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Muskaan 2nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Muskaan advises Sir ji

Muskaan 2nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ronak taking back all the jewellery from Muskaan. She feels insulted and scolds him. She says I was going, you came to me for help, I remember our deal, I have seen much jewellery and money in brothel, if I needed this, I would have been there. Ronak says I don’t want to talk right now, you are not my wife, its a drama, don’t forget this. He goes. She gets sad. Sir ji comes to talk to her. He says you are wasting your time here. They argue.
Muskaan asks Sir ji to keep relations with Gayatri.

Sir ji scolds her. She says if anyone sees is like this, what will they think. Gayatri comes to call Ronak. Sir ji hides. Muskaan says Ronak isn’t here. Gayatri asks Muskaan to come for lunch. Sir ji thinks to get rid of her. Lovely taunts Muskaan and refuses to have food.

Muskaan asks her not to refuse to food. Lovely insults Muskaan. Ronak comes and stops Lovely. He says Muskaan is my wife, her status will be because of her husband, I have share in Sir ji’s property, it means she is equal to you in status, she is my wife. Muskaan looks on. Lovely angrily goes. Hanumanth and Ronak come to find Aarti. Hanumanth says no one has seen Aarti since long. Ronak says her mum is missing since years, when we came to kidnap her, how was her mum here. He finds its strange.

Gayatri asks Muskaan to have food, even if Ronak didn’t come. She calls Ronak. Ronak doesn’t answer. He gets drunk and talks to Hanumanth about finding Aarti. Sir ji is at Jaya’s house. He gets Tabassum’s call. He says I have to find Aarti, else I have to tolerate Muskaan, I was getting caught by Gayatri today, I can’t take this risk for long, once we get Aarti, they both can’t do anything. Jaya thinks he doesn’t know Aarti is here. She prays for Aarti. Gayatri asks Muskaan to go and sleep. Muskaan says I will wait. Gayatri says I m worried for Ronak, he never did this before. Muskaan says maybe I know, you ask driver to get car, I will go and get him. Gayatri says I will come along. Hanumanth asks Ronak to stop drinking. Ronak says I m very tensed, I have to expose Sir ji in front of mum. Muskaan comes there. Ronak asks her to stay in her limits, she is his fake wife. She says mum has come, stay in character. He scolds her. Gayatri looks on and asks Ronak what is he saying. Hanumanth hides the wine bottles. Ronak sees Gayatri at the door. He starts clarifying. Muskaan stops him.

Gayatri says we should send them for honeymoon. Ronak asks Sir ji to say truth to mum at least now, else fake bahu can become real bahu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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