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Jiji Maa 2nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Suyash wants to know truth

Jiji Maa 2nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Karma saying Piyali has hurt me a lot, Falguni has come as medicine for me. Suyash asks how dare you marry Falguni. Karma says you got me beaten me when I tried to marry Piyali, so I have married Falguni. Suyash says I told you Falguni that i will take divorce from Piyali. Karma asks why will we wait till you take divorce, we thought we should also marry as you did. Suyash says I don’t believe these two marriages, Piyali framed me, you are framing Falguni. Karma raises hand. Falguni stops him. Suyash says you care for me, why are you doing this drama.

Falguni asks Karma to show proof of their marriage. Suyash checks the proof. He denies it. Falguni says you have to accept this marriage. Suyash says you know Piyali cheated me, you married Karma to take revenge on me. Uttara

asks Falguni why did you marry Karma, we can talk. Suyash says I need to talk to you Falguni. Karma asks him to stay away and not hug Falguni, else he will break his bones. Suyash apologizes to Falguni. He says you know I m trapped, I will break my marriage with Piyali, just tell me that this marriage is fake. They cry. Uttara tries to hear. Falguni sees her shadow. She says I have really married Karma, I should leave from here, we don’t have right on each other. She cries and thinks I will tell you truth after some time. Karma says Vidhaan, call Suyash here, Suyash won’t get Falguni back.

Niyati stops Vidhaan and says we have to find out why is Falguni doing this. Karma holds Piyali’s hand. He stops her and says you did everything and I have replied you, I find Falguni better than you. She angrily goes. Uttara says I don’t think Falguni did this. Piyali comes to argue with her. She cries that she lost her childhood love. Uttara says so what, we wanted this, Falguni will not stay here now. Jayant says Falguni is leaving. Uttara says yes, let them go, how can we stop them. Falguni asks Karma to come. Karma says your bidaai will happen from here. Uttara stops Suyash.

Falguni asks Karma to just come. Suyash stops them and asks them to stay back. Uttara doesn’t listen. Falguni says I have done some arrangements. Some ladies come for Mu dikhai. Uttara thinks why did they come now. Falguni says yes, its Piyali’s mu dikhai, my rasam can happen here so that everyone knows about the marriage. Pandit comes there. He praises Karma for giving much Dakshina. Piyali gets shocked seeing Karma and Falguni’s wedding pics. Jayant asks did marriage happen in front of you. Pandit says yes, I m the witness. Karma says if everyone is sure, shall we do rasam. Falguni and Piyali’s mu dikhai happens. Karma gets a mirror for Falguni. He flirts with her. Piyali gets jealous. Falguni sees Suyash’s pic. Suyash thinks Falguni loves me, why is she doing this. Falguni thinks I have to save you and family from enemis.

Falguni and Suyash make diyas together. Uttara thinks if Falguni makes diya with Suyash, her drama will be known.

Update Credit to: Amena

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