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Kundali Bhagya 2nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Prithvi goes to meet Sherlin

Kundali Bhagya 2nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prithvi says that he was not responsible for what happened that night and it was Rishab, Sanjana says that it was his problem and hat now he is getting married to Preeta, she asks him to leave, Prithvi says that he only wants to meet her once, Sanjana says that she will not let him meet her and if she tells Rishab the truth about him then he will have no place to hide, also his marriage with Preeta and Rishab will marry Sherlin .she asks him to leave and he also leaves.
Shrishti says that she feels that when they get Sherlin’s reports hen they will destroy Sherlin, Preeta says that they only want to save Rishab and must not care for Sherlin, Shrishti says that they will celebrate the party, Preeta says that she feels bad for him because Rishab agreed to marry Sherlin and she is the first

girl, Shrishti says that she will make him drink then they will enjoy, Preeta asks her to stop talking saying that they must get to the party early as she has to look after Manisha , Shrishti says that she really wants to hit Manisha and gets very mad when she sees her, Preeta starts to scold her saying that she will not do anything of the sort as otherwise it will create a lot of problem, Sarla calls them, they both start to panic.
In the party the guests starts to arrive and Karan ask Rishab where the reporters are, he says that they all are waiting outside for him, he start to look for Preeta and then Rishab start to tease him, Karan sys that he thinks that she is made for him, Rishab says that this cannot be the case because he is not like this, Karan asks him what he thinks , Rishab says that he was wrong to fight her and that he is the one who is wrong and starts the fight, he accepts it and asks him to it say it in front of Preeta, they are talking when Rishab sees Preeta coming and then says hat she is coming, Karan thinks that she always comes after the party starts.
They all enter and get Rakhi and Mahesh, Rakhi says that she cannot welcome her and does not feel good, Sarla says that she is also praying for Karan’s well being, Sarla says that’s he s going to meet Dadi as she feels that it has been a long time, Preeta asks Rakhi to not worry and says that she will go and check the preparations, she goes and meets with Karan and Rishab they start to fight, Karan leaves to get a drink, Rishab says to Preeta that she is looking very niece, they start to blush and she leaves.
Mahesh is looking at Rishab and Preeta, she sees him and when Preeta leaves she says that she saw what he is seeing now a long time age. Rishab comes and they stop talking saying that they will consider it some other time.
Preeta goes and meets Karan, he says that what is she doing, she starts to argue and asks her why she is late after which she says that what happened at this, Preeta says that he will not understand and when they start to argue, Preeta says that she is leaving, Karan stops her and says that he has worn the white color because it is her favorite.
Karan says that he wants these expressions from her,, she says that she came e with these expressions but he made her angry and this was the reason, he says that he only asked her why she was late but she made him feel embarrassed in front of Rishab, she starts to tease him but he says that eh only want to see her since the start of the party but she came and starts to fight, she asks him what more, he changes the topic and leaves, he bumps into her and catches her, they get into a romantic moment. He says that’s sometime he cannot take his eyes if her, she says that does she look like a with, he says that it is not the case as she is looking nice, Preeta start to flourish and when he starts to make excuses she says that she has understood what he meant.
They start to laugh, Karan apologizes and leaves, Karan feels that something is wrong with him and he wanted to fight with her but then why is he falling for her, he says to himself to focus, Rishab comes from the back and asks Karan to com e to him, he says that he must remain calm, they see Prithvi coming, Rishab asks him as to who is he looking for, Rishab asks what happened to his face, Rishab asks what is he doing her and must leave the party, Karan says that he can stay at the party because he really wants to see him lose.

Precap: Rishab as Prithvi what is he thinking bout, he says that he is thinking of Sherlin, Preeta meets the nurse who tells her about Sherlin

Update Credit to: Sona

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