. Mauli was left holding a heap of gift boxes and asks him to stop right here. Dida asks Mauli to hold some boxes and help her child. She complains that he bought the whole market at the last moment. The flower petals basket over the pile turns over, Mauli was showered with the petals. She and the young man look into each other’s eyes. Mauli feels nervous and complains of throwing all the petals. The young man says he has been arranging this all since morning, can’t she smile. Mauli doesn’t smile. The young man claims that he is Ishaan Khanna, and always has a backup plan. Mamma and Dida discuss this is God gifted love, that returned to Mauli’s life.
Ishaan picks another box filled with petals. Mauli complains she just wiped the floor. Ishaan was happy he filled her path with flowers and not with thorns. Dida defends Ishaan and says Mauli had first dragged the flower basket. Mauli was annoyed and goes for arrangement with Pramilla. Ishaan murmurs to Mamma about bringing Gulab Jaman and requests Dida for a smile. Mauli tells Pramilla to complete the arrangements while she has to pick Mishti up. She gets a call about Mishti then, was tensed and hurries outside. Ishaan follows Mauli.

The kids were playing in the garden. The weather goes bad. The teacher comes to hurry the children inside and watch a girl help her fellows who cried. The same girl indulge the children in collective games. The teacher enjoys watching them. The girl then walks out of the tent and finds Mauli standing on the entrance. Both run to each other, Mauli holds her into her arms and swirls around playfully, then kiss her daughter. Mishti offers Mauli a hug after sensing she was upset. Ishaan reach behind and tells Mishti even he was fearful. Mishti waves towards Ishaani calling him Popsy! Ishaan holds Mishti in his arms.

PRECAP: Mauli and Ishaan leave with Mishti. Mishti wasn’t ready to go without her friend.

Update Credit to: Sona

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