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Shakti 2nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Lavneet plans to flee with Harman

Shakti 2nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Sameer’s mum checking Raavi. Soumya checks her pulse and says she is still breathing, we shall take her to hospital. She asks people to help her, but nobody helps. Sameer’s mum tells her that they have to take her by themselves. They take her to hospital. Soumya tells Doctor that by the time they reached there, Raavi had lost lot of blood. She calls Harman, but his phone is off. She is about to call Sameer. Sameer’s mum asks her to go and talk to Harman’s family. Soumya says ok, and then tells about Sameer’s promise. Sameer’s mum says now you shall help them, as help is bigger than any promise. Soumya goes. Sameer’s mum smiles and thinks once the circumstances get solved, everything will be fine. Varun asks Balwinder to tell where is Raavi. Balwinder says even I am

searching her. Veeran asks him to say truth. Balwinder says why I will do something to her. Shanno comes and asks Veeran to leave Balwinder and says I think this is someone else work. Lavneet says I think some family member is doing this conspiracy. Shanno asks do you want to blame us? Veeran says some outsider have done this. Lavneet says I was not here when his accident happened? Balwinder says some family member is involved to do accident. Veeran says we will think about it later, first lets go and search your wife. They leave. Lavneet tells Harak Singh that she is worried for Harman and says now Raavi is missing.

Soumya comes and says Raavi is admitted in the hospital. She asks her where is Jolly? Harak Singh asks what nonsense? Soumya says your daughter is in hospital. Lavneet goes to Shanno’s room. Soumya tells him that she is coming from the hospital and tells that someone stabbed her badly. She is in bad condition. Lavneet locks Shanno in the room and comes to Soumya. Soumya asks her to tell where is Jolly? Lavneet says we will search her and pushes her out of the house. Soumya comes back and asks Lavneet to tell where is Jolly. She twists Lavneet’s hand and holds her neck. She asks her to say. Preeto comes and holds Harak Singh’s hand. Harak Singh asks Soumya to leave Lavneet. Soumya says Lavneet knows where is Jolly? Preeto tells Soumya that Harman went to take Gulabo, as the ring couldn’t fit in Lavneet’s finger. Soumya says they said that Harman has no Gulabo. Preeto says they lied to you. Soumya says did he elope?

Harak Singh, Preeto and Lavneet come to the hospital. Harak Singh asks when will Raavi gains consciousness. Doctor says in the morning. Lavneet thinks to elope before Raavi gains consciousness. Sameer comes there and asks about Khushi. Harak Singh says she must be sitting somewhere. Preeto says Khushi brought her here. Soumya tells Sameer’s mum that Jolly can do anything for his Gulabo. Sameer comes there and says you have no importance of my words. Soumya says she has responsibility for humanity. Sameer says it is not our responsibility and asks her to come home, says her family will take care of her. Shanno, Veeran and Varun come to hospital. Shanno asks why did you lock me in the room. Harak singh asks Veeran to control his wife. Harman thinks of Soumya and thinks she took me to Mumbai, I shouldn’t have come back and says my family is behaving worst than an enemy, and asks Soumya to come and save him.

Soumya says I tried to save him twice, but he didn’t bother to come and talk to me. Sameer’s mum comes and says he came to meet you. Soumya asks where to search him? Sameer says Harman is missing and murder attempt on Raavi is connected. Soumya says I will go and search him. Lavneet gets goon’s call and the goon asks her to come as everything is ready. Soumya tells Sameer’s mum that may be Jolly is kidnapped. Sameer’s mum asks why do you think so? Soumya remembers Lavneet’s threat and says she will not leave him easily. She says Jolly is in big problem surely. She comes to Sameer’s room and says I have to go to search Jolly and if you would have been on my place then would have done the same thing to save the only friend. Sameer holds her hand and asks where is she going?

Sameer’s mum comes and says she saw bad dream about you, so I asked her to go and see him. Sameer thinks Soumya is falling in love with him. Lavneet comes to the place where she has kept Harman captive and asks if the tickets are ready. She asks goon to come there. She comes inside the house and tells Harman that she knows that he will not come with her in conscious state so she will faint him. She gets injection in her hand. Harman frees his hand and holds her neck, says you will die from my hand. Lavneet says I did everything for your love. Harman says it is madness. Someone comes and sprays on Harman. Harman faints and falls down. Lavneet looks at Varun.

Lavneet is about to make Harman sit in her car. Soumya comes there running and asks her to leave Jolly. Lavneet attacks Soumya with knife, but she moves. Police comes there. Lavneet escapes. Harman thanks Soumya and says she is special in his life. Soumya says she is engaged and can’t meet him now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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