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Papa By Chance 2nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Yuvaan falls in Genie’s plan

Papa By Chance 2nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvaan and Amrit playing with kids. Amrit falls down. Yuvaan holds her in arms. Genie sees them and gets angry. Yuvaan says Amrit keeps falling during work. Genie says I will help you. He goes to kids. Genie angers Amrit. Dhoni says I think I have grown up, they think I m a kid. Genie says you have to prove it, you climb over there and clean that shelf. He says I will ask Yuvaan. She says if you go to take permission, everyone will think you are a small kid. Dhoni says no, I m a big boy. She flashes mirror. Dhoni falls down. He gets hurt.

Yuvaan gets angry. Genie says don’t be upset, you can’t manage three kids together, you can just be their guardian. Dhoni says sorry. Amrit says its not a big wound, its fine. Genie says sorry. Yuvaan says you are right, I can’t

become mum of these kids, they should go away to get a good life. She smiles. Yuvaan packs the kids’ bag. He says you can’t be happy with me, you can stay with new guardians. Amrit says you can keep kids with you and Suchi. Yuvaan says no, court didn’t give me much time, I have to send them to some good family. Ullu asks how can you decide without asking me, we don’t want to go. Gungun refuses to go. Yuvaan says I m doing this for you, just stop it now. Amrit scolds him. Ullu and Gungun argue with him. They cry.

Yuvaan says I m helpless, I m doing this for your betterment. The kids refuse to go. Amrit says the kids need your support. Yuvaan says Genie is right, kids need mum and dad for good upbringing. Amrit goes to scold Genie. They argue. Genie says I will ask Yuvaan to throw you and Bela out of the house. Amrit gets angry. She goes to kids and says trust me, Yuvaan is doing this to make your life better. Ullu disagrees. He says no, he doesn’t want to keep us. Gungun asks her to convince Yuvaan. Amrit says I will try my best, just come. Genie looks on. Bela says you and kids will be incomplete without each other. Yuvaan says no, the kids need mum’s love, so I m making them away, Genie spoke to child welfare officer. He asks them where are the kids. Kids hide and look on. Yuvaan rushes to find them. Amrit says I really don’t know where they are.

Yuvaan says their new parents can come anytime, I m doing this for their betterment. She says they will have their own choice. The couple comes and introduces. Genie says kids are at home, they aren’t out, I know the way to find them. He asks what. She taunts Amrit. She gets Gungun’s fav earring. She crushes the earring. She says please its for kids’ betterment, this is the way to get them out, relax. Amrit looks on. She breaks the earrings. She gets Ullu’s fav football and damages it. Yuvaan stops her. He says trust me. She takes Dhoni’s jeep. Dhoni shouts. Genie asks how did this voice come. Amrit asks how can you be so stone-hearted, kids wants to stay with you, there is still time, send them back. Yuvaan takes Genie aside.

Kids hug Yuvaan and agree to leave for his sake. Amrit gets the list crushed down.

Update Credit to: Amena

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